Liste des 5252 Jeux

2 Player Soccer Squad, 3 D Plotter, 3-2-1, 3D Bat Attack, 3D Combat Zone, 3D Defence, 3D Defenda, 3D Dracman, 3D Golf, 3D Grand Prix Championship, 3d Graph, 3d Interceptor, 3D Labyrinth, 3D Lunattack, 3D Maze of Gold, 3D Maze, 3-D Mazeman, 3D Monster Chase, 3d Naslov, 3d Netz, 3-D Noughts and Crosses, 3D Oxo, 3D Paint (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), 3D Painter, 3d Plot, 3D Pool, 3D Quadracube, 3D Seiddab Attack, 3D Snooker, 3D Space Wars, 3D Speed Duel, 3D Star Wars, 3D Starfighter, 3D Starstrike, 3D Stock Car Championship, 3D Stock Cars II, 3D Strategy, 3D Tank Duel, 3D Tanx, 3d Tic-tac-toe, 3D Tunnel, 3D Vortex, 3DC, 3-Deep Space, 4 Soccer Simulators Collection, 4D Time-Gate, 4×4 Off-Road Racing, 007 – Lord Bromley’s Estate, 007 – Q’s Armoury, 007 Licence to Kill, 10th Frame, 22 Liubownyje Pozicii, 64 Karakteka (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), 64 Zeichen, 100 km Race, 180 (19xx)(Sparklers, 180 (1986)(Mastertronic), 500 Millas Indianapolis, 720 Degrees, 747 Flight Simulator, 911 TS, 1942, 1943 The Battle of Midway, 1960’s Locospotter, 1984 – The Game of Economic Survival, 1984 Locospotter, 1985 The Day After, 1994 – Ten Years After, 1994 Locospotter, 1999, 2003 – A Space Oddity, 2088, A Day in the Life of Mike the Mole, A Day In the Life, A Dungeon Romp, A Fistful of Blood Capsules, A Glasgow Murder, A Harvesting Moon, A Legacy for Alaric II – The Magic Isle, A Legacy for Alaric, A Lenda da Gvea, A Nightmare on Robinson Street, A Picture of Innocence, A Question of Scruples – The Computer Edition, A Question of Sport, A Shadow on Glass, A Stroll in the Bleak Forest – The Return of Bart, A Thief in the Night, A Ticket to Ride, A Trick of the Tale, A View to a Kill The Computer Game, A Whole New Ball Game, A,b,c… Lift Off, A.T.A.C. – Air to Air Combat, Aaargh!, Abakus, Abc, Abecedario, Aberdeen, Abu Simbel Profanation, Abwehr, Abyss, Accelerator, Accounts (19xx)(-), ACE 2, ACE 2088 – The Space-Flight Combat Simulation, ACE Air Combat Emulator, Ace in the H.O.L.E., Ace of Aces, Ack Ack Attack, Acme Glass Cube, Acorn’s Quest, Acrojet, Action Biker, Action Farce II – Special Crash Edition, Action Fighter, Action Force International Heroes, Action Force II International Heroes, Action Reflex, Ad Astra, Adder Attack, Address Manager, Adidas Championship Football, Adivino, Admiral Graf Spee, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator II, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Patience, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Advanced Soccer Simulator, Adventure 1, Adventure 2 – Politico, Adventure 3 – The Satan Crystals, Adventure 100, Adventure 200, Adventure A Planet of Death, Adventure B Inca Curse, Adventure C – The Ship of Doom, Adventure D Espionage Island, Adventure E The Golden Apple, Adventure F The Eye Of Bain, Adventure G Ground Zero, Adventure Number 03 – Secret Mission, Adventure Number 04 – Voodoo Castle, Adventure Number 06 – Strange Odyssey, Adventure Number 10 & 11 – Savage Island 1 & 2, Adventure Number 13 – Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castl, Adventure, Adventureland, Adventurers Nightmare, Adventures in the Lost Valley, Adversary, Aegean Voyage, Affaire en Or, Une, Africa Gardens, Africa, After Shock, Afterburner, Aftermath, Afteroids, Ag Piton, Agenda (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Agenda (1984)(DIMension New)(Es), Agenda Fichero (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Agent 99, Agent Orange, Agent X II The Mad Prof’s Back!, Agent X in the Brain Drain Caper, Ah Diddums, Ahorcado (19xx)(-), Ahorcado (19xx)(-)[Another], Air Brush, Air Defence, Air Fire, Air Raid, Air Traffic Control, Airborne Ranger, Airbrush, Airline, Airliner, Airport ’82, Air-Raid, Airwolf II, Airwolf, Ajedrez – Spectrum Chess 2 (19xx)(-), Ajmkloto (19xx)(-), Akce KGB, Aknadach, Aladdin’s Cave, Alaska, Albert Einstein Drums, Alcatraz Harry 2 – The Doomsday Mission, Alcatraz Harry, Alchemist, Algebra, Algebraf, Ali-bebe, Alien 8, Alien Adventure, Alien Attack, Alien Chase, Alien Curse, Alien Destroyer, Alien Evolution, Alien Highway Encounter 2, Alien Insects, Alien Kill, Alien Maze, Alien Planet (19xx)(The Guild), Alien Research Centre, Alien Rupture, Alien Storm, Alien Swarm, Alien Syndrome, Alien, Aliens US, Aliens, Aliquid Simplex, Alky Ollie, All in a Day’s Work, All or Nothing, Allo Call, Alma De Guerrero, Alpha 1, Alphabet Games, Alpha-Beth, Alpha-Gen, Alpine Games, Alstrad, Altered Beast, Alternative World Games, Alunizaje (1985)(Load ‘N’ Run)(Sp), Amable (19xx)(-), Amaurote, A-Maze, American 3D Pool, American Billards (1983)(-), American Football, American Tag Team Wrestling, American Turbo King, A-meteor, Amiga Advert, Amo Del Mundo, Amoto’s Puf, Amtrak Rail Pass, An Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, Anagrammery, Anarchy, Andeskydning, Andre’s Night Off, Android 2, Android Nim, Android One The Reactor Run, Androids, Andromeda Chess, Andromeda, Andy Capp, Anfractuos, Ang Slo Slovarcek (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG), Angel Garcia Delgado – Epsilon (1987)(Genesis Software)(Es), Angel Nieto Pole 500cc, Angleball, Angler, Anglia Rover, Anglictina Pre Samoukov – English For Self Learners (19xx)(Didaktik)(Sl), Anim Rot (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Animated Strip Poker, Annals of Rome, Ano Gaia, Answer Back Junior Quiz (19xx)(Kosmos Software), Ant Attack, Ant Town, Antagonists, The, Antares, Antiaereo, Antteroo the Mutant, APB, Apfel-kobold, Apocalypse, Apollo, Apostrophy, The (19xx)(Psion), Apple Jam, Apple Thief, Appleman, Apr Skw, April 7th, Aqua Squad, Aquaplane, Aquarius, Arbatax, Arcade Flight Simulator, Arcade Fruit Machine, Arcade Machine Test Failure Emulator, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Arcadia, Archivo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Archon II Adept, Archon The Light and the Dark, Arctic Fox, Arcturus, Arena 3000, Arena!, Arena, Ari (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Aritmemori (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Arkanoid II Revenge of Doh, Arkanoid, Arkarum, Arklay FC, Arlene, Armageddon, Army Moves, Arnhem, Arnold the Adventurer II, Arnold the Adventurer III, Arnold the Adventurer, Arquimedes Xxi, Artillero (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Artura, Ashes, Ashkeron, Asocijacije, Assassin, Assault Course, Assedio, Assignment – East Berlin, Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, Asteroids Ahead!, Asteroidy, Astra (1987)(Angel Garcia Delgado)(Unk-Lang), Astro 1, Astro Blaster, Astroball, Astroclone, Astronaut, Astronomer, Astronut, Astroplaner, Ataque A La Flota, Ataque Alienigena, Aterrizaje, ATF – Advanced Tactical Fighter, Athena, Athlete, Atic Atac, Atlantis, Atom Ant, Atomix II – Hexagonia, Atomix, ATP Tour Simulator, ATRAM, Atrapada, Attacco Alieno, Attack of the Alien Waters, Attack of the Empire, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Attack on Atlantis, Attaco (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), ATV Simulator – All Terrain Vehicle, Audio Spectrum No.3 (19xx)(-), Audio Spectrum No.7 (19xx)(-), Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Aunt Velma’s Coming to Tea!, Aural Quest, Austerlitz 1805, Austerlitz, Austrailian Rules Football (1989)(Again Again), Australian Games, Australian Rules Football, Auto Chef, Auto Kursiv, Autolabirinto, Automania, Automatic Muse, Automonopoli, Autostopista Galactico, Autotrans (19xx)(Draysoft), Avenger, Aventura Brutal, La, Aventura, Aventuras em Serra Pelada, Aventuras na Selva, Averno, Avventura Di Giacomo, L’, Awari, Axe – A Tale of Carthelion, Axons, Aztec Adventure, Aztec Assault, Babaliba, Back Boogie, Back to Skool, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III, Back to the Future, Backgammon, Backpackers Guide to the Universe, Bad Night, Badlands, Bajke, Bala, Ball Breaker II, Ball Breaker, Ball by Ball, Ball Crazy, Ballblazer, Ballenas, Ballistik (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Ballooning, Bananaby, Bandera A Cuadros, Bandit, Banger Racer, Bangers & Mash, Bank 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Banneroll (19xx)(-), Barbarian – 1 Player, Barbarian II – The Dungeon of Drax, Barbarian, Barchou, Bargain Basement!!!, Barmy Burgers, Baron Rojo, Baron, Barquitos, Barreldrop, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, Bascan (19xx)(-), Base De Datos (1982)(ABC Soft – Gemini Marketing)(Es), Baseball, Basil – The Great Mouse Detective, Basket Master, Basket, Batalla EN, Batman The Caped Crusader, Batman The Movie, Batman, Battle 1917, Battle Command, Battle Field, Battle of Britain, Battle Of Broken Bridge, The (1984)(5D Software), Battle of the Bulge, Battle of the Planets, Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes, Battle Ships, Battle Valley, Battle Zone, Battlecars, Battlefield Germany – 1 Player, Battlefield Germany – 2 Players, Batty, Bazooka Bill, BBC Mastermind Quizmaster, BC Bill, BC’s Quest for Tires, Beach Buggy Simulator, Beach Volley, Beach-Head II The Dictator Strikes Back!, Beach-Head, Beaky and the Egg Snatchers, Beamrider, Bear Bovver, Beat The Clock (19xx)(Arnold Wheaton), Beatcha, Beatle Quest, Beautiful Dreamer, Bedlam, Beebul, Beerland, Beetle, Beetlemania, Behind Closed Doors II – The Sequel, Behind Closed Doors III – Revenge of the Ants, Behind Closed Doors IV – Balrog’s Day Out, Behind Closed Doors, Behind the Lines, Behold Atlantis, Bekstvo Iz Kpd Grljevca, Belegost, Beneath Folly, Benny Hill’s Madcap Chase!, Bergwacht, Bestial Warrior, Beverly Hills Cop, Beyond El Dorado, Beyond the Ice Palace, BFX-1, Big Bad John, Big Ben Strikes Again, Big Match Soccer, Big Nose’s American Adventure, Big Print, Big Trouble in Little China, Big Trouble!, Bigfoot, Biggles – The Secret Weapon, Billy Bluebottle, Billy Bong, Billy the Kid, Bingo, Bionic Commando, Bionic Ninja, Biorritmos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Biorritmos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)[another], Biorritmos (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run)(Sp), Biorythmus (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Birthday Surprise, Bismarck, Bismark, Bit Copierer, Bite the Dust, Bitman, Bitva O Databazi, Black Arrow, Black Beard, Black Crystal, Black Friday, Black Hawk, Black Jack, Black Lamp, Black Magic, Black Planet, Black Tiger, Black Tower II – A Serpentine Tale, Black Tower, Blade Alley, Blade Runner, Blade Warrior, Blaster, Blasteroids, Blaze, Blazing Thunder, Blind Alley, Blind Panic, Blinky’s Scary School, Blip!, Blitz, Blitzkrieg, Blizzard Pass, Blob Quest, Blob the Cop, Block, Blockade Runner, Block-Buster – Questions Tape, Block-Buster, Blockbusters – Question Master, Blockbusters Gold Run, Blockbusters, Block-Dizzy, Blocked In, Blokman, Blood & Guts, Blood Brothers, Blood of Bogmole II – Zogan’s Revenge, Blood of Bogmole III – Wizards Skull, Blood Valley, Bloodwych, Bloques (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Blow Out, Blue Max, Blue Thunder, BMX Freestyle Simulator, BMX Jungle Bike, BMX Kidz, BMX Ninja, BMX Racers, BMX Simulator, Boat Run, Bobby Bearing, Bobby Burgers – La Hamburguesa, BoBo, Bob’s Full House, Bobsleigh, Boby, Bog of Brit, Boid, Boiler House, Bolos, Bomb Alley, Bomb Ed, Bomb Jack II, Bomb Jack, Bombardero, Bomber Bob in Pentagon Capers, Bomber, Bombero (1987)(Unicornio)(UNK-LANG), Bombfusion, Bombscare, Bonanza Bros, Bones, Bonkers, Boomer, Booty, Border Harrier & Warlord (19xx)(SFl – Interceptor Micros), Border Harrier, Bored of the Rings, Borer Deep, Borzak, Bosconian ’87, Bosque, Boulder Dash – Construction Kit, Boulder Dash II Rockford’s Revenge, Boulder Dash III, Boulder Dash IV, Boulder Dash, Bounces, Bouncing Berty, Bounder, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bowling 2000, Boxing Manager II, Boxing Manager, Boxing, Boyerland, Bozy Boa, Brad Blasts the Galactic Barbarians, Brain Damage, Brain Sport, Brainache, Brainstorm, Brat Attack, BraveStarr, Braxx Bluff, Break Neck, Break-Away, Breakout, Breakthru, Brewery, Brian Bloodaxe, Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes, Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge, Brick Breaker, Brick-Yard Bill, Bride of Frankenstein, Bridge Player 3, Bridge Player, Bridge Tutor Advanced, Bridge Tutor Beginners, Bristles, British Super League, Bronx Street Cop, Bronx, Brood Slayer, Brook the Barbarian, Bruce Lee, Brum Brum, Bubble Bobble, Bubble Buster, Bubble Run, Bubble Trouble, Bubbler, Buccaneer, Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom, Budokan The Martial Spirit, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Bug Blaster, Bugaboo the Flea, Bug-Eyes, Buggy Blast, Buggy Boy, Buggy, Build a City, Builder, Bull Run, Bulls Cows, Bulls Eye, Bully’s Sporting Darts, Bump, Set, Spike!, Bumpy, Bungo’s Quest for Gold, Bunker Swamp, Bunny, Buran, Buriabeast, Bustout, Butch – Hard Guy, Butcher Hill, Butterfly, Buzz Off!, By Fair Means or Foul, Byte Bitten, C.P.U. Destroyer, C5 Clive, Cabal, Caesar the Cat, Caesar’s Travels, Cagara, Cagd, Calculo (19xx)(-), Calenda 3 (19xx)(-), Calendario (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), California Games, Call Me Psycho, Camelot Warriors, Camelot, Campos De Energia (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Cannibal Island, Cannibals from Outer Space, Cannibals, Cannon Ball, Canyon Warrior, Capman, Captain America in The Doom Tube of Dr. Megaloman, Captain Blood, Captain Dynamo, Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons, Captain Kelly, Captain Planet, Captain Pytron, Capture the Quark, Car Chase, Car Journey, Caramelos, Caratula (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Caratulas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Card Index (19xx)(-), Cargo, Car-Hex (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Carlisle Powerbox, Carlos Sainz, Carnival, Carpet Capers, Carreras, Carrier Command, Cartridge Code, Casanova, Cascade, Casey Jones, Cash Cade, Cashdash, Casino Royal, Castillo Encantado, Castle Adventure, Castle Blackstar, Castle Colditz, Castle Eerie, Castle Master + Castle Master II The Crypt, Castle Master, Castle of Dreams, Castle Quest, Castle Spellerous (19xx)(Blackboard Software), Castle Warlock, Castlemaze Adventure, Catch 23, Caterpilla, Caterpillar, Catwalk, Cauldron II The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Cauldron, Cave-Fighter, Cavelon, Caveman, Cavemania, Cavern Chaos, Cavern Fighter, Caverna De Hielo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Caverns Of Kontonia, Cavrl Janje, Cazafantasmas II, CD Games Pack – Loader (19xx)(Codemasters), CD Player (1988)(Players), Ceasefire, Celestino, Cell of the Ridges, Celtic Carnage, Centauri Challenge, Centipede, Centipod, Centronics Printer Software (1983)(DK’Tronics), Centropods, Centurions, Cerius II – Interalia, Cerius, Cerosfuncion (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Cesta Bojovnika, Chain Reaction, Challenge of the Gobots, Chambers of Death, Chambers of Horrors, Championship Baseball, Championship Golf, Championship Run, Championship Soccer, Championship Sprint, Changeling, Chaos – The Battle of the Wizards, Chaos, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chase H.Q. II Special Criminal Investigation, Chase H.Q., Chaser, Chatbox, Chefs Mate II, Chequered Flag, Chess – The Turk, Chess, Chevy Chase, Chicago 30’s, Chicago Gang, Chickin Chase, Chiller, Chimera, Chinese Patience, Chinos, Chip’s Challenge, Chiron, Cholo, Chomper, Chopper Mission, Chopper Rescue, Chopper X-1, Choy-lee-fut Kung-fu Warrior, Chred, Chrobak Truhlik, Chronos A Tapestry of Time, Chubby Gristle, Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer, Chuckie Egg II, Chuckie Egg, Chuckman, Church of Death, Cir$a, Circulos, Cuadrados (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Circus Games, Circus, Cisco Heat All American Police Car Race, Citadel, City Bomber, City Defender, City Lander, City of Death, City Slicker, City, Ciudadela, Civil Service II, CJ in the USA, CJ’s Elephant Antics, Class 50 Fleet Manager, Classic Adventure, Classic Arcadia, Classic Invaders (1988)(Alternative Software), Classic Punter, Classic Racing, Classic Trainer II, Classic Trainer, Classroom Chaos, Claude Sablatou’s Puffy’s Saga, Clave (19xx)(Juan Palacio)(UNK-LANG), Clever & Smart, Cliff Hanger, Clive in Exile, Clock Chess ’89, Clone It (1983)(ASP), Close-In, Cloud 99, Cluedo, Clutches of the Balrog, Cobra Force, Cobra, Cobra’s Arc, Coches Locos, Los, Cock Attack, Codename Mat II, Codename MAT, Codigo Secreto (19xx)(-), Codz80 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Coingame, Colditz, Colin the Cleaner, Collision Course, Collywobbles, Colony, Color (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Colores (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG), Colossal Adventure, Colossal Cave Adventure, Colosseum, Colossus 4 Bridge, Colossus 4 Chess, Colour Clash, Colourthello 02, Comando Quatro, Comando Tracer, Combat Lynx, Combat School & Gryzor Preview, Combat Zone, Comecocos, Comecoquitos, Comeme, Comet Encounter, Commando, Compact, Compactbyt (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Composer (19xx)(-), Compositor (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Compress Copy, Computacalc Zx (19xx)(-), Computer Christmas Card, Computer Scrabble, Condiciones Del Juego (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Confidential, Confrontation Scenarios – Volume 1, Confrontation, Confuzion, Conman the Barbaric, Connect 4, Conquest, Con-Quest, Conquestador, Contabilidad Domestica (19xx)(Microparadise Software)(UNK-LANG), Contabilidad General (1983)(Investronica)(UNK-LANG), Contabilidad Pers. v3 (1983)(Ventamatic)(Sp), Contable (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Contact Sam Cruise, Context (19xx)(Ventamatic)(Sp), Context v6 (19xx)(-), Continental Circus, Control De Stocks (19xx)(Microparadise Software)(UNK-LANG), Control Stocks (1983)(Ventamatic)(Sp), Control Trafico Ferroviario (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Conversor Hexa Decimel (19xx)(Quim Soft)(UNK-LANG), Convert, Convoy Raider, Convoy, Cookie, Copas, Copfm 3, Copier Tr, Copius, Cop-Out, Copper, Copta, CORE – Cybernetic Organism Recovery Expedition, Corn Cropper, Cornish Riviera, Corona, La, Corporal Stone, Corridors of Genon, Corrupt, Corruption, Cosa Nostra, Cosmazoigs, Cosmic Cruiser, Cosmic Debris, Cosmic Guerrilla, Cosmic Pirate, Cosmic Raiders, Cosmic Shock Absorber, Cosmic Wartoad, Cosmos – The Ultimate Challenge, Cosmos, Costa Capers, Count About, Count Duckula 2, Count Duckula, Count With Oliver – Lollipops (1984)(Mirrorsoft), Countdown to the Death, Countdown, County Cricket, Cowboy Shootout, Cowl Index (1988)(Cowl Systems)(128k), Crabs, Crack City, Crack Down, Crack It! Towers, Cracker, Crack-Up, Craps, Crash Cars – Race Fun, Crash, Crawler, Crazy Balloons, Crazy Bugs, Crazy Cars II, Crazy Cars, Crazy Castles, Crazy Caverns, Crazy Crane, Crazy Golf, Crazy Painter, Crazy Penguin, Crazy Race, Cred Breaks Out, Creepy Crawler, Creepy Dungeons, Crete 1941, Crevasse & Hotfoot, Cribbage, Cricket Captain, Cricket Challenge, Cricket Master – Thomas Cup, Crime Busters, Crimen Perfecto, Critical Mass, Cromwell at War 1642-1645, Crossfire, Crosswize, Crown Jewels, Cruise Attack, Cruising, Crusader, Crusoe, Crux 92, Cry Wolf, Crystal Castles, Crystal Quest, Crystals of Doom, Crystals, Csp 800 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Cube, Cubey, Cubitoid, Cuddles, Cudesni Mac, Cue Boy, Cuentas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Cuerpo Humano, Cup Football, Cup Manager, Curro Jimenez, Curse of the Sandwitch, Curse of the Serpent’s Eye, Custerd’s Quest, CW (1987)(G1FTU), Cyber Rats, Cyber Zone, Cyberball, Cyberbig, Cybernation, Cybernoid II The Revenge, Cybernoid The Fighting Machine, Cyberun, Cybex, Cybo Run, Cyborg Terminator 2, Cybotron, Cyclone, Cylu, Cyrox, Cyrus II, Cyrus IS Chess, D Day, D.N.A. Warrior, Dado (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Daemon, Dalek Attack, Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge, Daley Thompson’s Supertest – Day 1, Dallas, Damas, Dame De Monsoreau, La, Dame, Dan Dare II Mekon’s Revenge, Dan Dare III The Escape, Dan Dare Pilot of the Future, Dance Fantasy, Dandy, Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee!, Danger Street, Danger! Adventurer at Work! 2, Danger! Adventurer at Work!, Danger, Dangerous Gardens, Dargon’s Crypt, Darius, Dark Empire, Dark Forest, Dark Fusion, Dark Star, Dark Storm, Darkest Road III – The Unborn One, Darkest Road, Darkman, Darts, Dartz, Das Boersenspiel, Datasette Legi (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Datus Destruidos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Davy Jones Locker, Dawnssley, Day of the Match, Day Trip, Days of Thunder, Deactivators, Dead or Alive, Deadenders, Deadly Evil, Deadly Mission, Deadly Silence, Deadringer, Death Before Dishonour, Death Bringer, Death Chess 5000, Death Cruiser, Death in Russia 1941, Death or Glory, Death Reprieve & Time Machine (1984)(5D Software), Death Stalker, Death Star Interceptor, Death Star, Death Wake, Death Wish 3, Deathball 2000, Deathchase, Deathscape, Debug A$, Decor Wreckers, Decsumat Loader (1987)(Svet Kompjutera)(UNK-LANG), Deek’s Deeds, Deep Probe, Deep Space, Deep Strike, Defcom 1, Defcom, Defence, Defenda, Defendar, Defender of the Crown, Defender, Defenders of the Earth, Defensa De La Ciudad (19xx)(Spectrum)(UNK-LANG), Deflator (19xx)(Garry Rowland), Deflektor, Defusion & Worms (1984)(K-Tel), Defusion, Deja Vu – The Remix, Delfox, Deliverance Stormlord II, Deliverer 2 – Escape to Eskelos, Delta Wing, Delta, Demi-God, Demon Knight, Denis through the Drinking Glass, Denis v1.1 (19xx)(-), Denizen, Depot Master Finsbury Park, Depth Of Field, Der Screen Merger, Derby Day, Dervish, Descent, Desensa 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Desensamblador (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Desensamblador (1982)(Artic Computing – Investronica)(Es), Desert Burner, Desert Island, Desert Patrol, Desert Rats, Designer’s Pencil, The, Desmond and Gertrude, Desolator, Desperado 2, Desperado, Destroyer, Destructor, Destrux, Detective, Determinante, Detornator, Deus Ex Machina, Deviants, Devil Diver, Devil’s Crown, The, Devil’s Descent, The, Devil’s Hand, The, Devil’s Island, Devils of the Deep, Devils Sceptre, Diamantes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Diamond Trail, Diamond, Diamonds, Dib-Mat (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Dibujo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Dick Tracy, Dickie Diver, Dictator, Didaktik M Intro Tape (1990)(Didaktik – Ultrasoft)(Sl), Die Alien Slime, Die Stadt Alzan, Diet Diet Diet (19xx)(DK’Tronics), Dietas Salut (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Dietetic (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Dietron (1983)(CustomData), Digger Dan, Digitiser (19xx)(-), Di-Lithium Lift, Dimension Destructors, Dining, Dinky Digger, Dinosaurs, Direct Current Electricity, Dirt Track Racer, Disco (1985)(N. Stuart), Disco Dan, Discs of Death, Dispel, Disposable Heroes, Distron, Dizzy CS, Dizzy Dice, Dizzy II – Treasure Island Dizzy, Dizzy III – Fantasy World Dizzy, Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk, Dizzy V – Spellbound Dizzy, Dizzy VII – Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, DJ Puff’s Volcanic Erruption, Dlan 48k, Do Not Pass Go, Doc the Destroyer, Docking, Doctor What!, Dodge City – Action Game, Dodgems, Dodgy’s Castle, Do-Do & the Sno-Bees, Dog Weazle – The Megaventure, Dogfight 2187, Dogsbody to the Rescue, Dokonala Vrazda 2 – Bukapao, Dollars in the Dust, Dome Trooper, Dominator, Domine, Domino, Dominoes, Donkey Kong, Don’t Panic, Doombase, Doomdark’s Revenge, Doomsday Castle, Doomsday, Doomskulle, Dotty, Double Agent, Double Dare, Double Dash, Double Dragon II The Revenge, Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones, Double Dragon, Double Take, Double Xinox, Down to Earth, Down Town, Down Under, Downhill Champion, Dr. Doom’s Revenge, Dr. Genius, Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide, Dr. Jekyl Und Die Geheimformel, Draconus, Dragon Breed, Dragon Ninja, Dragon Spirit The New Legend, Dragonfire, Dragonia, Dragon’s Lair, Dragons of Flame, Dragonsbane, Dragontorc, Drakkar, Drakmaze, Draughts Genius, Draughts Master, Draughts, Drawer, Drazen Petrovic Basket, Dreadnoughts, Dream Warrior, Driller Tanks, Driller, Droids, Droidz, Dropout, Drug Watch, Druid II – Enlightenment, Druid, Druids Moon, Drum Machine, The (19xx)(-), Drunk Policeman, Duck Out!, Duet – Commando ’87, Duggy, Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, Dukes of Hazzard, Dun Darach, Dungeon Adventure, Dungeon Danny, Dungeon Dare, Dungeons & Dragons Character Creator, Dungeons of Doom, Dungeons, Dunlop 911TS, Duplitape, Dustbin Spectrum Incriptor (1985)(Amsoft), Dustin, Dwarfs Domain, Dyna Star, Dynamic Duo, Dynamite Dan II, Dynamite Dan, Dynamite Dux, Dynamix, Dynasty Wars, Dynatron Mission, E.T.X., Eagle, Early Punctuation (1983)(Psion), Earth Defence, Earth Shaker, Earthlight, Earthshock, East Enders, Easy Ledger, Easy Speak (1982)(Quicksilva), Echelon, Eclipse, Edd the Duck, Eddie Edwards’ Super Ski, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Edinburgh Powerbox, Edit M, Edit Sampler v1.2 (1990)(MS-CID), Edit Sampler v1.2 (1990)(Proxima – Your Sinclair)(UNK-LANG), Edit Sampler, Editor 48 (19xx)(-), Editor De Codigo Maquina (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Ed-On, Egg Head, Eiffel Tower (1983)(Chalksoft), Eight Cards Patience, Eights, El Avatar, El Bodeguero, El Bombardero, El Cid, El Constructor, El Dorado, El Gerente, El Hedor Del Dinero, El Loto (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), El Mantecas, El Misterio del Nilo, El Poder Oscuro, El Submarino Amarillo, Election, Electro Bingo 2, Electro Bingo 3, Electro Bingo, Electro, Electrocal (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Electronic Music Machine, Electronics, Elektro Storm, Elevator Action, Elevator Boy, Elfindor, Eliminator, Elite – Joystick Club Version, Elite, Elven Warrior, Embassy Assault, Emerald Isle, Emilio Butraguemo II – Entrenamiento (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)(Sp), Emilio Butragueno Futbol, Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, E-Motion, Empire!, Enchanted, Encounter, Encyclopedia of War Ancient Battles, End Zone, Endurance, Enduro Racer, Enduro, Energy 30,000, Energy Field, Energy Warrior, Energy, Enforcer 2, Engineer Humpty, Engleski (1986)(-)(UNK-LANG), Engleski Jezik (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), English Literature 1 (1982)(Psion), English Spanish Dictionary For Beginners (19xx)(Microparadise Software), Enigma Tape Magazine 09 (1990)(E.S.D.), Enter at Your Own Risk, Enterprise, Equinox, Erbe 88 – Psycho Pig U.X.B., Eric and the Floaters, Eric Bristow’s Pro-Darts, Erik – The Phantom of the Opera, Erklaerung (19xx)(Omikron)(De), Error (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Escape from Castle, Escape from Colditz, Escape from Devil’s Island, Escape from Hodgkin’s Manor, Escape from Krakatoa, Escape from Magic, Escape from Malagar, Escape from Omicron, Escape from Sylon 6, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Escape into Space, Escape MCP, Escape to Eskolos, Escape, Eskimo Capers, Eskimo Eddie, Espace (19xx)(-)(128k), Espace 2000 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Espirales (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Estimator Racer (1984)(Sinclair Research), Ethnipod, Etiuda, Eunuch’s Ball, The, Euro Boss, Europa (1985)(Argus Press Software), European Champions, European Soccer Challenge, European Superleague, European Trophy II, Eurorun, Evening Star, Events In British History (19xx)(-), Everest Ascent, Every Second Counts, Everyone’s a Wally, Evesham Micro-Centre – Interface 3 v1.1 (19xx)(Draysoft), Evil Crown, Evolution, Excalibur – Sword of Kings, Exiled, Exodus, Exolon, Exoter, Exotron, Expedice, Expert, Exploding Fist+, Exploding Wall, Explorer Xxxi, Explorer, Express Raider, Exterminator, Extreme, Eye of Vartan, Eye, F Disk Editor, F.I.R.E., F1 Tornado Simulator, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Combat Pilot, F-16 Fighting Falcon, FA Cup ’87 Football, FA Cup Football, Fabled Treasure Of Koosar (1992)(The Guild), Factory Breakout, Fadescreen (19xx)(-), Faerie, Fahrenheit 3000, Fairlight 2 – A Trail of Darkness, Fairlight, Fairly Difficult Mission, Falcon Patrol II, Falklands 82, Family Quiz, Fantasia Diamond, Fantasia, Fantastic Adventure, Fantastic Voyage, Fantasy – An Adult Game, Fantomas, Fanty, Farmer Horace, Fast Food Dizzy, Fastform (19xx)(-), Fat Worm Blows a Sparky, Father of Darkness, Faulty Towers, Faust’s Folly, Fearless Frank, Federation, Fergus Furgleton, Fernandez Must Die, Festung, Feud, Fichero (19xx)(Indesconp)(Es), Fichero 2 (19xx)(Indesconp)(Es), Fido II – Puppy Power, Fido, Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top of Fun, Fig Chess, Fighter Bomber, Fighter Pilot, Fighter, Fighting Soccer, Fighting Warrior, File Card, Filla (19xx)(-), Filler, Final Accounts, Final Assault, Finance Manager, Finders Keepers, Fire and Forget, Fire Copy V1.0, Fire Hawks, Fire View 2 (19xx)(-), Firebirds, Fireflash, Firefly, Firelance, Firelord, Fireman Fred, Fireman Sam – The Hero Next Door, Firestorm, Firetrap En Llamas!, Firetrap, First Moves, First Past the Post, Fischen, Fisherman’s Friend, Fist II The Legend Continues, Five Dice, Fizyka (19xx)(Pb Polbrit International)(Po), Flak, Flameout, Flash Beer 2, Flash Beer 3, Flash Beer, Flash Gordon, Flashpoint, Flight 191, Flight Path 737, Flight Simulation, Flight Simulator, Flip Flap, Flipi, Flipper, Flippit, Flix, Flucht, Flunky, Flush Gordon, Flux, Flyer Fox, Flying Scotsman, Flying Shark, Follow Me V3.1, Font Designer (1992)(R.J. Roe – Sinclair User)[SU Loader], Football Champions, Football Club, Football Director – 2 Player Super League, Football Director II, Football Director, Football Fever, Football Frenzy, Football Glory, Football Manager 2 – Expansion Kit, Football Manager 2, Football Manager 3, Football Manager World Cup Edition 1990, Football Manager, Football, Footballer of the Year 2, Footballer of the Year, Footballer, For Gold or Glory, Forbidden Planet, Force Fighter, Forest at World’s End, The, Forgotten Island, Forgotten Worlds, Format 42, Format 64 In Line (1985)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG), Formcalc (19xx)(Rick Shuitemaker), Formula 1 Simulator, Formula Grand Prix, Formula One, Fortress of Keler, Four Minutes to Midnight, Four Most Horror Compilation (19xx)(Codemasters), Four Soccer Simulators – Soccer Skills (1989)(Codemasters), Foxx Fights Back, Fraction Fever (1984)(Spinnaker Software), Fractions – Two (19xx)(Chris Ingram), Fractions, Frames Viewer, Frank Bruno’s Boxing, Frank N Stein, Frankenstein 2000, Frankenstein Jnr, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Freaky Footy, Fred, Freddy Hardest In South Manhattan, Fred’s Fan Factory, Fredy (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Free Copy, Free Sample Programs (1982)(Sinclair Research), Freedom Fighter, Freescape 3d Compiler, Freex, Freez’Bees, Frekvencna Disribucija (1986)(Napisal Rolando Horvat)(Sp), French Is Fun, French Verbs, French Vocabulary – Topic Tester 2, Frenzy, Freq File (1984)(OVV CRACK)(UNK-LANG), Friday the 13th, Fridge Frenzy, Frightmare, Frog 5, Frog Hop, Frog Hopper, Frog Run, Frog Shooter, Frogger, Froggy, Froglets, From Out of a Dark Night Sky, Frontiers, Front-Line, Froot Loop, Frost Byte, Frozen Penguin, Fruit 2000, Fruit 2010, Fruit Machine Simulator – Cash Bash, Fruit Machine Simulator – Cash ‘n’ Grab, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, Fruit Machine, Fruit Snapper, Fruitmachine, Fruity, Fuckerman, Fuksoft, Full And Integer Compiler, Full Screen Copier, Full Throttle II, Full Throttle, Fumigator, Fun Maths, Fun School 2 (1989)(Hit Squad)[Re-Release], Fun To Learn (19xx)(Shards Software), Fun With Music, Funciones (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Funcoes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Function Key 1, Function Key 2, Funhouse, Funky Punky, Fuss Load (19xx)(-), Fussball Manager, Futbol-party, Futura (19xx)(-)(De), Future Bike Simulator, Future Games, Future Knight, G.E.B.-stand (1985)(Data-Skip Software)(Unk-Lang), G.I. Hero, G1ftu Rtty (1984)(John Pearson), Gablota, Gacpac (1987)(Essential Myth – Your Sinclair), Galactians, Galactic Abductors, Galactic Attack In Stereo 3d, Galactic Gambler, Galactic Games, Galactic Jail Break, Galactic Patrol, Galactic Trooper, Galakzions, Galaxian, Galaxias, Galaxy Attack, Galaxy Force, Galaxy Warlords, Galgje, Galivan – Cosmo Police, Galletron, Gallilee, Gallipoli, Gama Copy, Gamble, Gambler, The (1983)(Micro Mart), Game Over II, Game Over, Game Without a Name, gamelist.backup.xml gamelist.Missing.Serial.txt gamelist.xml gamelist_ARRM.xml gamelist原来.xml Gangplank, Gangsters, Ganyemede II, Garfield Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, Garfield Winter’s Tail, Gargantua Copy v2.1 (1988)(Universum), Gargantua Copy V3.0, Gary Lineker’s Hot-Shot!, Gary Lineker’s Superskills, Gary Lineker’s Superstar Soccer, Gatecrasher, Gateway to Hell, Gateway to the Skies, Gauntlet II, Gauntlet III The Final Quest, Gauntlet of Meldir, Gauntlet The Deeper Dungeons, Gauntlet, Gazza II, Gazza’s Super Soccer, GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two, GeeBee Air Rally, Geister Fahrer, Gemelos, Gemini Wing, General Election, General Tape Catalogue Reader, Genesis II – Space Adventure, Gens V4.1, Geoff Capes Strongman, Geografia (1985)(J.L.G.)(UNK-LANG), Geography (1984)(Thor Computer Software), Gerbil Riot of ’67, The, German Is Fun (1983)(CDS Microsystems), Gerry the Germ, Gettysburg, GFL Championship Football, G-Force, Ghost Hunt, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Old Castle, Ghost Town, Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters, Ghostly Grange, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Ghost’s Revenge, Ghoul Manor, Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, Giant’s Revenge, Gift from the Gods, Gilbert – Escape from Drill, Gilligan’s Gold, Give my Regards to Broad Street, Gladiator, Glass, Glider Rider, Glider, G-LOC – R360, Glug Glug, Gnasher, Gnomos, Los, Go Bear Go!, Go to Hell, Go to Jail, Gob Stopper, Gobble a Ghost, Gobbleman, Gobbler, Goblin Crusher, Gobstopper, Godzilla – The Atomar Nightmare, Going Critical, Gold Digger, Gold Mine, Gold Rush, Gold Stadt, Gold, Golden Arrow, Golden Axe, Golden Basket, Golden Hawk, Goldwood, Golf, Gonuffos, Good Luck, Goody, Goolf, Goolf’s Exit, Goolf’s Return, Gossip (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Gotcha, Gothik, Grabbed by the Ghoulies!, Graeme Souness Soccer Manager, Graf 2 (19xx)(-)(Ru), Graf 3 (19xx)(-)(Ru), Graficad (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Graficos (1984)(Goldstar Software), Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket, Grail, Grand National, Grand Prix Challenge, Grand Prix Master, Grand Prix Simulator, Grand Prix Tennis, Grand Prix, Grandpa Joe Plays the Open, Grange Hill, Granja, Graphics (19xx)(Database Publications), Graphic’s Master (1988)(Infotech), Grasp, Great Britain Limited, Great Gurianos, Greedy Gulch, Green Beret, Green Door, Green Sonja, Gregory Loses his Clock, Grell and Falla, Gremlins 2 The New Batch, Gremlins The Adventure, Grey Island, Greyfell, Grid Gate, Grid Iron 2, Grid Iron, Grid Patrol, Grid Run, Grid-Bug, Gridrunner, Grimwold’s Big Adventure, Ground Attack, Ground Force Zero, Grue-Knapped!, Gruft, Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth, Gryzor, Gu!, Guadalcanal, Guardian II – Revenge of the Mutants, Guerra De Barcos, Guerrilla War, Guideline, Guido, Guillermo Tell, Gulpman, Gunboat, Gunfighter, Gunfright, Gunhed, Gunlaw, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, Gunrunner, Gunship, Gunslinger, Gunsmoke, Gunstar, Gutz, Gyron – Arena, Gyron – Intro, Gyroscope II, Gyroscope, H.A.R.D. – Heavy Armed Roboid Destroyer, H.A.T.E. – Hostile All Terrain Encounter, Hack Attack (19xx)(Your Sinclair), Hacker 1 & 2 (1985)(Utopia Software), Hacker II The Doomsday Papers, Hacker, Hacks Amazing (1992)(Sinclair User), Hacks Amazing 127 (1992)(Sinclair User)[b][SU Loader], Hacks Amazing 128 (1992)(Sinclair User)[SU Loader], Hades Nebula, Hades, Halaga, Half Hours, Halls of the Things II – Return of the Things, Halls of the Things, Hammerfist, Hammurabi, Hampstead, Hamte Damte, Handicap Golf, Handy Andy, Hanoi King, Happy Flower, Happy Hour, Hard Cheese, Hard Drivin’, Hardball, Hare Raiser, Harlequin, Harrier Attack!, Harry Goes Home, Harvey Headbanger, Haunted Hedges, Haunted House, Havoc, Hawks, H-Copy (1987)(Josef Vavrinec)(UNK-LANG), Head Coach, Head over Heels, Head Start, Head the Ball, Headbangers Heaven, Header Change II (1986)(Rolf Heinen)(UNK-LANG), Header Designer (1984)(Reinhard Wittkopf)(UNK-LANG), Header List (1984)(Z. Kosina)(UNK-LANG), Headstart, Heart Broken – Adventure 3, Heartland, Heat Leader, Heathrow Air Traffic Control, Heathrow International Air Traffic Control – Londo, Heavy on the Magick, Heavyweight, Hebrew Word Processor, Heist 2012, Helichopper, Helikopter, Heli-Land, Hell Drivers, Hellfire Attack, Hellfire, Helping Hands (1983)(Aslett Scholey), Helter Skelter, Helvera – Mistress of the Park, Henrietta’s Book Of Spells, Henry IV Part One (19xx)(Penguin Study Software), Henry’s Hoard, Herbert’s Dummy Run, Hercules Slayer of the Damned, Hercules, Here And There With The Mr Men, Here be Tygers, Here Comes the Sun, Hero Quest Return of the Witch Lord, Hero Quest, Hero, Heroes of the Lance, Hero-quest 2d, Hex Load (19xx)(-), Hexcellent, Hi Q Quiz, Hide and Seek, Hideous, High Frontier, High Steel, Highlander, Highrise Harry, Highway Code Test (19xx)(CRL Group), Highway Encounter, Hijack, Hipocicloides Y Epocicloides (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Hired to Kill, Hit, Hive, HKM – Human Killing Machine, HL ZX Forth (1983)(Mike Hampson)(16k), HL ZX Forth (1983)(Mike Hampson), Hlasovy Program Pro Zx Spectrum, Hobgoblin, Hocus Focus, Holiday in Sumaria, Hollywood Poker, Holy Grail, Home Hungaroring, Home Runner, Homicide Hotel, Honest Joe, Hong Kong Phooey No.1 Super Guy, Hop ‘n’ Chop, Hopper Copper, Hopper, Hoppin’ Mad, Horace & The Spiders, Horace Goes Skiing, Horizons, Horizontes – Spanish Horizons (1982)(Psion)(Sp), Hormiga – Issue 02 (1984)(Sift)(Es), Horny Harry, Horo Skop (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Horrorscope, Hostage Rescue Mission, Hot Dog Spotter, Hotch Potch, Hotfoot, Hot-Rod, Hotshot, Hours, House of Horrors, House of Orion, House Out of Town, Household Expenditure, Hover Droid, Hoverkraft, How to be a Complete Bastard, How to be a Hero, Howard the Duck, Howzat, HRH – Her Royal Highness, Hubert, Hudson Hawk, Human Killing Machine, Hummer House of Horror, Humphrey, Humpty Dumpty in the Garden, Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzie Wuzzies, Humpty Dumpty, Hunchback II Quasimodo’s Revenge, Hunchback the Adventure, Hunchback, Hunchy, Hundra, Hungry Horace, Hunter-Killer, Hurg, Hustler, Huxley Pig, Hybrid, Hydra, Hydrofool, Hypa Raid, Hypaball, Hyper Action, Hyper Active, Hyper Sports, Hyperaction, Hyperblaster, Hyperbowl, Hypertron, Hysteria – Thalbert Dock Mix, Hysteria, I