Liste des 5097 Jeux

0 Grad Nord, 3-D Master Mind, 3-D Maze Escape, 3-D Noughts & Crosses, 3-D Pac Plus, 3-d Red Baron, 3-d Tic-tac-toe, 3d24, 3-D-Pac, 007 – The Living Daylights, 15 Mit 3, 21 Blackjack, 180, 221b Baker Street, 235 U, 747 Flight Simulator, 747 Landing Simulator, 1040 Terminator, 2010 – The Second Odysee, A Christmas Eve Nightmare, A Day at the Races, A Fastidious Spider, A Hacker’s Night, A To Snad Ne, A.D. 2044, A.E., A_Maze_ing_Nouns, ABC Sports, ABC, Abenteuer im Weltraum, Abenteuer in Schottland, Abracadabra!, Abraxas Adventure #1 – Assault On The Astral Rift, Absolute Zero, Abuse, Accion, Ace Dribbler and the Roadhogs, Ace of Aces, Ace of Clubs, Acey-deucey, Achtung Panza!, Acrobat, Acrobata, Action Biker, Action Pinball, Action Quest, Action!, Adax, Adebar, Admirandus, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Advent X-5, Adventure at Vandenberg A.F.B., Adventure Craze, Adventure Creator, Adventure in the 5th Dimension, Adventure In Time, Adventure Island, Adventure Master, Adventure No. 01 – Adventureland, Adventure No. 02 – Pirate Adventure, Adventure No. 03 – Mission Impossible, Adventure No. 04 – Voodoo Castle, Adventure No. 05 – The Count, Adventure No. 06 – Strange Odyssey, Adventure No. 07 – Mystery Fun House, Adventure No. 08 – Pyramid Of Doom, Adventure No. 09 – Ghost Town, Adventure No. 10 – Savage Island – Part I, Adventure No. 11 – Savage Island – Part II, Adventure No. 12 – The Golden Voyage, Adventure No. 13 – The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Cast, Adventure No. 15 – The Treasure of Andromeda, Adventure On A Boat, Adventure Quest, Adventure Telephone, Adventure!, Adventure, Adventure_of_the_Dancing_Dragon, Adventure_Pak, AdventureWriter, Aerobics, After Pearl, Aftermath, Afternoon Adventure Series – Raiders of the Reebok, Afternoon Adventure Series – Stories, Agent 0-8-15, Agent 009, Agent CIO, Agent USA, Ai Value Pack 1, Ai Value Pack 3, Ai Value Pack 4, Air Attack, Air Ball, Air Battle, Air Hockey, Air Raid 2000, Air Rescue I, Air Rescue, Air Support, Air Traffic Controller, Air_Defense_Compute!, Airball, Airline, Air-raid!, Airstrike II, Airstrike, Airwolf, Akanis Ula, Akce Klement II, Akce Klement, Akcie a tovarny, Aladin, Alchemia, Alex – Robbo 3, Alexandr Makedonsky, Alf In The Color Caves, Alfa Boot, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aliants, Alien Ambush, Alien Asylums, Alien Attack, Alien Blast, Alien Bugs, Alien Egg, Alien Encounter, Alien Garden, Alien Hell, Alien Swarm, Alien, Alien_Barrage, Alien_Craft!, Alien_Trap, Alienbusters, Aliencounter & Faceflash, Aliens, All Star Baseball, Alley Cat, Allies, All-Pro Football, Ally_Attack, Alone in the Dark, Alp Man, Alpha Run, Alpha Shield, Alphabet Bee, Alphabet Maze, Alphabet Music, Alphabet Zoo, Alptraum, Alte Haus, Das, Alternate Reality – The City, Alternate Reality – The Dungeon, Alternity, Amaurote, Amaze, Amazed, Amazing Maze, Amazing, America’s Cup, Amnesia, Amp!, Amphibian!, Anagrams, ANALOG Man, Ancient Empire, Android Attack, Android Nim!, Android, Andromeda Conquest, Andromeda, Androton, Andru, Anduril, Angel Azul, Angleworms II, Animal World, Animated Puzzle, Ankh, Another Boring Space Invader Game, Another Brick from the Wall, Another World, Ant Eater, Ant Wars, Anti-sub Patrol, Antquest, Ants in Your Pants, Apollo 11, Apple Panic, Apples, Aqua Marina, Aquanaut, Aquatron, Arabela II, Arabela, Arachnid, Arax, Arcade Adventure, Arcade Attack, Arcade Bonanza, Arcade Fruit Machine, Arcade II, Arcanoid IV, Archon II – Adept, Archon, Ardeny 1944, Ardy the Aardvark, Areas_and_Volumes, Arena 3000, Arena Racer, Arena, Arex, Arithmetrix, Arkaneth I, Arkaneth II, Arkanoid 3, Arkanoid II, Arkanoid, Arkon, Armor Assault, Arnal a dva draci zuby, Arnie, Arno Boulder Dash, Arno_Boulder_Dash_15, ARoP, Around the Planet, Around The World, Artefakt Przodkow, Artillery Simulator, Artillery, As You Like It, Ashido, assault_force_3-d, Assignment 46, Asteraxis 2K, Asteroid Battle, Asteroid Miners, Asteroid Run, Asteroid Storm, Asteroids II, Asteroids M4, Asteroids, Astra Phantasm, Astro Blaster Pinball, Astro Chase, Astro Road, Astro4 Road, Astro-Droid, Astro-grover, Astrologie, Astrology, Astromeda, Astron IV, Astron IX, Astro-quotes – Game #1, Astrostorm, Astrowarriors, At The Codfish Ball, Atari Double Monopoly, Atari Greed, Atari Pinball, Atari Rogue, Atari Tarots, Atari vs. Commodore, Atari XL Sokoban, Atarian Attack, AtariMusic I, Atarioracle, Ataristuv protiutok, Atarivia, Ataroid, Atartris II, Atartris, Atarzee, Atlantis Boulderdash, Atlantis Revenge, Atlantis, Atlas_of_Canada, Atom Smasher, Atomia, Atomic Gnom, Atomit II, Atomit, Atomix, Atomova katedrala, Atoms, Attack At Ep-cyg-4, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Attack on the Death Star, Attack on the Doomstar, Attack_at_EP_CYG_4_Romox, Attank!, Aura Adventures, Aura Ball, Aura BBS Pinball, Aurum, Auto Rally, Autoduel, AutoMorse, Avalanche, Avalon Quiz, Aventuras D’Onofrio, Avex, Avoid, Awati, Awesome Hall, Axilox, Axis Assassin, Ayo, A-Zone, Aztec Challenge, Aztec, Aztec_CS, B.L.O.U.D., B-1 Nuclear Bomber, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Babel, Back in Time, Back Track, Backgammon, Backwords, Bacterion!, Bagels, Baja Buggies, Baker’s Game, Ball Harbour, Ball Trap, Ball, balla-balla, Ballblaster, Ballblazer, Ball-Craecker, Ballistic Interceptor, Ballistics, Ballon ’87, Balloon Capers, Balloon Crazy, Balloon Game, Balloonacy, Balloonier, Balloons, Balls’n