Liste des 116 Jeux

4 en 1 Ligne, 4 in 1 Row, Alien Invaders – Plus, Alpine Skiing, Armored Encounter + Sub Chase, Atlantis, Attack of the Timelord, Baseball, Billard Electrique, Billiard Americain, Blackjack, Blobbers, The, Blockout + Breakdown, Bombardeio Submarino + Tiro ao Alvo, Bowling + Basketball, Buraco Negro, Casino Slot Machine, Catch the Ball + Noughts and Crosses, Chat et Souris, Chess, Chinese Logic, Clay Pigeon, Comando Noturno, Computer Golf, Computer Intro, Computer Programmer, Conflit Cosmique, Conquest of the World, Cosmic Conflict, Course de Voitures + Autodrome + Cryptogramme, Demon Attack, Depth Charge + Marksman, Desafio Chines, Didi_Na_Mina_Encantada, Dynasty, Electronic Table Soccer, Football Electronique + Hockey Electronique, Football, Freedom Fighters, Frogger, gamelist.xml Golf, Guerre Laser, Gunfighter, Hockey + Soccer, Interpol (P), Invaders from Hyperspace, I’ve Got Your Number, Jeu de Quilles + Basketball, Jumping Acrobats, K.C. Munchkin, K.C.’s Krazy Chase, Keyboard Creations, Killer Bees, Kinder im Verkehr 1, La Quete des Anneaux, Labyrinth Game, A + Supermind, Las Vegas Blackjack, Laser War, Loony Balloon (P), Martian Threat (P), Matchmaker + Logix + Buzzword, Math-A-Magic + Echo, Mission Impossible (P), Monkeyshines, Morse, Mousing Cat, The, Munchkin, Mur Magique, Le, Musician, Neutron Star (P), Newscaster, Nightfighter (P), Nightmare, Nimble Numbers Ned, O Malabarista + Jogo da Velha, O Segredo do Farao, Out of this World + Helicopter Rescue, P.T. Barnum’s Acrobats, Pachinko, Pairs + Space Rendezvous + Logic, Pick Axe Pete, Pinball (P), Playtag (P), Pocket Billiards, Popeye, Power Lords, Prendre l’Argent et Fuir, Q-Bert, Quest for the Rings, Red Baron (P), Robot City (P), Samurai, Satellite Attack, Secret of the Pharaohs, Shark Hunter (P), Showdown in 2100 A.D., Sid the Spellbinder, Skiing, Smithereens, Speedway + Spin-out + Crypto-logic, Spider-Man (P), Stone Sling, Super Bee, Super Cobra, Take the Money and Run, Thunderball, Turtles, Tutankham (P), Type & Tell, UFO, Verkehrsspiele 1, Verkehrsspiele 2, Volleyball Electronique, Volleyball, Wall Street, War of Nerves.