Ain’t Got Nobody, I Alien, I Ball II, I Will Survive!, I, Ball, I, of the Mask, I.C.U.P.S., Ian Botham’s Test Match, Ian’s Night Out, Ice Attack, Ice Station Zero, Icicle Works, ID, Identikit (19xx)(Stell Software), Ikari Warriors, Il Meccanico – Automania (1984)(Load ‘n’ Run)(Sp), Illustrator, The VA00, I’m in Shock, Imagination, Immortality Rules OK, Impact!, Implosion, Impossaball, Impossamole – Part 1 – Klondike, Impossible Mission II, Impossible Mission, In Search of Angels, In Search of the Lost Valley, Incredible Adventure, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, Indiana Jones – A Chram Zkazy, Indiana Jones 2, Indiana Jones 3, Indiana Jones 4 – A Zlata Soska Keltu, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Action Gam, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indoor Race, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Sports, Ines 64 V1.1, Inferno, Infiltrator, Informace pro Majitele ZX Spectrum, Infrared, Inka-tempel, Inquisitor, Insector Hecti in The Interchange, Inside Outing, Inspector Flukeit, Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear, Instant Recall (1992)(Sinclair User)[Custom Loader], Instant User Designed Graphics, Insurgency, Intensity, Intergalactic Cage Match, Intermediate English (19xx)(-), International 3D Tennis, International Cricket, International Football, International Karate, International Karate+, International Kickboxing, International Manager, International Match Day, International Rugby Simulator, International Rugby, International Speedway, Interp Newt (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Interupt (19xx)(-), Into Africa, Into the Eagle’s Nest, Into the Mystic, Intruder Alert II – Invaders from Planet X, Intruder Alert, Invaders From Planet X, Invaders, Invasion – Strategy One, Invasion Force, Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, Invasores Del Espacio & Galaxian (19xx)(Investronica)(Es), Invasores, Investigations, Investronica Lapiz Optico v1.0 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Invincible Island, Iq Test, Iron Lord, Iron Soldier, Island of Chaos, Island, Italia ’90 – World Cup Soccer, Italy 1990 – Winners Edition, Italy 1990, Itasundorious, Its A Hack Attack (1992)(Your Sinclair), It’s a Knockout, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, It’s the Wooluf!, Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road, Jabato, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Charlton’s Match Fishing, Jack in Magicland, Jack the Nipper… II in Coconut Capers, Jack the Nipper, Jackal, Jackpot, Jackson City, Jagd, Jahangir Khan’s World Championship Squash, Jai Alai, Jail Break, James Bond – Octopussy, Jangler, Jarak (19xx)(-)(Unk-Lang), Jason and the Golden Fleece, Jason’s Gem, Jasper, Jaws Revenge, Jaws The Computer Game, Jawz, Jedy, Jellymen, Jericho Road, Jerrybuilder, Jersey Quest, Jester Quest, Jet Set Gertie, Jet Set Willy – A Bulgarian Requiem, Jet Set Willy – April Showers, Jet Set Willy – Dup Moor en T’ Panat, Jet Set Willy – Editor MkII, Jet Set Willy – Editor, Jet Set Willy – Fast Version, Jet Set Willy – Ivy, Jet Set Willy – Join the Jet Set, Jet Set Willy – Monstrum!, Jet Set Willy – Strangel, Jet Set Willy – Stupid, Jet Set Willy – The Colossal Cave, Jet Set Willy – The Deadly Mission, Jet Set Willy – The Time Hole, Jet Set Willy – The Utility Cubicles Edit, Jet Set Willy – The Utility Cubicles, Jet Set Willy – Where’s Woody, Jet Set Willy – Willy In Space, Jet Set Willy – Willy Takes a Trip, Jet Set Willy – Willy the Hacker, Jet Set Willy – Willy to the Rescue!, Jet Set Willy – Willy’s Afterlife, Jet Set Willy – Willy’s New Hat, Jet Set Willy 1-1, Jet Set Willy 3, Jet Set Willy 128, Jet Set Willy II The Final Frontier, Jet Set Willy II, Jet Set Willy IV – The Four Remix, Jet Set Willy, Jetpac, Jet-Story, Jewel of Power, Jewels of Darkness Trilogy I – Colossal Adventure, Jewels of Darkness Trilogy II – Adventure Quest, Jewels of Darkness Trilogy III – Dungeon Adventure, Jhothamia 6, Jock and the Time Rings, Jocky Wilson’s Compendium of Darts, Jocky Wilson’s Darts Challenge, Joe Banker, Joe Blade II, Joe Blade III, Joe Blade IV, Joe Blade, Joe’s Drink Stand, Jogger, John Craig Sailboat Racing, Johnny Reb, Jokers Wild, Jolly Jack’s Run Ashore, Jolly Roger, Jonah Barrington’s Squash, Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin’s Underworld, Journey to Death, Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smith’s Head, Journey’s End, Joust, Joy Graph, Joystick 2-87 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Joystick 4-87 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Joystick 12 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Joystick Conversion Tape 1, Joystick Conversion Tape 3 (1983)(Kempsoft), Jp Clone, Judge Dredd, Juego del Dragon, Juggernaut, Julius Caesar (19xx)(Penguin Study Software), Jum-Bert, Jumbly, Jump, Jumping Jack, Jungle Fever, Jungle Jie, Jungle Trouble, Jungle Warfare, Jungle Warrior, Just Imagine, Just One of Those Days, Kaa’s Kingdom, Kaboom!, Kai Temple, Kalendraz (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Kamel, Kamikaze Collector, Kamikaze, Kane, Karateka, Karel 85, Karnov, Kartoteka Szefa Wersja Dla Drukarki GP 500AS (1985)(Nowatech), Kat Trap, Katalkaset (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Katalog (1985)(Janusz Gajewicz)(Cz), Katprint (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Kayleth, K-Byte (19xx)(Swiecie Software)(UNK-LANG), Kemshu, Kendo Warrior, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager, Kentilla, Kentucky Racing, Ket Trilogy I – Mountains of Ket, Ket Trilogy II – Temple of Vran, Ket Trilogy III – The Final Mission, Key Fighter, Key Speaker (19xx)(S&G), Keyboard Konundrum, Keycode, KGB Super Spy, Khazzad-dum, Kick Off 2, Kick Off, Kick Start, Kickboxing, Kiddie Cubes, Kidnap, Kidnapped, Kids On Keys, Kikstart 2 + Course Designer, Killed Until Dead, Killer Knight, Killer Kong, Killer Ring, Kinetik, King Arthur’s Quest, King Kong, King Leonard, King Otto’s Quest, King Tut’s Treasure, Kirel, Klax, Kliatba Noci, Klingsor the Evil Magician, Kljuc, Knight Driver, Knight Fall, Knight Force, Knight Life, Knight Lore, Knight Rider, Knight Tyme, Knightmare, Knight’s Quest, Knockout, Knot in 3D, Knuckle Busters, Kobyashi Ag’Kwo, Kobyashi Naru, Koekoek-Koekoek (1984)(Edusystems)(Nl), Kokotoni Wilf, Komplex, Konami’s Ping Pong, Konami’s Tennis, Kondiciogram v1.0 (1985)(JSC)(UNK-LANG), Kong 2 – Kong Strikes Back, Kong, Kong’s Revenge, Kontrabant 2, Kontrabant, Kopier Programm, Kopy Kat (19xx)(Medsoft), Kopy Kat Header Reader (19xx)(Medsoft), Koronis Rift, Kosmic Kanga, Kosmik Pirate, Kosmos, Kraal, Krakatoa 2012, Krakit, Krakout, Krazy Kong, Krion, Krtek A Auticko, Krypton Raiders, Kung Fu Knights, Kung-Fu Master, Kung-Fu, Kurven (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Kwik Load Tape Header Interrogator, Kwik Snax Dizzy, La Abada del Crimen, La Ballade du Lutin, La Casa di Jonny, La Corona Mgica, LA Drugs Bust, La Espada Sagrada, La Miniera, La Pinza, La Rana Z-Man (1984)(Ventamatic)(Es), Labyrinth Games, Labyrinthion, Labyrman, Lady Copy V1.04, Lancer Lord, Land of Sagan, Landfall on Rollus, Lap of the Gods, Lapiz Optico v1.0 (19xx)(Investronica)(UNK-LANG), Larana (19xx)(-)(Sp), Larry the Lemming’s Urge for Extinction, Las Tres Luces De Glaurung, Las Vegas (19xx)(-), Las Vegas Casino, Las Vegas Jackpot, Laser Attack, Laser Basic (19xx)(Oasis Software), Laser Basic V1.3, Laser Lord, Laser Snaker, Laser Squad, Laser War, Laser Wheel, Laser Zone, Laserwarp, Laskar’s Return, Last Duel Inter Planet War 2012, Last Mission, Last Ninja 2 Back with a Vengeance, Last Sunset for Lattica, Lazer Cycles (1985)(Monser), Lazer Tag, Lazy Jones, Leaderboard Tournament, Leaderboard, League Challenge, League Football, League Table (1984)(Hobby Software), Leapfrog, Leaver (19xx)(-)(PD), LED Storm Rally 2011, Legend – Part 1, Legend of the Amazon Women, Legions of Death, Lemmings, Len’s Chuntey Challenge, Leonardo, Leopard Lord, Leopold the Minstrel, Les Flics, Letris, Letter Bomb (1988)(River Software), Level 5, Leviathan, Liberator, Libro De Compras (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Libro De Diario (1985)(Marzo)(UNK-LANG), Licence To Kill (1989)(Domark), Life Guard – Unlimited Lives Finder (19xx)(-), Lifeboat, Lifeguard (1987)(Romantic Robot UK), Lifeline, Life-Term, Light Cycle, Light Force, Light Magic Graphic Designer, Light Pen v4 (1983)(DK’Tronics)(16k), Light Pen v4 (1983)(DK’Tronics), Light Pen v4.1 (1983)(DK’Tronics)(16k), Light Pen v4.1 (1983)(DK’Tronics), Light Pen, Light Show, Lightmare, Lightning Simulator, Lightwriter (1988)(Datel), Lil’ Alien, Lila Diva, L’Ile Maudite, Limited over Cricket, Line of Fire, Line Split (19xx)(-)(PD), Linesaver (19xx)(Malcolm Goodman), Linesaver 2 (19xx)(Carlo Maria Vireca), Linker For Mcoder 2, List Scroll, Little Computer People, Little Game, Little Pac 2, Little Pac, Little Puff in Dragonland, Live and Let Die, Livingstone Supongo 2, Livingstone, I Presume, LList 642 (1983)(Kompilira)(UNK-LANG), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 01 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 02 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 03 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 04 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 05 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 06 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 07 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 08 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 09 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 10 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 11 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 12 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 13 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 14 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 15 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 16 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 17 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 18 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 19 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 20 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 21 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Load ‘n’ Run Compilation 22 (19xx)(Load ‘n’ Run), Loco, Locodriver 2, Locodriver 4, Locodriver 5, Locodriver 6, Locodriver 7, Locodriver 8, Locodriver 9, Locodriver 11, Locomotion, Locospotter, Lode Runner, Logic Levels (1984)(SSC), Logo – Part I, Logo Castellano (1985)(Ioshua)(Es), Logo Po Polsku (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Logo Ver 1.6 (1984)(Soli – Lcsi), Lojix, Lombrix, London Adventure, Lone Wolf – Flight from the Dark, Lone Wolf II – Fire on the Water, Lone Wolf The Mirror of Death, Long Way Home Volume 2 – The Ludoids, Loogaroo – Werewolf Simulator, Loony Lander, Loony Zoo, Loop Synthesizer (1987)(Claus Jann)(UNK-LANG), Loopz, Lop Ears, Lord Harry, Lord of the Rings – Beginner + Game One, Lords of Chaos, Lords of Magic, Lords Of Midnight, The – Game Editor v3.01 (1987)(PDT), Lords of Time, Lorigraph, Lorna, Los Angeles SWAT, Lost in Time, Lost over Bermuda, Lost, Loteria (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG), Lothlorien, Loto, Lotto (1984)(-)(De), Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Lozio Tom, Lsdx, Ludo, Luna Atac, Luna Crabs, Lunar Attack, Lunar Jetman, Lunar Lander, Lunar Letters (1983)(Longman Group & Micromega), Lunar Rescue, Luxik Na Bibrstejne, M Coder 2 (1983)(P.S.S.), Mac Man, Mac Man’s Magic Mirror (1984)(Macmillan Education), MacMan In The Treasure Caves (1984)(Sinclair Research), Mad Cars, Mad Flunky, Mad Hatter, Mad House, Mad In Cashcais, Mad Jumper, Mad Load, Mad Martha II, Mad Martha, Mad Mix Game – The Pepsi Challenge, Mad Nurse, Madballs, Madcap Manor, Madness Schach, Mafia Contract II – The Sequel, Mafia Contract, Mag Max – Robo Centurion, Mage Cage, Magic Carpet, Magic Castle, Magic Dice, Magic Johnson’s Basketball, Magic Jokers, Magic Land Of Landlords, The, Magic Meanies, Magic Mountain, Magic Treasure Adventure, Magical Mystery Tour, Magicians Apprentice, Magma Man – The Vanishing Prof., Magnetron, Magnets, Mago In Caricamento – Merlin (1988)(Specman)(It), Mah Jongg, Mahownie’s Light, Mailstrom, Majik, Makao, Make A Chip, Make Music, Malice in Blunderland, Malice in Wonderland, Mambo, Mampfmann, Man About the House, Man Hunt, Manchester United Europe, Manchester United, Mandelbrot, Mandragore, Mandroid, Maniac Square, Maniac, Manic Badger, Manic Miner – Eugene – Lord of the Bathroom, Manic Miner – Fast Version, Manic Miner 3 – Tales from a Parallel Universe, Manic Miner No. 2, Manic Miner, Manje Vise (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Manor of Doom, Manor of Madness, Mansion Quest, Mantis 1, Man-Trap, Mantronix, Map Quiz, Mapsnatch, Maquina (19xx)(Microhobby), Maquina Del Amor, La, Marauder, Marble Madness – Deluxe Edition, Marble Madness, Margot’s Magic Coloring (1992)(Gremlin Graphics), Maria’s Christmas Box, Marie Celeste, Mario Bros, Marooned!, Marooned, Marsport, Martianoids, Marty Shortwood Letterwriter – Deluxe Edition (19xx)(-), MASK II, MASK III VENOM Strikes Back, Mask, Master 4, Master Blaster, Master Brain, Master Chess, Master Copy 128, Master Copy, Master File V04, Master File V06, Master Mariner, Master Toolkit (1983)(Oxford Computer Publishing)(16k), Master Toolkit (1983)(Oxford Computer Publishing), Master Word, Masterchess, Mastercode, Mastermind, Masterminde, Masters of the Universe Super Adventure, Masters of the Universe The Arcade Game, Masters of the Universe The Movie, Match Day II, Match Day, Match of the Day, Match Point, Matchmaker, Matematicka Slagalica (19xx)(Nikola Alivojvodig), Matematyka (1986)(Janusz Gajewicz)(Po), Maths Universe (19xx)(-), Mathsted, Matma (19xx)(Elkor)(Pl), Matrix Gridrunner 2, Matrix Operations, Matrix, Matt Lucas – Florida Detective, Max Headroom, Maxim, Mayhem, Maze Chase, Maze Death Race, Maze Mania, Maze of Terror, Maze, Mazeman, Maziacs, MC Trace (19xx)(-), Mc Wash, MCA (19xx)(Pinehurst Data Studios), McKensie, M-doc, Mean Streak, Mega Basic V1.0, Mega Bucks, Mega Fruit, Mega Phoenix, Mega-Apocalypse, Megablast!, Meganova – The Weapon, Megapede, Melbourne Draw, Meltdown, Mem Tester (19xx)(-), Memo Test (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Menace, Mental Block, Mental Blocks – Frustration 2, Menzer (19xx)(Dzuibaner Software)(UNK-LANG), Mercenary Escape from Targ – The Second City, Merlin, Merlock the Mede, Mermaid Madness, Merry Xmas Santa, Message from Andromeda, Metabolis, Meta-Galactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Metal Army, Metaldrone, Metalyx, Metaplex, Metedatos (19xx)(-), Meteor Mission, Meteor Storm, Meteoroids, Metro-Cross, Metropolis, Mexico ’86 – Finals, Mexico ’86 – Qualifiers, Miami Cobra GT, Miami Dice, Miami Vice, Michel Futbol Master, Michel Super Skills, Mickey Mouse The Computer Game, Micro Drivin’, Micro Fitness, Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging, Micro Mouse, Micro Olympics, Micro Pen, Micro Print, Micro Prolog, Micro Trivia, Microball, Microbot, Microbowl, Microdrive Utility Program V1.1, Micromaze, Micromiron (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Micronaut One, Midnight Resistance, Mig 29 Soviet Fighter, Mighty Magus, Mihotabpa, Mike Read’s Computer Pop Quiz, Mikie, Milk Race, Millimon, Millionaire, Millipede, Mind Cross War, Mind Fighter, Mind Your Head, Minder, Mindshadow, Mindtrap, Mined-Out, Minefield, Minenfeld, Minero Loco (19xx)(-)(Unk-Lang), Mines of Moriez, Mines of Saturn, Minesweeper, Mini Adventure, Mini Office (1985)(Database Publications), Mini Pacman 89, Minichars Textfile (19xx)(-), Minisector, Minutes (19xx)(-), Missile Command Base, Missile Command, Missile Defence, Missile, Missili (19xx)(Limi), Mission 2 – Project Gibraltar, Mission 12, Mission Elevator, Mission I – Project Volcano, Mission Impossible, Mission Omega, Mister Gas, Mivisis, Modem No 2 (1985)(16 – 48k Magazine), Molar Maul, Mole on the Dole, Molecule Man – Editor, Molesworth, Money Manager, Monitor 2, Monitor, Monkey Biznes, Monopoly, Monster Copy 1 (19xx)(-), Monster Copy 2, Monster Munch, Monster Muncher, Monster, Monte Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo, Monty is Innocent, Monty on the Run, Moon Alert, Moon Battle, Moon Buggy, Moon Cresta, Moon Magic, Moon Patrol, Moon Strike, Mooniron, Moonlight Madness, Moonlighter, Moonquake, Moons of Tantalus, Moonshards of Sacrimore, Moonsweeper, Moontorc, Moonwalker – The Computer Game, Moonwalker, Mordon’s Quest, More, Moron, Morris Meets the Bikers, Morse I3 (1984)(JCR Software)(UNK-LANG), Morsedecoder (1984)(Michael Schramm)(UNK-LANG), Morsezeichengenerator (19xx)(-)(De), Mortadelo y Filemn II, Moscow Raid, Moscow-Paris, Mot, Mothership, Motion, Motor Mania, Motor Massacre, Motorallye (19xx)(-), Motorbike Madness, Motorcycle 500, Motorcycle Crazy, Motos, Mountain Bike Racer, Mountain Bike Simulator, Mountie Mick’s Death Ride, Movie, Moving Target, Mow Business, Mr. Freeze, Mr. Heli, Mr. Weems And The She Vampires, Mr. Wimpy The Hamburger Game, Mrazik 88, Mrs. Mopp, Ms. Pac-Man, Muca Pospravljalka, Mucroid Run, Muggins the Spaceman, Mugsy, Mugsy’s Revenge, Multi Bas, Multi Program (19xx)(-), Multiface Three In One, Multifile, Multi-Player Soccer Manager, Multivariate Regression, Mummy! Mummy!, Mummy’s Crypt, The, Muncher, Munchman, Murder – He Said, Murder at the Manor, Murder Hunt II, Murder in the Rue Morgue, Murder Mystery Weekend, Murder, Murphy’s Murder Hunt, Mushroom Alley, Mushroom Mania, Mushrooms from Mars, Musica (1985)(Bosoft)(UNK-LANG), Musicrema, Muster Fill (19xx)(Thomas Bertoldo)(De), Mutan Zone, Mutant – The Quest, Mutant Ant Attack, Mutant Fortress, Mutant Monty, Mutants, Mutations, Myla Di’Kaich, Mysterious Fairground, Mystery Manor, Mystery of Silver Mountain, Mystery of the Indus Valleys, Mystic Tower, Mystical, Myth History in the Making, Mythos, N.E.I.L. Android, N.E.X.O.R., N.E.X.U.S., N.O.M.A.D., Naanas, Nails, Napoleon at War, NARC, NATO Alert, NATO Assault Course, Nauka Jazdy, Navy SEALs, Nebula, Nebulus, Nechceme Nasili!, Necks Please, Necris Dome, Ned’s Garden, Neighbours, Nemesis the Warlock, Nemesis, Neolite – Neo Library Item Compression (1994)(Softhouse), Neptune’s Caverns, Nervos This Position, Nether Earth, Netherworld, Never Go with Strangers, Never Trust a Blonde, New Angles (19xx)(-), New Cylon Attack, New Format Copy V1.0, New Format Copy V1.1, New Text (19xx)(-), New Wheels John, New York Warriors, Next War, Nezvestny – 007, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, Nicotine Nightmare, Nifty Lifty, Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix, Night Bomber, Night Breed – The Action Game, Night Gunner, Night Raider, Night Run – Ceasefire 2 (1992)(Sinclair User)[SU Loader], Night Shift, Night Stalker, Nightflite II, Nightflite, NightHunter, Nightmare Rally, Nightmare, Nightshade, Nightwing, Nihilist, Ninja Commando, Ninja Hamster, Ninja Massacre, Ninja Master, Ninja Scooter Simulator, Ninja Spirit, Ninja, No 1, Noah, Noche Agitada, Nodes of Yesod, Nominas (1984)(Investronica)(Es), Non Compos Mentis II – Pleasure Beyond Pain, Non Compos Mentis, Nonamed, Nonterraqueous II – Soul of a Robot, Nonterraqueous, Norman’s Lament, North & South, North American Indians, North Star, North Wales 47 Fleet Manager, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Note Invaders – Staff 1, Note Invaders – Staff 2, Note Invaders, Notlandung, Notorik, Noughts and Crosses, Nous, Nth Zone, Nuclear Attack, Nuclear Countdown, Nudge It, Number Fun (1982)(Griffin Software), Number Painter (1983)(Sinclair Research), Number Six in the Village, Number Tumblers (1984)(Fisher Price), Nutty Gnome, Nuty (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Oberon 69, Obliterator, Ocean Conqueror, Ocean Dancer, Ocean Racer – Yacht Race, OCP Finance Manager (1983)(OCP), Octagon Squad, Octagon, Octan, Octopus, Odd Ball, Odd Job Eddie, Odyssee, Odyssey 1, Oh Mummy!!, Oil Strike, Oil Tycoon, Oink! – Piggy Tales, OiX, Ol, Toro, Oligopoly, Olli & Lissa 3 The Candlelight Adventure, Olli & Lissa II – Halloween, Olli & Lissa The Ghost of Shilmore Castle, Ollie Octopus’ Sketchpad (1983)(Storm Software), Olympiad ’86, Olympic Challenge, Olympic Spectacular, Olympicon, Olympimania, Omega One, Omega Run, Ometron, Omni Calc 2, Omni Copy 2, Omnivac – Bytes Reducer (19xx)(-), On Cue, On the Bench, On the Flat, On the Oche, On the Road, Once Upon a Lily Pad, One for the Road, One Man and his Droid, One of Our Wombats is Missing!, One on One, Oops, Open Door, Operation Colossus, Operation Hanoi, Operation Nightingale, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Thunderbowel, Operation Turtle, Operation Wolf, Opposition, Oracle’s Cave, The, Orb Quest, Orb, Orbit of Doom, Orbitas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Orbiter, Orbix the Terrorball, Orc Attack, Orc Island, Orc Slayer, Orfeus – The Music Assembler (1990)(Proxima), Organ Master – Echo (1986)(Currys), Organ Master (1986)(Currys), Orient Gardens, Oriental Games, Oriental Hero, Orion, Oscar 10 (19xx)(YU3TRC)(UNK-LANG), Ostron, Osvajanje Zvezda, Otan Alerta! (1984)(CCS – Hobbypress)(Sp)[Spanish Nato Alert], Othello, O’thelo, Out Copy, Out for the Count, Out of the Limelight, Out of the Shadows, Out Run, Outcast, Outlaw, Overkill, Overlander, Overload, Overlord, Overlords, P.H.A.R.T., Pacific War, Pac-Land, Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, Pad Painter, Paddington’s Early Visit (19xx)(Collins Soft), Paddington’s Garden Game, Paddington’s Problem Picture (19xx)(-), Paintcraze! + The Battle of Broken Bridge + Icarus Igginbotham, Painter, Pakacuda, Panama Joe, Pang, Panic Dizzy, Panic, Panico En El Express, Panther, Panzadrome, Panzer 3D (19xx)(Monser)[Re-Release of Tanx], Panzer Attack, Panzer Schlacht, Paper Book (19xx)(J. Soft)(Unk-Lang), Paper Chase, Paperboy 2, Paperboy, Par Nepar (1985)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG), Para Academy, Para Assault Course, Parabel (19xx)(JWE Software), Parabola, Paradise Cafe, Paradise in Microdot, Paradox, Paradroids, Paragram, Paranoid Pete, Paras, Paratroopers, Parejas, Paris Trip, Paris-dakar, Park Patrol, Parole, Partition (1983)(Griffin Software), Party Program, Party Time (19xx)(Computer Tutor), Pasians, Passing Shot, Past the Cyclops Lair, Pasteman Pat, Pastimes 1 (1982)(Psion), Pastimes 2 (1982)(Psion), Pat the Postman, Path Find (1983)(Widgit Software), Pathfinder, Patinman (1985)(Churruca), Pawns of War II – The Infiltrator, Pawns of War, Paws, Pearl Harbour, Pecinski Heroj, Pedro Na Ostrove Piratov, Pedro, Peep Show, Peepshow, The, Pegasus Bridge, Peking, Pendragon, Peneless, Penetrator, Pengy, Pentac, Pentagram, People From Sirius, Pepsi Cola, Percy the Potty Pigeon, Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo, Perils of Bear George, Periscope Up, Personal Computer Whirled!, Personal Finance, Peter Beardsley’s International Football, Peter Pack Rat, Peter Pan, Peter Shilton’s Handball Maradona, Peterborough Powerbox, Phantasia, Phantom Club, Phantom F4 2, Phantomas, Pharaoh’s Tomb, The, Phasorchase, Pheenix, Philosopher’s Stone, The, Phineas Frogg, PHM Pegasus, Phoenix, Pi in the Sky, Pi There!, Pi-Balled, Pic Text (19xx)(-), Pick-Pocket, Pictionary The Game of Quick Draw, Picture Plotter (1982)(Calpic Educational), Pieces of Eight, Pi-Eyed, Piggy Punks, Piggy, Pi-In-‘Ere, PIJ – Podraz na Indiana Jonese, Piknik U Cesty, Pilgrim’s Progress, Pimania, Pimeval Man, Pinball Power, Pinball Wizard, Pingo, Pink Panther, Pioneer, Pipe Line, Pipe Mania, Pipework, Pippo, Pi-R Squared, Piramide, Pirate Adventure, Pirate Gold, Piromania, Pirx 1, Pirx 2, Pisak (19xx)(Mikros)(UNK-LANG), Piskworks, Piso Zero, Pitfall II Lost Caverns, Pitfall Zx, Pitman Seven, Pixy the Microdot 2, Pizza Bar, Planet Fighter, Planet of Shades, Planet Patrol, Planetfall, Planetoids, Plasma Ball, Platoon, Play for Your Life, Play It Once More 2 – Play It Again, Play It Once More, Play Your Cards Right, Plot P (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Plotting, Plum Duff, Plummet, Plunder, Pneumatic Hammers, Poc Man, Pod, Podder, Podmornica – Podmorska Bitka, Podraz 3, Podraz 4, Podraz 5, Podraz 6, Podroz Po Polsce, Pogo, Pogostick Olympics, Pogotron, Poklad 2, Pole Position, Polearn, Poli Daz, Polinomios (1984)(ABC Soft)(Es), Politicar (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Poltergeist, Pomocnik 2 (1984)(Prit International), Pontoon, Poogaboo La Pulga 2, Pool, Poolsmaster, Pop Quiz ’85, Pop Stars, Popeye 2, Popeye 3 – Wrestle Crazy, Popeye, Portals of P’Thaal, Porzellan, Poseidon – Planet Eleven, Post Mania, Post Mortem, Poster Machine, Postern Backgammon, Postman Pat 2, Postman Pat 3 To the Rescue, Postman Pat, Postman Pat’s Trail Game, Potsworth & Co., Potty Painter in the Jungle, Potty Planter, Power Drift, Power Print 2, Power Pyramids, Powerama, Powerplay The Game of the Gods, Pozycje, Practically Impossible, Predator 2, Predator, Prehistoric Adventure, Pre-History, Prelude to D-Day, Premier 2 Superleague, Premier League, President, Presidente, Prestavba, Princesa, La, Print Shop, Pripad II, Prison Blues, Prison Camp, Prison Riot, Privateer, Pro Golf II, Pro Golf, Pro Loader (19xx)(-), Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Pro Pinball, Pro Tennis Tour, Prochazka Starou Prahou, Prodigy, Prodos Basic, Producent Boubli, Professional BMX Simulator, Professional Footballer, Professional Go-Kart Simulator, Professional Linear Programming, Professional Ski Simulator, Professional Snooker Simulator, Professional Soccer, Programa De A Presentacao (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Programe De Quinielas (1983)(J. Arozarena), Programm Fuer Akustikoppler, Programmers Dream (1983)(Work Force), Prohibition, Project Future, Project Stealth Fighter, Project-X – The Micro Man, Project-X II – The O Zone, Project-X III – The Micro Mutant, Proof of Destruction, Proracun Aktivnih Filtera (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Prospect 4, Protector, Proteus, Prowler, Proyecto, Prva Akcia, Prve Informacije O Procesorju Z-80-A (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Psi 5 Trading Company, Psi Chess, PSI Games (1985)(Paxman), Psi Spy, Pssst, Psychedelia (1984)(Llamasoft), Psycho – Eliza, Psycho City, Psycho Hopper, Psycho Soldier, Psytraxx, Psytron, Ptarmigan, Pub Games, Pub Trivia, Pud Pud in Weird World, Pulga, La, Pulsator, Pulse Warrior, Pulsoid, Punch & Judy, Punchy, Punk Star, Purple Saturn Day, Push Off, Pusher, Puszka Pandory, Puzzled!, Puzznic, Pyjamarama, Pyracurse, Pyramania, Pyramid of Rameses, Pyramid Patience, Pyramid, The, Q10 Tankbuster, Qang, Qarx, Quackers, Quack-Shot, Quadrajoin, Quadrax, Quann Tulla, Quarter Hours (19xx)(-), Quarterback, Quartet, Quazatron, Quest Adventure, Quest for Eternity, Quest for the Holy Grant Cheque, Quest for the Holy Joystick, Quest for the Mindstone, Quest for the Poorly Snail, Quest for the Power Rod, Questprobe 3 – The Human Torch and The Thing, Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man, Quetzalcoatl, Quick Draw McGraw, Quick Thinking (1983)(Mirrorsoft), Quincy, Quiz Quest, Quondam, R.a.m., R.B.I. Baseball 2, Race Ace, Race Fun, Racing Manager, Rad Ramp Racer, Radio Student (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Radio Viborg (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Radiomania, Raid on Lethos, Raid over Moscow, Raider of the Cursed Mine, Raider, Rail Traffic Control Crewe Power Box, Rail Traffic Control Crewe, Rail Traffic Control Doncaster, Rail Traffic Control Exeter, Rail Traffic Control Kings Cross, Rail Traffic Control Leeds, Rainbow Islands, Rainy Day, Rakattaki, Rally Cross, Rally Driver, Rally Moto (1988)(Load ‘n’ Run)(Sp), Rally Simulator, Ram Disk (19xx)(-), Rambo First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Ramon Rodriguez, Rampage, Ramparts, Rana Rama, Ranch, Rancho (1984)(Joyce Hakansson)(Sp), Random Attack, Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol, Rapedes, Rapid Fire, Rapscallion, Rasputin, Rastan, Raster Runner, Rasterscan, Rattler, Ravine, Raw Recruit, Rays, Reactor, Ready Steady Go, Realm of Darkness, Realm of Impossibility, Realm of the Undead, Rebel Planet, Rebel Star – 2 Players, Rebel, Rebelstar Raiders, Reckless Rufus, Recovery, Red Arrows, Red Attack, Red Door, Red Heat, Red L.E.D., Red Scorpion, Red Weed, Redcoats, Redhawk II – Kwah!, Redhawk, Reds (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Reflections, Reform (19xx)(-), Refranes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Reka, Relocator (19xx)(-), Renegade III The Final Chapter, Renegade, Rentakill Rita, Renumber (19xx)(-), Repton 2, Repton, Repulsar, Rescate Atlantida, Rescue from Doom, Rescue on Fractalus, Rescue, Retarded Creatures and Caverns, Return of the Holy Joystick, Return of the Jedi, Return to Earth, Return to Ithaca, Return to Oz, Reveal, Revenge of Chaos, Revenge of the C5, Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes, Reversi, Revolution, Revolver, Rex Hard En La Busca Del Sol Dorado, Rex Hard, Rex, Reyes Y Castillos, Rhyme Cryme, Rick Dangerous 2, Rick Dangerous, Ricochet, Ricostruzione (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Riddle Of The Sphinx (1984)(Longman), Riddler’s Den, Rider, Riding the Rapids, Rifle Range, Rik the Roadie, Rikosphere, Ring Quest, Ring Wars, Riptoff, Risar Verzija 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Ristar, River Raid, River Rescue, Road Blasters, Road Frog, Road Race, Road Racer, Road Racers, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Road Toad, Road Wars, Robber, Robin Hood Legend Quest, Robin of Sherwood The Touchstones of Rhiannon, Robin of the Wood, Robin Smith’s International Cricket, Robin the Outlaw, RoboCop 2, RoboCop 3, RoboCop, Robot Attack, Robot Factory, Robot Messiah, Robot Riot, Robot Rumpus, Robot Runner, Robot Scape, Robotics, Roboto, Robotron 2084, Robotron, Robozone, Rocco, Rock ‘n Lucha, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock ‘n Wrestle, Rock Star Ate my Hamster, Rocket Man Mike, Rocket Raider, Rockford The Arcade Game, Rockman, Rock’n Roller, Rocman, Rodillo (19xx)(-), Rod-Land, Rogue Trooper, Rogue, Roland’s Rat Race, Rollaround, Roller Coaster, Rolling Thunder, Rolly (19xx)(-), Rommel’s Revenge, Ronnie Goes to Hollywood, Room Ten, Rothmans Football Quick Quiz, Rouge Midget, Roulette, Round the Bend!, Roundheads & Cavaliers, Rox III, Royal Adventures of a Common Frog, Royal Birkdale Championship Golf, Royal Scot, RTC Kings Cross, RTC Penzance, RTTY (1984)(G1FTU), R-Type, Rubicon, Ruby Runabout, Ruedas, Ruff and Reddy in The Space Adventure, Rugby Boss, Rugby Coach, Rugby Fifteen, Rugby Manager, Run Baby Run, Run for Gold, Run the Gauntlet, Run Your Own League, Runestone, Rupert and the Ice Castle, Rupert and the Toymaker’s Party, Russian’s Attack, RX-4, Rygar, S.A.S. Assault, S.A.S. Combat Assault, S.D.I. – Now the Odds Are Even, S.O.S., S.T.U.N. Runner, Sabotage, Saboteur II, Saboteur!, Saboteur, Sabre Wulf, Sabrina, Saga of a Mad Barbarian, Sai Combat, Saigon Combat Unit, Sailing, Saimazoom, Saint & Greavsie, Salamander, Saltabert (19xx)(-), Saltamonte Saltarin, Sam Stoat Safebreaker, Samantha Fox Strip Poker, Samouczek Spectrum (1985)(Beyond Horizons)(Pl), Sam’s Un-Excellent Adventure, Samurai Trilogy, Samurai Warrior The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo, Samurai, Santa, Santa’s Christmas Capers, Santa’s Search, Sanxion, Sapphire Di Maximus, Saracen, Sarlmoor, SAS – Operation Thunderflash!!, Satcom, Satochin, Savage Island 2, Savage, Sbugetti Junction, Scalextric, Scaner (1988)(Xor Soft)(UNK-LANG), Scanner (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Sceptical 3, Sceptical, Sceptre of Bagdad, Schalk 2, Schaltplan, Schaltplanzeichner, Schizofrenia, Schizoids, Scomp (19xx)(-), Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo, Scope (1983)(Interactive Software People), Score 3020, Scorpion, Scotrail Class 47 Fleet Manager, Scott Adams’ Graphic Adventure #10 Savage Island, Scout Troop, Scrabble DeLuxe, Scramble, Scuba Attack, Scuba Dive, Scuba Kidz, Scumball, SDI Strategic Defense Initiative, Sea Battles, Sea Hawk, Seas of Blood, Seaside Sorcery, Secret Mission, Secret Of Arendarvon Castle, The, Secret Valley, Sector 90, See-Saw, Self Destruct, Senso, Sentinel, Sentinels, Serendipity, Serf’s Tale, The, Sergeant Seymour Robotcop, Sest Ran do Klobouku, Set Up!, Set, Sex Game, Sex Poker, Sexeso, Sexy Black Jack, Seymour – Take One!, Seymour at the Movies, Sgrizam, Shackled, Shadow Dancer, Shadow of the Beast, Shadow of the Unicorn, Shadow Skimmer, Shadow Warriors, Shadowfax, Shadows of the Past, Shaken But Not Stirred, Shanghai Warriors, Shao-Lin’s Road, Shard of Inovar, Shark Attack, Shark, Sheepwalk, Sheer Panic, Shellshock, Sherlock Holmes – A Matter of Evil, Sherlock Holmes – Traja Garridebovia, Sherlock, Sherwood Forest, Shimmerkin, Shinobi, Ship of the Line, Ships, Shipwreck, Shockway Rider, Shoot Out, Shopping, Short Circuit, Short Memory Test (19xx)(-), Short’s Fuse, Shove Off, Show Jumping, Showdown, Shrewsbury Key, Shurk, Shuttle Shock, Shuttle Simulator, Shuttle, Sidewalk, Siege, Sigma 7, Silent Service, Silent Shadow, Silicon Dreams Trilogy II – Return to Eden, Silicon Dreams Trilogy III – The Worm in Paradise, Silkworm, Sim City, Simon El Extraterrestre, Simon Saw, Simulador Profesional De Tenis, Sinbad, Sir Fred, Sir Lancelot, Sir Loin, Sistemas De Ecuaciones Lineales (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Skate Crazy, Skate or Die, Skate Wars, Skateball, Skateboard Construction System, Skateboard Joust, Skateboard Kidz, Skatin’ USA, Ski Master, Ski Run, Ski Star 2000, Skladacka, Skool Daze, Skuldugery, Skull & Crossbones, Skull, Sky High Stuntman, Sky Ranger, Sky Runner, Skyfox, Slap Dab, Slap Fight, Slap-Slop, Sleep Walker, Slicer 2, Slicker Puzzle, Slightly Manic, Sline, the Celtic Barbarian, Slingshot, Slippery Sid, Slug, Sly Spy Secret Agent, Smash TV, SMASHED, Smiths Super Champs, Smok Wawelski, Smrkci, Smudge & the Moonees, Smuggler, Smuggler’s Cove, Snaffle (1985)(Longman Software), Snail Logo (1983)(CP Software), Snail Race, Snake Pit, Snake, Snakman, Snare, Snoball in Hell, Snodgits!, Snooker Management, Snooker Manager, Snooker Masters, Snooker, Snookered – General Knowledge Edition, Snoopy The Cool Computer Game, Snow Joke!, Snowball, Snowstrike, So Little Time, Soccer 7, Soccer Boss, Soccer Challenge, Soccer Cup Quizmaster, Soccer Director, Soccer Q, Soccer Rivals, Soccer Star, Soccer Supremo, Sodov the Sorcerer, Soft & Cuddly, Software House, Software Star, Sol Negro, Solador, Solar Empire, Solaris, Soldier of Fortune, Soldier of Light, Soldier One, Solitaire, Solo Whist, Solo, Solomon’s Key, Solucion De Quinielas (19xx)(Hipocrates Soft)(UNK-LANG), Solvadol-X, Son of Blagger, Sonar Salvage, Sonic Boom, Sootland, Sooty and Sweep, Sophistry, Sorcerer Lord, Sorcerer’s Castle, Sorcery, Sorcery+, Sorti, SOS, Souls of Darkon, Southern Belle, Soviet, Space 7, Space Ace, Space Art, Space Command, Space Crusade, Space Crystal, Space Defender, Space Detective II – Home Run, Space Detective, Space Fighter, Space Gun, Space Harrier II, Space Harrier, Space Hunter, Space Intruders, Space Invaders 2, Space Invasion, Space Island, Space Jack, Space Landing, Space Panic, Space Quest, Space Racer, Space Raiders, Space Rider – Jet Pack Co., Space Saving Mission, Space School Simulator The Academy, Space Shuttle A Journey into Space, Space Smugglers, Space Walk, Space War, Space Warp, Space Warrior, Space Wreck, Space Zombies, Spaced Out, Spawn of Evil, Speak Easy, Speaker, Speakuhr, Spec Man, Specdicul!, Special Agent, Special Delivery Santa’s Christmas Chaos, Special Operations, Specimen II – The Apple Quest, Spectipede, Spectral Invaders, Spectral Panic, Spectrapede, Spectraprobe, Spectrasmash, Spectre Mon (19xx)(-)[16], Spectre Mon (19xx)(-)[48], Spectres, Spectro Sim (1984)(Shiva Publishing), Spectroid Storm, Spectron, Spectrox, Spectrum Bug 2, Spectrum Chess II, Spectrum Chess, Spectrum Cross, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Black Hole, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Cards, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Dragon’s Lair, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Hunter, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Logicol, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Maze, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Noughts & Crosses, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Racing, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Space, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Submarines, Spectrum Game Writers’ Pack – Target, Spectrum Globeplotter, The (19xx)(Geoff Wearmouth), Spectrum Golf, Spectrum Mailist, Spectrum Micro Chess, Spectrum Safari, Spectrum Scramble, Spectrum Sketch, Spectrum Skiing, Spectrum Voice Chess, Spectrum-Skat, Speculator, Specvaders, Specventure, Speech Marks (1983)(Psion), Speed Duel, Speed King 2, Speed Zone, Speedboat Assassin, Spell of Xmas Ice, Spellbound, Spellbox, Spellcaster, Sphere of Q’li, Spherical, Spi Droid, Spider-Man, Spideron, Spiders Web, Spielautomaten, Spike in Transylvania, Spike, Spikes (19xx)(-)(Sp), Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Spione, Lo, Spirits, Spirograph (19xx)(-), Spitfire ’40, Spitfire, Spitting Image The Computer Game, Splat!, Split Personalities, Splitting Images, SP-MT11 v1 (1985)(Macierz Odwrotna), Spoof – The Magic Dragon, Spooked, Spooky Castle, Spookyman, Spore, Sport of Kings, Sports Hero, Sprache (1983)(Karl Veith)(UNK-LANG), Sprl Tower, SP-ST01 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), SP-ST03 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), SP-ST17 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Sputnik, Spy Hunter, Spy vs Spy, Spy vs. Spy III Arctic Antics, Spy vs. Spy The Island Caper, Spy-Plane, Spytrek Adventure, Spy-Trek Adventure, Sqij, Squamble, Sstv, St. Andrews Golf, St. Crippens, St. Dragon, Stack Up, Stagecoach, Stainless Steel, Stalingrad, Stalker, Star Bowls, Star Control, Star Dragon, Star Farce, Star Firebirds, Star Paws, Star Pilot, Star Quest, Star Raiders II, Star Reporter, Star Runner, Star Searcher, Star Seeker (1987)(Mirrorsoft), Star Soccer, Star Swallow, Star Trader, Star Trail, Star Trek – The Computer Game, Star Trek – The Computer Program, Star Trek 3000, Star Trek 3050, Star Trek, Star Trip, Star Warrior, Star Wars Droids, Star Wars Return of the Jedi – Death Star Battle, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, Star Wreck, Starbike, Starblitz, Starbyte, Starclash, Stardust, Starfinder, Starfire, Starfox, Stargazer (1983)(CRL Group), Starglider 2 – The Egrons Strike Back, Starglider, Starion, Starquake, Starring Charlie Chaplin, Starship Enterprise, Starstrike (19xx)(Silverbird Software)[Re-Release], Starstrike II, Startrek, Station, Stay Kool, Steel Eagle, Steg the Slug, Stelar, Stensontron, Steve Davis Snooker, Stifflip & Co., Stock Market, Stomp, Stomping Stan, Stonkers, Stop Ball, Stop the Express, Stopit (19xx)(HSC), Storm, Stormbringer, Straight Dealer, Stranded, Strangeloop, Strategy 1 – Invasion, Stratford Depotmaster, Street Cred Boxing, Street Cred Football, Street Cred, Street Fighter, Street Gang, Street Hassle, Street Hawk, Street Soccer, Street Sports Basketball, Strgol, Strider II, Strider, Strike Attack II, Strike Attack, Strike Force Cobra, Strike Force