Boobies, Ballyhoo, Banana, Bandit Boulderdash 01, Bandit Boulderdash 02, Bandit Boulderdash 03, Bandit Boulderdash 04, Bandit Boulderdash 05, Bandit Boulderdash 06, Bandit Boulderdash 07, Bandit Boulderdash 08, Bandit Boulderdash 09, Bandit Boulderdash 10, Bandit Boulderdash 11, Bandit Boulderdash 12, Bandit Boulderdash 13, Bandit Boulderdash 14, Bandit Boulderdash 15, Bandit Boulderdash 16, Bandit Boulderdash 17, Bandit Boulderdash 18, Bandit Boulderdash 19, Bandit Boulderdash 20, Bandit Boulderdash 21, Bandit Boulderdash 22, Bandit Boulderdash 23, Bandit Boulderdash 24, Bandit Boulderdash 25, Bandit Boulderdash 26, Bandit Boulderdash 27, Bandit Boulderdash 28, Bandit Boulderdash 29, Bandit Boulderdash 30, Bandit Boulderdash 31, Bandit Boulderdash 32, Bandit Boulderdash 33, Bandit Boulderdash 34, Bandit Boulderdash 35, Bandit Boulderdash 36, Bandit Boulderdash 37, Bandit Boulderdash 38, Bandit Boulderdash 39, Bandit Boulderdash 40, Bandit Boulderdash 41, Bandit Boulderdash 42, Bandit Boulderdash 43, Bandit Boulderdash 44, Bandit Boulderdash 45, Bandit Boulderdash 46, Bandit Boulderdash 47, Bandit Boulderdash 48, Bandit Boulderdash 49, Bandit Boulderdash 50, Bandit Boulderdash 51, Bandit Boulderdash 52, Bandit Boulderdash 53, Bandit Boulderdash 54, Bandits, BangPong, Bank Bang!, Bank Panik, Bannercatch, Banzai, Barahir, Barbarian, Barge, Barnyard Blaster, Barrier Battle, Barrier, Barroom Brawl, Base Hunter, Baseball, Bases’ War, BASIC – Revision A, BASIC Biorhythms, Basic Burger, BASIC_Building_Blocks, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Basketball Pro Style, Basketball, Bat Pack, Batman, Bats, Battalion Commander, Battle for Normandy, Battle in the B Ring, Battle of Antietam, Battle Of Britain, Battle of Numbers, Battle Ships, Battle Star, Battle Tank, Battle Trek, Battle Trivial, Battlecruiser I, Battlefield, Battleroom, Battleship, BattleZone, Batty Builders, Bay Pilot, Bc’s Quest For Tires, Beach Head II – The Dictator Strikes Back, Beach Head, Beach Landing, Beachcomber, Beamatron, Beamrider, BearJam, Beastoids, Beat The Beatles, Bedtime_Stories_Little_Red_Riding_Hood, Bee Trap, Beef Drop, Beehive, Beer Belly Burt’s Brew Biz, Beer Shot, Beginning_Typing, Behind Jaggi Lines!, Beleagured Castle, Belljumper 1K, Bellum, Bembel Wo, Beneath Apple Manor – The Special Edition, Beneath the Pyramids, Bergshooting, Berserker Raids, Bertie, Bertyx, Berzerk, Berzerk_Kemal_Ezcan, Beta Fighter, Beta Run, Bewesoft’s Race, Beyond Castle Blackthorn, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, BGM, Bibber, Bicycle, Biene Maja, Biffdrop, Big Daddy’s Cocktail Backgammon, Big_Math_Attack_Softsmith, BigBirdsFunhouse, BigBirdsSpecialDelivery, Bigfoot, Biker Dave, Bilbo, Billiards, Bimbo, Bingo Bay, Bio-Defense, Biorhythm, Biorhythms, Birds, Birth Of The Phoenix, Bishop’s Square & Maxwell’s Demon, Bismarck, Bitwa o Anglie, Black Box, Black Hole Pinball, Black Lamp, Black Out, Black Sea Silver Fishing, Black_Box, Black_Friday, Blackbird, Blackhawk, Blackjack Casino, Blackjack, Blackjack_Fandangel, Blast!, Blastcom, Blaster, Blastermind, Blazer II, Blaznivy Dom, Blesounie 1., Blind, Blinky!, Blinky’s Scary School, Blip!, Blitz, Block Puzzle, Block_Buster, Blockaboo!, Blockade, Blockbuster, Block’em, Blokers, Blok-Head, Blue Max 2001, Blue Max, Blue Team Bridge, Blue Thunder, Blue-Print, BMX Simulator, Bobie, Body Parts, Boggler, Boing II, Boing!, Bomb Blaster, Bomb Down, Bomb Escape, Bomb Fusion, Bomb Hunter, Bomb Jack, Bomb Run, Bomb Squad, Bomb, Bombastic!, Bombay 2, Bombay 3, Bombay, Bomber Attack, Bomber Jack, Bomber, Bombers, Bombex, Bombi, Bombjack, Bombs Away!, Bong, Bongo, Bonifac, Bonk, Bons Bond, Bootleg, Bop’n Wrestle, Bopotron Construction Set, Bopotron, Boulder Bombers, Boulder Dash – Professional Version, Boulder Dash 8, Boulder Dash Construction Kit, Boulder Dash II, Boulder Dash III, Boulder Dash, boulder_dash_hop_3, boulder_dash_hop_4, boulder_dash_hop_5, boulder_dash_hop_iii, Boulders And Bombs, Bounder, Bounty Bob Strikes Back!, Bourreau, Bowl Trap, Bowling Version 2, Bowling, Box-In, Boyles_Law, BR-032 Constellation, Brain Buster, Brain Strainers, Brainstorm II, Brands Hatch, Brave_Carpenter, Break It, Break Out II, Breakout, Break-Out, Breakthrough in the Ardennes, Breakthru’, Breath of the Dragon, Bremspunkt, Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes, Bricklayer’s Nightmare, Bridge 5.0, Bridge Crosser, Bridgepro, Brik-Bat, Brimstone, Bristles, British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles Volume 1 – London, British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles Volume 1 – Tower o, British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles Volume 2 – Windso, Broadsides, Broadway, Bros, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee’s Return, Bruczrro, Brutal Karate, Brutal Recall, Brutal Story, Bubble Trouble, Bubble Zone, Bubble, Bubbles, Buck Rodgers, Buffalo Stampede, Bug Attack, Bug Hunt, Bug Off!, Bug Out, Bugrunner, Bugs, Buldozer, Bull and Cow, Bull Ants, Bulldog, Bumblbee, Bumper Pool, Bumper!, Bumperball, Bumpomov’s Dogs, Bundesligasimulation, Bundesligatabelle, Bunkers, Bunny Busters, Burger Boy!, Burger Chef, Burgers!, Buried Bucks, Business World, Businessman, Bust Out, Busy Baby, Butterflies, C.D. Memory III, C64 Adventure, Caardvarks, Cache-Cache de Mots, Caesar_s_Clock, Calcul_Algebrique, Calculus_Demon, California Gold, California Lottery, California Run, Calorie_A_Lab_Simulation, Cambodia, Camel, Cameleon, Camelot, Candle_Candle_Burning_Bright_Antic_Publishing_book, Candy Factory, Canfield, Canfield’s, Cannibals and Missionaries, Cannibals, Cannon Duel, Cannon Fire, Can’t Quit, Canuck Pinball, Canyon Climber 2, Canyon Climber, Canyon Runner, Capital!, Captain Beeble, Captain Cosmo, Captain Gather, Captain Hook’s Potluck, Captain Sticky’s Gold, Captivity, Capture the Alien, Capture the Flag, Car Crazy, Car Race, Car Wars, Card Grabber, Cardio Quiz, Career Counselor, Carnival Massacre, Carnival, Carrier Force, Carte_de_Belgique, Cascade, Casebook Of Hemlock Soames #1,the, Casino Baccarat, Casino Blackjack Counter, Casino World, Casino, Cassette 50, Castaway, Casten_Game_Disk, Castle Assault, Castle Attack, Castle Crisis, Castle Fantasy, Castle Hassle, Castle Hexagon, Castle Morgue, Castle of Horror, Castle Quest, Castle Top, Castle Wolfenstein, Castlemania, Castles and Keys, Castles of Confusion, Catapault, Catapede, Catch 88, Catepillar Races, Caterpiggle, Cat-nap, Cave Crisis, Cave Flighter, Cave Hunt, Cave In, Cave Runner, Cave, Cavefire 3 – Dark Caverns, Cavelord, Cavelord_English, Caveman II – Caves of Osum, Caveman Joe, Caveman, Cave-Man, Cavepac, Cavern Battle, Cavern Commander, Cavern Escape, Cavernia, Cavernrun, Caverns of Callisto, Caverns of Doom, Caverns of Eriban, Caverns Of Khafka, Caverns of Mars II, Caverns Of Mars, Caverns of Nala, Caverns of Rigel, Caverns of the Lost Miner vD, Caves of Ice, Caves of Rigel, Caves_of_Madness, Cecil II, Cecil, Cell, Cellar Terror, Cells and Serpents, Cementerio, Centipede, Centrale Nucleaire, Centurion, Ceres, Cervi 2, Cervi, Ceskoslovensko, C’est La Vie, Cesta kolem sveta, Chain Reaction, Challenge 5, Challenge!, Chambers Of Zorp, Championship Golf, Championship Lode Runner, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Change, Changing Hearts, Chaos, Character_Fun, Chase, Chasm Escape, Chasse_aux_Fautes, Chatterbee, Check_Up_Psychologique, Checker King, Checkers, Chem Lab, Chem_Lab_Simulations_3, Chem_Lab_Simulations_4, Chemistry_Tutor, Chennault’s Flying Tigers, Cherry Harry II, Chess, Chess_Compute!, Chicken Chase, Chicken, Chiffres_et_des_Lettres, Chimera, Chimere, Chiseler, Chlapecek, Cholericka akce III, Chomper, Chop Suey, Choplifter!, Chopp the Robot, Chopper Hunt, Chopper Mission, Chopper Rescue, Chopper, Chopperoid, Chram boha slunce, Chram Skazy, Chro-Ma-Tics, Chuckie Egg, Chutes, Cia-abenteuer, Das, Cimex Rex, Circle of Richness, Circuit_Lab, Circus Pinball, Citadel Warrior, Citadel, City Defender, Cityhawk, Civil War Simulation, Civilization, Civilization_Part_1, Civilization_Part_2, Civilization_Part_3, Claim Jumper, Clash Of Wills, Classic, Classifying Plants, Classy Chassy, Clear for Action, Cleaver, Clever & Smart, Climber 5, Climber, Clipper, Cloak of Death, Clonus, Close Assault, Closeout!, Cloud Hopper, Cloudburst, Clowns & Balloons, Clue, Clues, Cobb’s Adventure, Cobra Raccce..!, Cocktail Backgammon, Coco-notes, Code Master, Code_Breaker!, Codecracker, Code-Woord, Cohen’s Towers, Cohnan’s Quest – Ctulhi’s Betrayal, Cokey, Collapse, Collision Course, Coloid, Colonial Conquest, Colony 7, Colony, Colorasaurus (19xx)(-), Colossal Adventure, Colossus Chess 3.0, Colossus Chess 4.0, Colossus Chess 4.1, Colours, Combat Chess, Combat Leader, Combat Strategy, Combat, Comicland, Commando, Comment_Compter, Commodore Invaders, Compu_Math_Decimals, Compu_Math_Fractions, Compu_Read_3.0, Compute 4, Computer Acquire, Computer Ambush, Computer Baseball, Computer Battleship, Computer Chess, Computer Countdown, Computer Craps, Computer Cricket – Disk 1, Computer Crosswords – Dell, Computer Crosswords – The New York Times – Volume, Computer Cube, Computer Football Strategy, Computer Hang Guy – US Cities, Computer Intelligence, Computer Karate, Computer Live, Computer Monopoly, Computer Quarterback, Computer Stocks And Bonds, Computer Title Bout, Computer War, Computer_Inhabitants, Computer_Solution, Computer-Kran, Con_Putation_Softsmith, Conan, Concentration, Concentration_MACE, Condensation, Conflict 2500 -bas, Conflict in Vietnam, Confuzion, Congo Bongo, Connect Four, Conquest of the Crown, Constructions_Electriques, Contagion, Controller, Cookie_Monster, Cooltris, Cops ‘N’ Robbers, Copter Cave, Copter Chase, Copy Cat, Coronation Street, Cosmic Balance II, Cosmic Crusaders, Cosmic Defender, Cosmic Glob, Cosmic Hero, Cosmic Invasion, Cosmic Life, Cosmic Pirate, Cosmic Tunnels, Cosmic Zap, Cosmos Pinball, Cosmy Hero, Count Down, Count Dracula, Countdown, Counter, Counteraction, Countermeasure, Counting_Micro_Media_Magazine, Course_aux_Hapax, Courting Crickets, CPU Revenge, Crab Nebula, Crack, Crack-Up!, Crane, Cranston Manor Adventure, Craps Simulator, Crash Dive, Crazy Ball II, Crazy Cannons, Crazy Clown Jumper, Crazy Cobra, Crazy Ed, Crazy Egon, Crazy Eights, Crazy Kicker Pinball, Crazy Quader, Crazy Scooter, Creature Creator, Creep!, Creepshow Pinball, Creepy Caverns, Cribbage, Cricket Maths, Crillion, Crime Buster, Crisis Center, Crisis Mountain, Crix, Crockford’s Trench, Crocodile_Flip_Flop, Cromwell House, Crooked House, Cross Canada Cycle, Crossboard, Crossbow, Crosscheck, Crossfire, Cross-Town Crazy Eight, Crossword Magic, Crossword, Crownland, Crumble’s Crisis II, Crumble’s Crisis, Crusade In Europe, Crush Crumble and Chomp, Crypt of the Undead, Crypto Cube, Crypto Quotes, Crypto, Crypto-Gram, Cryptogram_Solver, Crypts of Egypt, Crypts Of Plumbous, Crypts of Terror, Crystal Castles, Crystal