Harrier, Strike Force SAS, Strike, Striker Manager, Striker, Strip (19xx)(Busy Soft), Strip Game, Strip Jack, Strip Oko, Strip Poker II Plus, Strip-dice, Strontium Dog The Killing, Stryker – In the Crypts of Trogan, Stst (19xx)(-), Stuart Henry’s Pop Quiz, Stunt Bike Simulator, Stunt Car Racer, Stupid, Styx, Sub Hunter, Sub Track, Subbuteo, Submarine Strike, Submarine, Submariner, Submarinos U-95 Batalla Naval, Subsunk II – Seabase Delta, Subsunk, Subterranean Nightmare, Subterranean Stryker, Subway Vigilante, Summer Santa, Sun Star, Super Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Adventure 2 – T, Super Brat, Super Bridge, Super Cars, Super Chess II, Super Chess III, Super Chess, Super Chopper, Super Colour, Super Com, Super Cup Football, Super Cycle, Super Discus, Super Dragon Slayer, Super Draughts, Super Draw, Super Dustbin (1985)(Clive Smith), Super Fpc (19xx)(-), Super Fruit Machine, Super Gran – The Adventure, Super Gran, Super Hang-On, Super Hero, Super Key (19xx)(-), Super League, Super Monaco GP, Super Mutt, Super Nova, Super Nudge 2000, Super Pipeline II, Super Quinela (19xx)(-), Super Robin Hood, Super Sam, Super Sapiens, Super Save, Super Scramble Simulator, Super Screen Loader (1987)(Kanebo), Super Seymour Saves the Planet, Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin – Crash), Super Soccer, Super Space Invaders, Super Sports – The Olympic Challenge, Super Sprint, Super Spy, Super Stock Car, Super Stuntman, Super Talk (19xx)(Abbex), Super Tank Simulator, Super Ted – The Search for Spot, Super Ted, Super Trolley, Super Wonder Boy, Superball, Superbike Trans-Am, Superbowl, Supercad (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Superchamps, Superdeflex, Superkid in Space, Superkid, Superleague Soccer, Superman – The Game, Superman – The Man of Steel, Superpower, Super-story, Supertassword (1991)(Saursoft)(UNK-LANG), Supertrans (19xx)(-), Supertrux, Supervivencia, Supremacy, Surf Champ, Surface Tension, Surround, Survival, Survivor, Survivors, Svemirska Prica, Swat!, Sweevo’s Whirled, Sweevo’s World, Swettibitz in Space, Switchblade, SWIV, Sword and Shield, Sword of the Samurai, Sword Slayer, Swords & Sorcery, Swords of Bane, Syntax, Synthensyser, Synti (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), System 8 – The Pool Predictor, System 15000 – 2nd Edition, Sz-Pa-Tasm (19xx)(-), Table Football, Tachyon Command, Taffy Turner, Tai-Chi Tortoise, Tai-Pan, Take 4, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tales of the Unknown Volume I – The Bard’s Tale, Talisman of Lost Souls, Talisman, Talking Hedz, Talos, Tango, Tanium, Tank Attack, Tank Busters, Tank Command, Tank Trax, Tank, Tankodrom, Tantalus, Tapeworm, Tapper, Tarantula, Target Plus, Target Renegade, Target, Tarzan Goes Ape, Tarzan, Task Force, Tasks, Tau Ceti – Special Edition, Tax Returns, T-Bird, Teacher Trouble, Teastrainer, Teatar, Technician Ted – The Megamix, Technician Ted, Techno Cop, Teddy Bear, Teenage Emergency, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – The Coin-Op, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tekracun (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Teladon, Tele Alca (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Telezoom (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Telly Tennis, Telly Wise, Tempest, Temple of Terror, Temple Terror, Ten Green Bottles, Ten Pin Challenge, Tennis, Termination, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Terminus The Prison Planet, Terra Cognita, Terra Cresta, Terra Force, Terrahawks, Terramex, Terrapin, Terror from the Deep, Terror of the Deep, Terror-Daktil 4D, Terrormolinos, Terrorpods, Terry’s Travels, Test De Atencion (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Test De Caracter Y Temperamento (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Test Master, Test Match, Tetris 2, Tetris, Tetroid, Thames Local, Thanatos, That’s the Spirit, The Addams Family, The Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf – The Early Day, The Adventures of Brian the Bold, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eigh, The Alien City, The Amulet of Darath, The Amulet, The Anttilis Mission II – Deep Probe, The Anttilis Mission, The Appleton, The Arc of Yesod, The Archaeologist, The Archers, The Ark, The Armageddon Man, The Ashes, The Asirus Settler, The Atlas Assignment, The Balrog and the Cat, The Bardic Rites, The Battle for Midway, The Beast of Torrack Moor, The Bermuda Triangle, The Bimbles, The Birds and the Bees II Antics, The Birds and the Bees, The Birds, The Biz, The Black Hole, The Blood of Bogmole, The Bounty Hunter, The Bow, The Boxer, The Boyd File, The Bulge Battle for Antwerp, The Byte, The Canasto Rebellion, The Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer, The Castle of Doom, The Castle, The Caves of Doom, The Caves of Skull, The Challenge, The Chameleon Key, The Chess Player, The Chinese Juggler, The City of Ehdollah, The City, The Claws of Despair, The Code Book Caper, The Code, The Colditz Story, The Colour of Magic, The Comet Game, The Count, The Covenant, The Crown – Journey, The Crown of Ramhotep, The Crypts, The Crystal Cavern, The Crystal Frog, The Crystal of Chantie, The Crystal of Power, The Crystal Orb, The Cup, The Curse of Shaleth, The Curse of Sherwood, The Custard Kid, The Dam Busters, The Damned Forest, The Dark Gladiator, The Dark Tower, The Deep, The Destruction of the Galactic Empire, The Detective, The Devil Rides In, The Domes of Sha, The Doomsday Papers, The Double, The Dragnet Case, The Dragon of Notacare, The Drinker, The Drive-In, The Duct, The Duel Test Drive II, The Dungeon Builder, The Dungeon Master, The Dungeon of Torgar, The Dungeon, The Dungeons of Maldread, The Dunshalt Donut, The Egg, The Eidolon, The Elfin Wars, The Ellisnore Diamond, The Emerald Elf, The Empire Fights Back, The Enchanted Cottage, The Envelope, The Escaping Habit, The Evil Dead, The Extricator II – The Energem Enigma, The Extricator, The Eye of the Star Warrior, The Fabled Black Rose, The Fall Guy, The Fall of Rome, The Famous Five Five on a Treasure Island, The Fantasy Zone 2, The Fast and the Furious, The Fifth Quadrant, The Fight for the Ashes 1, The Final Battle, The Final Chorus, The Final Demand, The Final Frontier, The Final Matrix, The Five Doctors, The Five Treasures of Ryzar, The Flintstones, The Flying Formula, The Force, The Forest, The Forgotten Past, The Forgotten Village, The Fourth Dimension, The French Mistress, The Fury, The Games Summer Edition, The Games Winter Edition, The Gates of Garralon, The General, The Gladiator, The Globe, The Gnome Lazies, The Goblin Gazette – Issue 1, The Goblin Gazette – Issue 2, The Gods of War, The Golden Baton, The Golden Chalice, The Golden Cobra, The Golden Figures of Death, The Golden Mask, The Golden Pyramid, The Goonies, The Gordello Incident, The Graphic Adventure Creator, The Great Detective, The Great Escape, The Great Fire of London, The Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The Great Space Race, The Green Death, The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The Guardian Angel, The Guardian, The Hammer of Grimmold, The Happiest Days of Your Life, The Helm, The Hermitage, The Heroes of Karn, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Hobbit, The Hobble Hunter, The Hollow, The Hospital, The House Jack Built, The House of Shadows, The House of the Living Dead, The House on Damned Hill, The Hulk, The Humpty Dumpty Mystery, The Hunt for Red October – Based on the Movie, The Hunt for Red October, The Hustler Plays Pool, The Ice Temple, The Incredible Hulk, The Incredible Shrinking Fireman, The Inferno, The Inheritance Panic in Las Vegas, The Inner Lakes, The Island of Dr. Destructo, The Islands of Sinbad, The Jade Necklace, The Jewels of Babylon, The JSW Soaring Game, The Keeper, The Key to Time, The Khangrin Plans, The Kingdom of Krell, The King’s Keep, The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper, The Krypton Factor, The Labours of Hercules, The Last Believer, The Last Mission, The Last Mohican, The Last Vampire, The Last Will and Testament, The Last Word V2.1, The Legacy, The Legend of Apache Gold, The Legend of Avalon, The Legend of Kage, The Legend of the Lost Kingdom, The Life of a Lone Electron, The Life of Harry, The Light Corridor, The Little Wandering Guru, The Living Daylights, The Lords of Midnight, The Lost Children, The Lost City, The Lost Dragon, The Lost Orb, The Lost Ruby, The Lost Temple, The Lost Tomb of Ananka, The Lost Twilight, The Magic Roundabout, The Magic Sword, The Main Blow, The Manager, The Mapper, The Mark Time Music Box, The Master of Magic, The Master, The Masters of Serebal, The Match, The Maze, The Menagerie, The Micro Mutant, The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, The Mines of Lithiad, The Miser, The Muncher Compo, The Muncher, The Munsters, The Mystery of the Nile, The National, The Nest of Bastards, The Neverending Story II, The Neverending Story, The New Zealand Story, The Ninja Warriors, The Nowotnik Puzzle, The O Zone, The Odyssey of Hope, The Official Father Christmas, The Oppressed Land, The Orstalon, The Paradise Connection, The Pathetic Pablo Bros, The Pawn, The Pen and the Dark, The Pendant of Logryn, The Pimans Cocktail Cabinet, The Plagues of Egypt, The Planets, The Plot, The Price of Magik, The Prince of Tyndal, The Prince, The Prize, The Prospector, The Puzzle, The Queen of Hearts, The Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The Quest for the Holy Grail, The Quest of the Golden Orange Peel, The Race Against Time, The Race, The Racing Game, The Raven, The Real Ghostbusters, The Real Stunt Experts, The Realm, The Red Lion, The Rifts of Time, The Ring of Dreams, The Ring of Inger, The Rings of Merlin, The Roads of Plexar, The Rocky Horror Show, The Runes of Zendos, The Running Man, The Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The Saga of Erik the Viking, The Sealed City, The Search for Smok, The Search for the Wonderful Whotsit, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13, The Secret of Levitation, The Secret of Little Hodcome, The Sefton Manor Assignment, The Sentinel, The Seven Parchments of Kandos, The Shadows of Mordor – Picture Slideshow, The Shadows of Mordor, The Shoe People, The Simpsons Bart vs. the Space Mutants, The Slaughter Caves, The Snowman, The Spectre of Booballyhoo, The Spirit of Ninja, The Spore, The Staff of Power, The Staff of Zaranol, The Sundered Sword, The Taxman Cometh, The Tears of the Moon, The Terrors of Trantoss, The Thinker, The Thirty-Nine Steps, The Thompson Twins Adventure, The Ticket, The Time Machine, The Time of the End, The Tomb of Dracula, The Top Fruitmachine, The Trader Trilogy, The Trading Game, The Train Escape to Normandy, The Train Game, The Trap Door, The Treasure of Santa Maria, The Tree Stones, The Tripods, The Tube, The Ultimate Soccer Quiz, The Underworld, The Untouchables, The Valley, The Vindicator, The Violator of Voodoo, The Visual Processor, The Voice Machine, The War of the Roses, The War of the Worlds, The Way of the Exploding Fist, The Way of the Tiger, The Weaver of her Dreams, The Well of Zol, The Width of the World, The Wild Bunch, The Willow Pattern Adventure, The Winged Avenger, The Witch’s Cauldron, The Wizard of Akyrz, The Wizard of Oz, The Wizards Skull, The Wombles, The Woods of Winter, The Worm in Paradise, The Wrath of Magra, The Young Ones, The Zolan Adventure, Theatre Europe, Their Finest Hour, Them, Theme Park U.K., Theme Park U.S.A., Therbo – An Alternative to War, Therbo, There’s a Bomb Under Parliament, There’s a Hole in Your Bucket, Thermo Nuclear War, They Call Me Trooper, They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice, Thief, Thing Bounces Back, Thing!, Thingy and the Doodahs, Think!, This is a shoot-em up game where you fly 3 vertical take off planes into action in the Arabian gulf – watch out for the Exocet missiles, which you need to intercept before they hit the aircraft carrier on which you are based., Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Thomas The Tank Engine’s Fun With Words (1990)(Britt Allcroft Thomas Ltd), Thor Y La Cria De Dragon (1986)(Genesis Software)(Sp), Thor, Three Weeks in Paradise, Thro’ the Wall, Throne of Fire, Through the Trap Door, Thrust II, Thrust, Thrusta, Thunder Blade, Thunderbirds, ThunderCats, Thunderceptor, Thunderhawks, Ticy Copy, Tiddly Drinks, Tidy Tony, Tiger Road, Tiler, Tiles, Tim, Timber!, Time and Magik I – Lords of Time, Time and Magik III – The Price of Magik, Time and Magik Trilogy II – Red Moon, Time Flies, Time Flight, Time Machine, Time Out, Time Quest, Time Scanner, Time Switch, Time Traveller, Time Trax, Time Tunnels, Time Watch, Time Wreck, Timebomb, Time-Gate, Time-Line, Times of Lore, Timewise, Timezone, Tinderbox, Tintin on the Moon, Tiny Touch ‘n’ Go (1984)(Psion), Tir Na Nog, Tiro De Pichon, Titan, Titanic Blinky, Titanic, Tizpan – Lord of the Jungle, TLL Tornado Low Level, To Je On, Toad Runner, Toady, Tobor, Tobruk The Clash of Armour, Toi Acid Game, Toilet Truble, Tom Jones – A Zlata Soska Inku, Tomahawk, Tomb Of Dracula, The & It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (1983)(K-Tel Productions)[Compilation], Tomb of Syrinx, Tombola, Tomcat, Tommy, Toobin’, Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats, Top Gun, Torens Van Hanoi, Tornado ECR, Torres de Hanoi, Total Eclipse 2 – The Sphinx Jinx, Total Reality Delusion, Total Recall, Touchdown USA, Tour 91, Tour de Force, Tourist Trap, Tourist Trouble, Tournament Snooker, Towdie, Tower of Despair, Tower of Evil, Toy Bizarre, Toyota Celica GT Rally, Track and Field, Track Suit Manager, Trackbasher, Trader, Traduc v1.0 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Traductor De Texto (1986)(Merisoft)(UNK-LANG), Traffic Control, Traga Manzanas (1985)(Hipocrates Soft)(Es)(16K)), Traga Manzanas (1985)(Hipocrates Soft)(Es), Trailblazer, Trailer 2, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Transformatora (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Transformers, Transmat, Transmuter, Trans-Pennine Express, Transversion, Transylvanian Tower, Trantor – The Last Stormtrooper, Tranz Am, Trap, Trashman, Trastuctor (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Travel with Trashman, Traverse Spain, Traxx, Traz, Treasure Hunt, Treasure Island, Treasure Trail, Treasure, Treble Champions, Tremor, Trevor Brooking’s World Cup Glory, Tria, Triangl, Triaxos, Tribble Trubble, Triple Comando, Triple Yathzee, Triplets, Triplex, Trisom (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Trisp v3.2 (1985)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG), Tritz, Trivia – The Ultimate Quest, Trivial Pursuit – Baby Boomer Edition, Trivial Pursuit – Genus Edition, Trivial Pursuit – Young Players Edition, Trivial Pursuit 2 A New Beginning, Trivial Pursuit, Trixie’s Quest, Trog, Trojan (1985)(Markus Komputer)(UNK-LANG), Trojan Cadmaster (1985)(Trojan), Troll, Trom, Tron, Troon, Trouble Brewin’, Trouble with Trolls, Trudnaja Doroga, TT Racer, Tu Micro (1985)(Ingelek)(Es), Tuareg, Tubaruba, Tube Train Terror, Tuete Volum (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Tujad, Tuneles Marcianos, Tunnel Raider, Turbo 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Turbo Boat Simulator, Turbo Chess, Turbo Cup, Turbo Driver, Turbo Dustbin (1984)(Clive Smith), Turbo Esprit, Turbo Girl, Turbo Out Run, Turbo Skate Fighter, Turbo Text (1986)(Robtek), Turbo the Tortoise, Turf-Form, Turmoil, Turrican II The Final Fight, Turrican, Turtle 2, Turtle Timewarp, Tusker, Tutankhamun, Tutti Fruitty (19xx)(-), TV-Game, Twilight Zone, Twin Kingdom Valley, TwinWorld Land of Vision, Twinz!, Two Gun Turtle, Type-Rope, Typhoon, Tyrant of Athens, U-Boat, Uchi Mata 2, Uchi Mata, UFO – Enemy Unknown, Ufo-adventure, UGH!, Ultima Ratio, Ultimate Combat Mission, Ultimate Warrior, Ultra Reflect, Ultracop, UN Squadron, Uncle Jack, Underground, Underwurlde, United, Unitrax, Universal Hero, Up for Grabs, Urban Upstart, Urban, Uridium, Uridium+, Use Your Loaf, UTE, Uvod U Bioritam (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), V, Vagan Attack, Valhalla, Valkyrie 17, Valley of the Dead, Valley of the Kings, Vampire Killer, Vampire Village, Vampire, Vampire’s Empire, Van Driver, Vanquisher, Varitalk, VAT Manager (1984)(OCP), Vatman, Vector Ball, Vectron, Vegetable Crash, Velika Akcija, Velnor’s Lair, Vendetta, Venganza De Johny Comomolo, La, Venom, Ventamatic Lapiz De Luz (1985)(Ventamatic)(UNK-LANG), Venturama, Venture, Vertikalne Antena Stacionarne Ili Mobilne, Vesoljska Zgodba, Viaje Al Centro De La Tierra, Vice Versa, Victory Road, Video Card Arcade, Video Olympics, Video Poker, Video Pool, Videostop, Viewpoint, Vigilante, Viking Raiders, Vikings – Part 1 – Stamford Bridge 1066 AD, Vikings – Part 2 – Menai Straits 1098 AD, Vindicators, Violent Universe, Viper III, Virgin Atlantic Challenge, Virus, Visions Snooker, Vixen, Vjetrenjaca, Vlajky 2, V-notch, Voidrunner, Volcanic Dungeon, Volcanic Planet, Volcano – The Action Game, Vortaro De Esperanto (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Vox (19xx)(ERE Informatique)(UNK-LANG), Voyage into the Unknown, Vruce Letovanje, Vulcan, W.A.R. Part 2 Beta, Wacky Darts, Wacky Races, Wall 128, Wall Walk, Wally Family, Wally Kong, Wanderer, Wanted Monty Mole, War 70, War Cars Construction Set, War Game, War in Middle Earth, War Machine, War Zone, Warlock, Warlock’s Treasure, The, Warlord, War-Lord, Warlords, Warp Factor 6, Warrior Mage, Waterloo, Waxworks, Weather Picture Printing (1988)(C Grant Dixon), Weathermaster (1984)(Sinclair Research), WEC Le Mans, Weedkiller, Weetabix vs the Titchies, Wellington at Waterloo, Wells & Fargo, Welltris, Wembley Greyhounds, Werewolves of London, West Bank, Western Girl, The, Westrail, Wham! The Music Box, Wheelie, Where Time Stood Still, White Door – Crisis at Christmas, Who Dares Wins II, Who Killed Cock Robin, Who Said That, Whodunnit, Whopper Chase, Wibstars, Wild Streets – Remake, Wild Water, Wild West Head Hunter, Wild West Hero, Wild West Seymour, Wild West, Wild Words (1983)(Micromega), William Wobbler, Willy Comes Home, Willy Wino’s Stag Night, Wind Surfer, Winged Avenger & Cowboy (19xx)(Investronica)(Es), Winged Avenger & Cowboy (19xx)(Investronica)(Es)[v 2], Winged Warlords, Winter Games, Winter Olympiad ’88, Winter Sports, Winter Term, Witch Hunt, Witch Hunter, Witchfiend, Within the Pentacle, Wiya Cie Spectrum (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Wiz, Wizard Quest, Wizard Wars (1988)(Go!), Wizard Warz, Wizard Willy, Wizard’s Lair, Wizard’s Orb, The, Wizard’s Scrolls, The, Wizards Spell, Wizard’s Warrior – The Quest Begins, The, Wizard’s Warriors, The, Wizball, Wiz-Biz, Woggler – Son Of Toggler (19xx)(Outlet), Wonder Boy, Wonky Chateau, Word Count (19xx)(-), Word Finder (1983)(Heinemann), Word Games (1983)(Griffin Software), Word Spell (1983)(Griffin Software), Word Wizard (19xx)(Longman), Wordsearch, World Champions, World Championship Boxing Manager, World Championship Soccer, World Class Darts, World Class Leaderboard, World Cricket, World Cup ’86, World Cup Carnival, World Cup Challenge, World Cup Football, World Cup Glory, World Cup Manager, World Cup, World Destruction, World Flags, World Games, World of Soccer, World Rally, World Rugby, World Series Baseball, World Series Basketball, World Soccer League, World Soccer, World War 1, Worm, Worms & Defusion (1984)(K-Tel), Worse Things Happen at Sea, Wosh ‘n’ Slosh, Wrath of the Killer Pigs, Wreckage, Wrestling Superstars, Wriggler, Wulfan the Barbarian, Wulfpack, Wurmi, WWF Wrestle Mania, Xadom, Xanagrams, Xanthius, Xarax, Xark, Xarq – The Zimmerman Trenches, Xavior, Xcel, Xecutor, Xen, Xeno II, Xeno, Xenon, Xenophobe, Xevious, XIV Beogradska Gimnazija, Xonix, XOR, X-Out, Xtroth – The Adventure, Xybots, Yabba Dabba Doo!, Yacht Race, Yahtzee, Yahtzi, Yakzee!, Yankee – Gettysburg, Yatzee, Yellow Door, Yenght, Yes, Prime Minister, Yeti, Ygor (19xx)(-), Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 The Emperor Yie-Gah, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster, Yogi Bear, Yogi’s Great Escape, Yomp, Yox Asm (19xx)(-), Yucan, Yuppie, Z, Z5 Horse Forecaster, Zahada Bermudskeho Trojuhelniku, Zahlspache, Zakladi Slovenije, Zakliaty Zamok Programatorov, Zanthrax, Zany Adventure, Zaraks, Zarjas, Zaxxan, Zaxxon, Zegar 687 (19xx)(-)(Pl), Zeichensatz Generator 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Zeichensatz Generator 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), Zeichensatze (1984)(ISS), Zen Quest, Z-Fred, Ziggarat of Dread, Ziggurat – The Temple of Doom, Zip Zap, Zipper Flipper, Z-Man, Zodiac Strip, Zogan’s Revenge, Zoids, Zoink, Zolyx, Zombi, Zombie Zombie, Zona 0, Zone Trooper, Zone-M, Zoom (1987)(Omikron Software)(De), Zoom Lens (19xx)(-), Zoot, Zorro, Zub, Zulu Wars, Zut Alors!, ZX 07 (1990)(Ultrasoft)(Sl), ZX Berserk, ZX Reversi, ZX Revija (1989)(Stivsoft), ZX Revija 3 (1990)(Stivsoft), ZX Revija 4 (1990)(Stivsoft), Zx Sprinter, ZX Trek, Zx-mus, Zybex, Zynaps, Zythum, Zzoom, ZZZ(notgame)Buon Natale, ZZZ(notgame)Editas Assembler, ZZZ(notgame)Fireterm Scrolling Terminal, ZZZ(notgame)New Compiler, ZZZ(notgame)Regresiona Analiza, ZZZ(notgame)Super Load Editor, ZZZ(notgame)Telefonski Imenik, ZZZ(notgame)Tobos Fp, ZZZ(notgame)Troskovi, ZZZ(notgame)Uschi, ZZZ(notgame)YS2 Issue 2, zzz-unk- BATTLE(19xx)(-), zzz-unk- Yoursinc(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-ACE (Issue 01)(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Alcala Hoy (19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-Anyove (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Astralinv(19xx)(-)[Code Loader], zzz-unk-Astronomer (19xx)(-)[Code Loader], zzz-unk-Backup (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-BatzNBallsDemo-bad(19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-Beszed (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Camel(crack)(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Commacc (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Copy Sc(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-DB11(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-DCOPY(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-DiskDoctor(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Distron_0(19xx)(-)[Code Loader], zzz-unk-DizzyHelp-Russian(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-EditLink(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-EDITOR48(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-E-Mon (19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-Epson(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-FILER(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-FORMAT(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Gens31(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Gens32(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-GoldMine-SAM(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-HappyC(19xx)(Ing. Kurt), zzz-unk-Header2(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Headlights(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-HEART(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Hopper-Another(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Int_cent(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Kaboom-(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-KreuzenDemo-SAM(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Lords_of-password-gothik(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-masterfile(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-masterfile_notes(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-menu2(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Microhobby-CASS5-8(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-MIX200(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-MultiDisk(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Multisport(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-NightShade-Special-hackedor somtihing(19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-ORD_EDU1—(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-PokeMaker(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Prgbase (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG), zzz-unk-PrinceOfPersia-Cracked (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-QUATRO~1(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-QUATRO~2(19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-ralph2, zzz-unk-Ram Test 48 (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-RAMDOS(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-RunOpus(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Samantha Fox 2 (19xx)(-)(128k), zzz-unk-SamGraphicsDemo(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Samtris(Sam)(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-ScreenSquash(Sam)(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Shanghai(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SKDForum(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SnareV1-Cracked(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SOFTSP5(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SPRITES(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SPRITES2(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-SsBasket-Cracked (19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TAP1S1(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TAP1S2(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TAP2S1(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TAP2S2(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Tapexami(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Tascode(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TextTrans(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-ThunderBasic(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TLWORD(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TOOLKIT(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Translat(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-Tremor-Cracked(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-TurboTape(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-turbotools(19xx)(-), zzz-unk-val(19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-Zip (19xx)(-), ZZZ-UNK-ZIP2(19xx)(-), Zzzz.