Caves, Crystal Crisis, Crystal Raider, Cubbyholes, Cube, Cubemeister, Cubes in Space, Cubes, Cubico, Cubomagique, Culmins, Cultivation, Current Events, Curse of the Pharaoh, Cuthbert Goes Walkabout, Cutthroats, CuttleMania!, Cybernome, Cyborg Warrior, Cyborg, Cybor-Stien, Cycle Knight, Cyclod, Cygnus X1, Cylon Zap, Cypher Bowl, Cyrtabor, Cytron Masters, Cywilizacja, Czarny Orzel, Czaszki, Da’ Fuzz, Dagobar – Captain Gather Znowu W Akcji, Dalej niz slonce, Dam Trouble, Dambusters, Dampfmaschine, Dan Strikes Back, Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price), Dance_Fantasy, Dancing Feats (1983)(Softsync)[Req OSb][k-file], Dandy Dungeon M4, Dandy Dungeon, Dandy, Danger Crosswalk, Danger Ranger, Danger_in_Drindisti, Dangerous Street, Danny’s Mirror Magic, Daredevil, Darg II, Darg, Dark Abyss, Dark Chambers, Dark Dreams, Dark Star, Darkness Hour, Darkstar 2, Darkstar, Darts, Das Boersenspiel, Das Dorf der Toten, Das Erste D&D Adventure, Das Geheimnis der Osterinsel, Das Sylvester Adventure, Das Thera-Med Zahnschutz-Spiel, Dash, Dateline Titanic, David’s Midnight Magic, Dawn Of Civilization, Dawn Raider, Day To Find Out, A, Daylight Robbery, D-Bug (1982)(Electronic Arts), De Re Pac-Man, Deadline, Deadly Game Adventure, Deadstick Landing, Death by Solitaire, Death Race, Death Races, Death Zone, DeathLand, Deathworld, Deathzone, Debility, Debil’s Action, Decathlon, Decision in the Desert, Decode, Deep Funk, Deepspace, Defend, Defender, Defense, Defensor, Deflection & Simon Says, Deflector, Deflektor, Deimos, Deja Vu – Die phantastische Geschichte, Delta Drawing, Deluxe Invaders, Demolition, Demon Attack, Demon Ball, Demon Birds, Demon Racer, Demon, Den Zuctovani, Deneb, Denis through the Drinking Glass, denk_schieb, Depth Charge, Der Blitz!, Der Leise Tod, Der Neffe, Des chiffres et des lettres, Descente a Ski, Desert Crossfire, Desert Falcon (1988)(Atari)(US), Desert Falcon, Desert Quest, Desert Survival Test, desert_race, Designers Pencil -800b, Desmond’s Dungeon, Despatch Rider, Destination Unknown, Destiny – The Cruiser, Destroyer Warship, Destroyers, Destrukszon Flower, Detective, Determinants, Detonator, Deuces Wild, Devil’s Caverns, Devil’s Dare, Devil’s Domain, Devil’s Doorway, Dial a Bomb, Diamond Dave, Diamond Digger, Diamond Mine, Diamond Ride, Diamonds, Dianes, Dice Poker, Dice!, Dice_Arithmetic, Dicey, Dictionnaire_Anglais_Francais, Die Ausserirdischen, Die dunkle Hacht des Unriagh, Die Mission, Die Vision, Die Zeitmaschine – Die Rueckkehr, Die Zeitmaschine, Die_Deutsch_Stunde_3, Die_Zeitmaschine, Dig Dug, Dig_Dug_1983, Dig_Dug_prototype, Digger, Diggerbonk, Digi Duck, Diktator, Dilemna, Dimension Wizards, Dimension X, Dinky-Do, Dino Battle, Dinosaur, Dinoventure!, Dirty Money, Disc Hopper, Diver, Divested Bell, Divex, Dizzy Dice, Dnieper River Line, Do akcji, Do_It_Yourself_Spelling, Dobrodruzstvi Maleho Caparta II, Dobrodruzstvi na WC, Doctor Atari, Doctor Boris!, Dodge Racer, Dodger, Dog Daze Deluxe, Dog Daze, Dog Hunt, Dogbite!, Dogfight, Dogfight_Ray_Cole, Doggies, Domination, Dominion, Domino 87, Domino_Arithmetic, Domino_Arithmetic_Revision_1.1, Domino_Arithmetic_Revision_2.0, Dominoes, Donald, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong, DonkeyKongJr, Don’s Ball, Don’t Shoot That Word, Doofy, Double Agents, Double Bounce, Double Decker, Double or Quit, Double Trouble Pinball, Downhill, Dowry Bribe, Dr D Adventure, Dr. Boom!, Dr. Download, Dr. Freps, Dr. Goodcode’s Cavern, Dr. Livingston, Dr. Seuss – Fix-up The Mix-up Puzzler, Dr. Tom’s Castle, Dr. Waco, Dr. Who Adventure, Drac Is Back, Draconus II – The Story Continue, Draconus III – The Larger Challenge, Draconus IV, Draconus, Drag, Dragnet, Dragon Castle, Dragon Defense, Dragon Quest Or A Twist In The Tail, Dragon Quest, Dragon Story, Dragonlord, Dragonmaster, Dragon’s Breath, Dragon’s Den, Dragon’s Hideaway, Dragon’s Keep, Dragons Lair, Drakula, Dratewka the Shoemaker, Draughts, Draw Poker, Dreadnought Megastars, Dredis, Drelbs, Dreszcz, Drill_Instructor, Driver’s Seat, Droga do Duplandu, Droga Wojownika, Droids, Droidz, Drol, Drone Dusters, Drop It!, Drop, Dropzone, Druid, Duch, Duck Gallery, Ducks Ahoy!, Duel 2, Duellin’ Droid, Dump Machine, Dungeon Arcade, Dungeon Doors, Dungeon Duel, Dungeon_Adventure, DungeonLords, Dungeons of Xotha, Dungeons, Dragons, And Other Perils, Dunjonquest – Danger in Drindisti, Dunjonquest – Morloc’s Tower, Dunjonquest – The Datestones Of Ryn, Dunjonquest – Upper Reaches of Apshai, Durtle Pinball, Duum, Dwie Wieze, Dyna Blaster, Dynakillers, Dziedzictwo Gigantow, E.t. Phone Home!, Eagle Wing, Eagle’s Castle, Eagles, Eamon – Main Hall & Beginner’s Cave, Early_Games_for_Young_Children_Counterpoint_Software, Early_Games_Music, Early_Games_Piece_of_Cake, Earth 2500, Earth Views, Earth_Science_Part_1, Earth_Science_Part_2, Earth_Science_Part_3, Earth_Science_Part_4, Earthquake 1906, Easa II, East Side Story, Eastern Front 1941, Easy Money, EasyReader_Learn_about_Words_1, Eckn, Ed-Ball, Educational_System_Master_Cartridge_Dorsett, EduFun! – MathFun!, Egg Catcher, Eggard, Eggnapper, Egypt Adventure, Egypt Ball!, EI – The Game, oder das Ding mit dem Pickel, Eight Ball, Eldorado, Electra, Electra-Ball, Electric Company, Electric Starfish, Electrician, Electronic Cubist, Elektra Glide, Elementary_Biology, Elementy, Elephant’s Graveyard, Elevator Repairman, Eliminator, Eliza, Embargo, Emerald Isle, Emgeton Story II, Emgeton Story, Emil-Hilf, Emilnator, Empire of the Over-Mind, Empire, Emulator, Enchanter, Encounter at Questar IV, Encounter!, Enemy, Energy Czar, english german, English_Irregular_Verbs, English_Revision_Aid, Enigmatix!, Ennumereight, Enrico II, Enrico, Entrepreneur Jungle, Environment-X, Epidemic!, Equestrian, E-Racer, Erg, Ernie’s Magic Shapes, Erosion, Eryus, Escape from Doomworld, Escape from Earth, Escape from Epsilon, Escape from Gross, Escape from Perilous, Escape from Satellite A19790C, Escape from Syntron, Escape from the Dungeon of the Gods, Escape from Vulcan’s Isle, Escape of Universe, Escape, Escape_to_Equatus, Espial, Essex, Euchre, Eureka!, Eurobusiness, European Countries and Capitals, European Super Soccer, Evader, Evening of Horror, Everything Goes, Evolution, Examenator, Examiner II, Excalibur, Excelsor, Exchange, Executive_Decision_Maker, Exit Watch, Exocet Blastoff, Expedition, Exploding Boulder Dash, Exploding Wall, Exploding_Boulder_dash_02, Exwall, F-15 Strike Eagle, Facemaker, Face-Up Patience, Factor Blast, Factor-X, Fairway Challenge, Fairy Castle, faj_soft_boulder_dash, Fake Frogger!, Falcon, Fallout_Antic_Publishing, Family Fun – Four Letter Word, Famous Sayings Hangman, Fancy_Rose, Fantastic Soccer, Fantastic Voyage, Fantasyland 2041 A.d., fantasyland_0_2041_main_disk_-basic, Fantom opery, Farao, Fart, Fast Action, Fast Eddie, Fastgammon, Fatal Connection, Fatal Game, Fatum, FBI, Fear – Figure Eight Auto Racing, Fence Builder, Feodal, Feud – The Graphic Adventure, Feud_Czech_hack, Fidget, Field of Fire, Fiffikus, Fifty Mission Crush, Fight Night, Fighter Pilot, Fighter, Fighting, Figure_Fun, Fiji, Fill’er Up! II, Final Conflict, Final Flight!, Final Legacy, Final Orbit, Fire Bug, Fire Chief, Fire Fox, Fire Man, Fire One!, Fire Power, Fire Stone, Fire!, Fireball 1K, Fireball!, Firebird, Firefleet, Firefox Boulder Dash 01, Firefox Boulder Dash 02, Firefox Boulder Dash 03, Firefox Boulder Dash 04, Firefox Boulder Dash 05, Firefox Boulder Dash 06, Firefox Boulder Dash 07, Firefox Boulder Dash 08, Firefox Boulder Dash 09, Firefox Boulder Dash 10, Firefox Boulder Dash 11, Firefox Boulder Dash 12, Firefox Boulder Dash 13, Firefox Boulder Dash 14, Firefox Boulder Dash 15, Firefox Boulder Dash 16, Firefox Boulder Dash 17, Firefox Boulder Dash 18, Firefox Boulder Dash 19, Firefox Boulder Dash 20, Firefox Boulder Dash 21, Firefox Boulder Dash 22, Firefox Boulder Dash 23, Firefox Boulder Dash 24, Firefox Boulder Dash 25, Firefox Boulder Dash 26, Firefox Boulder Dash 27, Firefox Boulder Dash 28, Firefox Boulder Dash 29, Firefox Boulder Dash 30, Firefox Boulder Dash 31, Firefox Boulder Dash 32, Firefox Boulder Dash 33, Firefox Boulder Dash 34, Firefox Boulder Dash 35, Firefox Boulder Dash 36, Firefox Boulder Dash 37, Firefox Boulder Dash 38, Firefox Boulder Dash 39, Firefox Boulder Dash 40, Firefox Boulder Dash 41, Firefox Boulder Dash 42, Firefox Boulder Dash 43, Firefox Boulder Dash 44, Firefox Boulder Dash 45, Firefox Boulder Dash 46, Firefox Boulder Dash 47, Firefox Boulder Dash 48, Firefox Boulder Dash 49, Firefox Boulder Dash 50, Firefox Boulder Dash 51, Firefox Boulder Dash 52, Firefox Boulder Dash 53, Firefox Boulder Dash 54, Firefox Boulder Dash 55, First_Steps_with_the_Mr_Men, Fische Fischen, Fishing Fun, Fishing, Five Card Stud Poker, Flags_Page_6_Magazine, Flak, Flapper, Flappy, Flash, Flash_Count, Flash_O, Fleet, Flex, Flight of the Swan, Flight Simulator II, Flinstone’s Adventures, Flip And Flop, Flip!, Flip, Flip-It II, Flip-It, Flood, Floor Walker, Flop And Flip, Flowers Mania, Floyd of the Jungle, Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin’, Fluid-Kha, Fly – Busters, Fly Blaster, Flying Ace, Flying High, Fog, Follow Me!, Fooblitzky, Food Fight, Football Manager, Football, Footballer of the Year, Forbidden Forest, Force of Four, Forest Fire! Two, Forklift_Page_6_Magazine, Formula 1 Racing, Fort Apocalypse, Fortress Underground, Fortress, Fortuna, Fortune Hunter, Fotbalovy trener 2, Fotbalovy trener 3, Four by Four Square, Four Card Blind Hookey, Four Great Games Volume 3, Four in a Row, Four in Order, Fraction Fever, France_J_Aime, Frank & Mark, Frank the Fruit Fiend, Frantic!, Frazee, Frazzle, Freaky Factory, Fred, FREE – Funny Risky Evil Escape, Free Trader, FreeCellXE, Freeway Ace!, Frenesis, Fresufi, Friday Slalom, Frisky Tom, Frog Jump, Frog, Frogger II – Sewer Level, Frogger II – Theeedeep!, Frogger, Frogger_Parker_Brothers, Frogger_Sierra_On_Line_V2, Froggie, Froggman, Frogmaster, Frogs and Flies, Front de l’Est 1941, Frontier Galaxy, Fruit Machine Simulator, Fruit Pickin’, Fruit Salad, Fruiti Gambler, Fruits, Frustration, Fuck Commodore – The Ultimate Adventure Experience, Fujiama Run, Full House, Fun Day, Fun_with_Spelling, Fur Trader, Fury – The Wrath of Taljun Cathu, Fuse, Fussball-Manager, Future Nightmare, Future Tanks, Fuzzy, G Men, Gabi, Galactic Adventures, Galactic Avenger, Galactic Chase, Galactic Conflict, Galactic Cresta, Galactic Empire, Galactic Explorer, Galactic Gloop, Galactic Patrol, Galactic Pinball, Galactic Trader, Galahad And The Holy Grail, Galakticka rise, Galaxi Barkonid, Galaxia, Galaxian, Galaxian_Sawfish_Software, Galaxy Defender, Galaxy Showdown, Galaxy, Gallahad, Galleons, Gallery of Death, Gallery, Gambler, Game of Live!, Game Show, game_harry, Gamepack #1, Games Pack I, Games Pack II, Gangsters, Gangstersville, Gangway, Gantlet, Gaps, Garden of Confusion, Gardner Game, Gateway To Apshai, GATO, Gauntlet, Gauntletak, Gefahr im Kaufhaus, Geisterschloss, Gem Drop, GEM, Gemstone Warrior, Gem’y, Genesis, Genetic Drift, Genius, Geo, Geografia_Polski, Geografia-Test, Geographie, geometria_fix_loader, German_Vocabulary_Builder, Getaway!, Getris, Gettysburg – The Turning Point, Gfs Sorceress, Ghost – Always Trouble With Kids, Ghost Chaser, Ghost Encounters, Ghost Fessel, Ghost Hunter II, Ghost Hunter, Ghost II, Ghost Writer, Ghost!, Ghost, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters_Michael_Current, Ghostly Goblins, Ghostly, Giant Slalom, Gielda, Gigablast, Gil-bert, Gin Rummy, Gizmo’s Castle, Gladiator, Glaggs It!, Glibber, Glip, Global War, Globe Master, Glucks-Rad, Gnom Factory, Gnome Ranger, Go Cart, Go Fish, Go, Gobang, Gobbler, Goble-Snake, Goblin, Goblins Galore, Goetter, Gohtic_I, Gold Diver, Gold Grabber, Gold House, Gold Hunt II, Gold Hunter, Gold Mine, Gold Rush!, Golden Gloves, Golden Oldies, Goldgraeber cs, Goldminer, Goldrush!, Goldsuche, Golf ’85, Golf am Sonntag, Golf Challenge, Golf Championship, Golf Master, Golf Solitaire, Golf Tees, Golf, Golf_Classic_Compubar, Golf_Handicap_Calculator, Golfer, Gomoko, Gomoku III, Gomoku, Gone Fishing, Gone to the Dogs, Good King Zurp, Good Luck, Goodbye Charlie, Gorf, Gorgon, Gossip, Grab an Apple, Grabit, Graf von Baerenstein, Graffiti, Grand Prix II, Grand Prix Simulator, Grand Prix, Grandma’s House, Graphing, Grateful Dead, Gravitar, Gravity, Great War – 1914, Great_Gospel_Game, Greedy Caterpillars, Greedy Gunther, Green Beret, Green Fingers, Green Paras, Greener Than You Think!, Greenout, Gremlins, Grid Master, Grid, Gridiron Glory, Gridrunner, Gridwars, Grisu, Groan, Grom, Groove, Grow Worm, growing_pains_of_adrian_mole_-_part_i, growing_pains_of_adrian_mole_-_part_iii, Grubs, Gruds in Space, Grunwald 1410, Gryzzles, Guard, Guardian Adventure, Guardian Master, Guardian, Guardians of the Gorn, Guderian, Guerriero Laser, Guess a Number, Guess and Count, Guess What’s Coming To Dinner, Guitar_Tutor, Gulf Strike, Gulp!!_Arrow_Graphics, Gumball, Gumballs, Gumby Ball, Gun Boat, Gun Law, Gun Man II, Gunfight, Gunfighter, Gunhead, Gunner, Gun-Powder-Charlie, Gunslinger, Guy Fawkes, Gwendolyn, Gwop, Gypsy, Gyruss, H.e.r.o., H2O, Haber, Hacker, Hadani slov, Hail_to_the_Chief, Halftime Battlin’ Bands, Halley Project (The), Halley Watch, Halley_Hunter, Halley_Patrol, Hammer Head, Hammerhead, Hammurabi – Feudalni Ekonomie, Hammurabi_Peter_A_Loeser, Hamurabi_Frank_Steinmetz, Hamurabi_unknown_version, Hangman, Hang-Man, Hangman_1.5, Hangman_Friday_Fun_Software, Hangman_Gary_Callender, Hangman_R_Knoblauch, Hangman_V3.0, Hans Kloss, Hanse II, Hanse XL, Happy Wheeler, Happyface_Reversi, Harald_Fischer_Spielediskette, Hard Hat Mack, Hard Hat Willy, Hardball, Harnafratz 1 – Das Buch der Zeit, Harvey Wallbanger, Hats, Haunted Hill, Hauptstaedte_der_Welt, Hawk Fire, Hawkmen_of_Dindrin, Hawkmoon, Hawkquest Cv – Mission 1 – Mycea & Mission 2 – Anc, Hawkquest Cv – Mission 3 – Xavier & Mission 4 – Cy, Hawkquest Cv – Mission 5 – Sorea & End Screens 1-5, Hawkquest, Hazard Run, He Is Risen, Head On, Head Over Heels, Headbanger, Heart Break, Heartlight, Hearts 1.5, Heavy Metal, Heist!, Hektor, Heli Killer, Helix, Hellcat Ace, Helliman, Help!, Help_Saturn, Henri, Henry’s House, Herbert II, Herbert, Hermit, Hex War, Hexadecimal_Puzzle, Hexan, Hexapawn, Hexen muessen Brennen, HexxagonXE, Hickory Dickory Dock, Hickory_Dickory, Hickory_Dickory_Atari_France, Hidden_Maze, High Rise, High School Confidental, High Speed, High_Rollers, Highway Duel, Hijack!, Himmelfahrtskommando, Hi-res Adventure #0 – Mission Asteroid, Hi-res Adventure #2 – The Wizard And The Princess, Hi-Res Adventure #4 – Ulysses and the Golden Fleec, Historia Polski 966-1992, HIVMania, Hlavolam 1, Hlavolam 2, Hobgoblin_V1.0, Hockey, Hodge Podge, Hoehlen Gnom, Hoehlen von Pluto, Hoehlen-Herbert, Hollywood Hijinx, Home Pong, Homer’s Honey Craze, Homonimos, Honky, Honzovo Dobrodruzstvi, Hookey, Hopper, Hopper_Artacyis_Software, Hopper_SoftSide_Publications, Hoppo, Horror Castle, Horse_Play, Horse_Race_Compute!, Hoss_Racing, Hostage_Rescue, Hot Blocks, Hot Copter, Hot Dice, Hot Lips, Hot Rod Raider, Hot Wheel, Hot_and_Cold, Hotel Alien, Hotel, Hotfoot, House of Devil _ 1, House of Devil _ 2, House of Devil _ 3, House of Devil _ 4, House Of Usher, House_of_Secrets, House_of_Usher_Crystalware, Hover Bovver, How_Many, Hrad smrti II, Hrad smrti, HSNX 4, HSN-X, Hulk Out, Human Body Series – Digestion, Humanoid, Humpty Dumpty, Hunch Back, Hungry_Hawks, Hungry_Horris, Hunt, Hunt_the_Wumpas, Hunter, Hurdle_Jumper, Hydra, Hydraulik, Hyper Olympic, Hyper_Space, Hyperball, Hyperblast!, Hyperborea, Hypnotic Land, Hysteria, i_love_my_alphabet, I_m_Different!, IBM Tetris, Ice Cap, Ice, Ice-Hockey, Icky Squishy, ik+, Illinois Smith, Illumina, Illuminations, Im Land des Schreckens, Im Namen des Koenigs, Imagine, Immobilo, Impact, Imperial Walker, Imperium Galactum, In Search of the Most Amazing Thing, In_der_Wueste, In_Search_of_the_Eternal_Light, Incoming!, Incydent, Indian Gold, Indiana Jones – Pyramids of Giza, Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade, Indiana_Jones_III_Tajemstvi_Svateho_Gralu, indiana_jones_in_the_jungle, Infantry Squad, Inferno, Infidel, Infiltrator – Adventure #1, Infiltrator, Ingrid’s Back, Inny Swiat, Insectivores_Concentration, Insects, Inside, Inside_ANG_Software, Inspector Clouseau, Inspector_Clew_So, Inspektor, Instructional_Computing_Demonstration_Atari_US, Inter Galleon Battle, International Karate, Interstar, Interval, Into Deep!, Into The Eagle’s Nest, Intruder_Alert!_Dynacomp, Intuitare, Invaders (2 Bit Software), Invaders, Invaders_Bonus_Software, Invaders_Kemal_Ezcan, Invasion, Invasion_Pelusa_Soft, Invasion_Planetary_Defense, Invasion_PPP, Invasions_from_Outer_Space, Inventions, Invert XE, Inwazja, Inza 2., Inza, Inzerat, IO, Ion Power Pinball, Ion Roadway, IQ Master, IQ vyherni test, IQ, Iryda, Island_Jumper, Ithix, It’s About Time, Itsy Bitsy Pinball, Ixion, Jack and Jill, Jack_Rabbit, Jack_the_Digger, Jackpot, Jacks, Jadgstaffel, Jaffar, Jagdstaffel, Jail Break, Ja-Jo, James Bond 2, James Bond 007, Jane_s_Program, Janosik, Japanese_English_Lessons, Jaskiniowiec, Java Jim, Jawbreaker Contruction Set, Jawbreaker IV, Jawbreaker, Jawbreaker2, Jednadvacet, Jeepers Creepers, JellyBeans, Jellyfish, Jeopardy, Jerkoff Junior, Jerry_White_s_Music_Lessons, Jet Boot Jack, Jet Set Willy 2007, Jet Set Willy, Jetboy, Jetix, Jetman, Jeu_du_Royaume, Jewel Eater, Jewels of Darkness #2 – Adventure Quest, Jewels of Darkness #3 – Dungeon Adventure, Jigsaw, Jigsaws – Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Jigsaws – Arc de Triomphe, Jigsaws – Colosseum, Jigsaws – Notre Dame, Jigsaws – Pathenogen, Jigsaws – Rome, Jinks!, Jinxter, Jirka Hradec in special mission, Jirka_Hradec_in_Special_Mission, Jocky Wilson’s Darts Challenge, Jocky Wilson’s Darts Compedium, Joe Blade II, Joe Blade, Joe, Joe_a_Ptaci, Joe’s Adventure, Johnny the Ghost, Johny’s Trouble, Jones, Jouer_du_Piano, Journey To The Planets, Joust, Joy Ride, Joystick Maths, Jr Pacman, JR_s_Dots, JR_s_Quest_II, Juggernaut, Juggler, Juggles’ House, Juggles’ Rainbow, Juice!, Jumbo Jet Pilot, Jump Jet, Jump!, Jumper 2, Jumpin’ Spider, Jumping Ghost, Jumping Jack, Jumping Jacks Big Adventure, Jumping Jim, Jumping_Jack_Compute!, Jumpman Junior, Jumpman, Jungle Boy, Jungle Hunt, JunkYard Racing, Juno First, Jupiter Lander, Jupiter Mission 1999, Jurassic Park, Jurassic_Park_II, K_Razy_Shoot_Out_CBS_Software, K_Razy_Shoot_Out_K_Byte, Kaboom!, Kabza, Kah, Kaiser II, Kaiser, Kalah, Kalah_Softswap, Kamikaze, Kampania Wrzesniowa, Kampfgruppe, Kampfstern Galactica, Kanga, Kangaroo_disk, Kapitan Planeta, Karate Champ II, Karate Master, Karateka, Kariera & Hammurabi, Karmic Caverns, Kasiarz, Kason’s Tower, Kaufhausmanager, Kayball, Kayos, Kazoo, K-Ball2, K-Bert, Kelb, Ken Uston’s Professional Blackjack, Ken Uston’s Puzzlemania, Kennedy Approach, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager, Keno_Steve_Wanner, Kentucky Derby, Kernaw, Kerzenheinz, Ketchup, Key_Man, Key_Panic_hack, Keychase, Keyed-Up!, Keymatics, KeystoneKap, Kick Off, Kickback, Kid Grid, Kid_s_Programs_1, Kid_s_Programs_2, Kidnapped, Kids On Keys, Kiduv poklad, Kij Samobij, Kikstart, Killa Cycle, Killer Chess, Killer ‘Thello, Killerbots, KinderComp_Spinnaker_Software, King Arthur’s Heir, King of Canadian, King of the Castle, King of the Ring, King Tut’s Tomb, King, King_Cribbage, King_Keno, King_Size, Kingdom. Atarizip, Kingdom, Kirschen Karl, Kismet(yahtzee), KISMET, Kismet_II, Kissin’ Kousins, Kitten, Klatwa, Klaustrofobia, Klocki, Klondike Solitaire, Klondike, Klony, Klystron Raider, Knicker-Bockers, Knife Edge, Kniffel, Knight Lore, Knight Orc, Knight Quest, Knight_Rider_Test, Knight-Battle, Knights And Wizards, Knights of the Desert, Knights Of The Round Table, Knights_and_Chalices, Knobs and Knockers, Knock Out, Knock!, Knockout, Koenigs Diamanten, Koffi Yellow Kopter, Kolko_i_Krzyzyk, Kolo Fortuny 2, Kolo Fortuny, Kolony, Kolorest, KONG 2, Kong, Konik Szachowy, Koninkrijk, Kooky_s_Quest, Kooky’s Quest, Korellian_Conflict, Koronis Rift, Kosci, Kostka, Koung, Kowboj, Krampfstern Becnactica, K-razy Antiks, Krazy Katerpillars, Krazy Kopter, Krazy Mazes, KrazyKritters_CBS, Krebs, Kriss_Kross, K-Robbo No.1, K-Robbo No.2, K-Robbo No.3, K-Robbo No.4, Krucjata, Ksiaze, K-star Patrol, Kubert, Kulki, Kult, Kung_Fu_Master, Kupiec, Kurs_Fizyki, Kvadryk, La Belle Lucie, La Boite a Musique, Labirinto, Labyrinth of Death, Labyrinth, Labyrinths of Kamerra, Labyrinths, Ladder_Maze, Lancelot – The Hunt of Holy Gral, Lancelot, Land der Pharaonen, Land_of_Adventure, Lander, Landing, Landscape, Landscape_Page_6_Magazine, Language_Skills, Language_Teacher_French_I, Lapis Philosophorum – The Philosophers’ Stone, Las Vegas Casino, Las Vegas, Laser Ants, Laser Blaster, Laser Chess, Laser Cycle, Laser Duell, Laser Gates, Laser Hawk, Laser Squadron, Laser Strike, Laser Tennis, Laser_Barrage, Laser_Beam, Laser_Game, Laser_Gunner, Laser_Gunner_II, Laser_Invader, Laser_Strike_Compute!, Laser_Wars, Laserbase, Lasermania, Lasermaze, Lasertraz, Last of the Dragons, Last Oldie, Last Starfighter, Last_Guardian_LK_Avalon, Launch_Code, Lawkeeper, Lawn Mower, Lazer Type, Lazerbase, Lazy!, Lazzy Larry, Leader Board, Leaderboard Golf II, League Challenge, Leap Frog!, Leaper, Leap’in Lizards!, Leaping Larry, Leaps_and_Bounds!, Leapster, Learning With Leeper, Leather Godesses Of Phobos, Leben, Legacy,The, Leggit!, Legionnaire, LEM, Lemming, Lemmingi, Lemmings, Lemonade, L’enigme du triangle, Lepus Revenge, Letec v jeskyni, Lethal Weapon, Let’s Bubble!, Let’s Frog 3D, Let’s Hop, Letter_and_Number_Identification, Letter_Tutor, Letterman_APX, Lexicon, Leyte, Lie_Detector, Life (Dave Oblad), Life (Larry and Larry), Life in the Fast Lane, Life version 2a, Life!_Anthony_Ramos, Life, Lifespan, Liga Polska, Light Cycle, Light Flight, Light Gun Blaster, Light Race, Light Up!, Lighthouse, Lightning_Robot, Limonade, Line_Graph, LineKiler, Lines_of_Action, Line-Up, Linking Logic, Linkword_German, Literki, Little Computer People, Little Devil, Little Frog, Little_Green_Thingies_from_Space, Liverpool, Livewire 2, Livewire, Lizard, Loaded Brain, Loco, Loco-motion, Lode Runner IV, Lode Runner Utility Disk, Lode Runner, Lode Runner’s Rescue, Loderunner Returns, Logic Games, Logic Levels, Logicmaster, Logik (Krzysztof Bar), Logik, Logistik, Logo-Square, Lone_Eagle_s_Revenge, Lookahead, Looney Tunes Hotel, Loops_of_Zen, Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Orb, Lords of Conquest, Lords of Karma, Lords of Time, Lords_of_Space, Lorien’s Tomb, Los Angeles 1984 Games, Los Angeles SWAT, Lost Tomb, Lost!, Lost_City, Lost_Colony, Lotto, Lov Opic, Lowca, Loydova cesta, Lucifer’s Realm, Lucky_Digit, Lumberjack, Lunacy, Lunar Defender, Lunar Lander 2, Lunar Lander, Lunar Leeper, Lunar Outpost, Lunar Patrol, Lunar_Lander_Atari_Explorer, Lunar_Lander_Construction_Set, Lunar_Lander_Electronic_Fun, Lunar_Lander_Gary_Ryan, Lunar_Lander_HACE, Lunar_Lander_Ian_Keates, Lunar_Lander_Wes_Newell, Lunar_Landing_Ross_Schwartzberg, Lunar_Shuttle, Lunar_V_ACE_Newsletter, Lux, Lvi srdce – Part I, Lvi srdce – Part II, Lvi srdce – Part III, M.U.L.E., M_ss_ng_L_nks_HesWare, M1_Abrams, Mad Marbles, Mad Stone, Mad_Genius, Mad_Jax, Mad_Marble, Mad_Masons, Madhouse disk, Madhouse, Mad-netter, Mad’s Revenge, Magia Fortuny, Magia Krysztalu, Magia, Magic (Tensoft), Magic Dimension, Magic Fire, Magic III Pinball, Magic Micro Mission, Magic Micro, Magic of Words, Magic Pinball, Magic Read, Magic World, Magic, Magic_Castle, Magic_Escape, Magic_Melody_Box, Magic_Trick, Magnetit 2002, Magnetit, Magnetix, Magneto, Magnex, Mahna-Malysz, Mail Order Monsters, Major Bronx, Major League Hockey, Making_Change, Makler_5.3, Malpass – The Asteriod Mines, Management_Simulator, Mancuna, Maneuver, Maneuvering, Maniac Miner, Maniac Mover!, Maniac!, Mankala, Mansbie_Quest, Mapware, Mar_Tesoro, Marathon, Marauder, Marble Magic, Marbles, Marinus, Mario Bros., Mario’s Desert World, Market Blitz, Market_Forces, Markus Roesner Pinball, Marooned_in_Space, Mars, Mars_Mission_II, Martian Explorer, Martian_Castle, M-a-s-h, Mask of the Sun, Mask_of_the_Sun_Ariola_Germany, Masox, Master Blaster, Master Chess, Master Head, Master Match, Master of the Dungeons, Master Of The Lamps, Master of the Mindfire, Masterblazer, MasterMatch, Mastermind, Mastermind_Inside_Info, Mastermind_Softswap, Mastermind_unknown_version_1, Masters Of Time, Mastertype, Maszyna Czasu, Match Maker – World History (1984)(American Educational)[Req OSb][BASIC], Match Racer, Match Wits, Match, Match_Up!, Match_Up, Matchbox_Tic_Tac_Toe, Matchboxes, Matches, Matchmaker Biology, Matchmaker French, Matchmaker Spanish, Matchmaker Vocabulary, Matematicas, Math Busters, Math Encounter, Math Game, Math Mileage, Math Terminator, Math_and_Number_Skills, Math_Attack, Math_Counting, Math_Diving_Facts, Math_Drill, Math_Football_Softsmith, Math_Fun_for_the_Young_Level_I, Math_Fun_for_the_Young_Level_II, Math_Hiker, Math_Maze, Math_Number_Sequence, Math_Place_Value, Math_Quiz_Softswap, Math_Routines_Package, Math_UFO, Math_Wizard, Math_Works_Addition, Math_Works_Subtraction, Mathematic_Tac_Toe, Mathematical_Methods, Mathematics, Mathman_ANALOG_Computing, MathMan_Compute!, Matrix, Matt_the_Cat_Phonics_Series, Matta Blatta, MatterHorn, Mauer Fluch, Max, Maxi Golf Course Designer, Maximillian B., Maxter Mind, Maxwell_Manor_The_Skull_of_Doom, Maxwell_s_Demon_Memory_Mania, Mayska dlazba, Maze of Agdagon, Maze War, Maze_Finder!, Maze_Le_Labyrinthe_de_la_Mort, Maze_Maniac, Maze_Miner, Maze_Mouse, Maze_Munch, Maze_Race, Maze_Sawfish_Software, Maze_Search, Mazerunner, McDonald_s, Mean_18, Mech Brigade, Mediator, Meet_the_Romans, Mega Blaster, Mega Maze, Mega Swear Challenge, Megablast, MegaGun, Megalegs, Megamania, Melly the Meer, Melody_Dice, Meltdown, Melt-down, Memorice, Memory Manor, Memory Match, Memory, Memory_Builder_Concentration, Memory_Match_ANALOG_Computing, Menace (unfinished), Mengcop, Mensa_Master, Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht, Mental Age, MER2CDEU, MER2CENG, Mercenary – Escape From Targ, Mercenary_Die_Flucht_von_Targ, Merchant Spaceman, Merlin_s_Magic_Square, Merry Christmas, Messe Hanau, Mesta CR, Mesta SR, Metagalactic Llamas, Meta-Pin, Meteor Attack, Meteor Storm, Meteor, Meteor_Attack_Bonus_Software, Meteor_Storm_Compute!, Meteorites, Metrix, Mezi kozy, Miami Ice, Mickey In The Great Outdoors, Micro Chess, Micro League Baseball, Micro Sailing, Micro Shuttle, microAddition, Microdash, microDivision, Microgammon SB, Microids, Microman, microMultiplication, MicroSailing, Microworld, Microx, Midas Maze, Midas_Touch_APX, Middle Earth – The Ring, MIDI_Maze, Midnight, Midnight_Strip, Midway Campaign, Midway, Miecze Valdgira II – Wladca Gor, Miecze Valdgira, MIG Alley Ace, Mike’s Casino, Mike’s Pinball, Mike’s Slot-Machine Version II, Mike’s Slot-Machine, Milk Race, Mille_Bornes, Milligreen, Millionaire, Millipede, Millipede_1983, Millipede_1984, Millipedes, Mind Blast, Mind Buster, Mind_Master, Mind_Mazes, Mindbusters, Mindshadow, Mindwheel, Mine Field, Mine Sweeper I, Minefield, Miner 2049er, Miner, Miner_2059er, Mines!, Minesweeper, Mini_Golf, Mini_Zork_I, Miniature Golf 5200, Miniature Golf Construction Set, Miniature_Golf_Antic_Publishing, Miniature_Golf_Plus_XLent_Software, Minotaure, MinTaj, Minute Magic, Miny, Mirage_4000, Mirax Force, Mirror_Tile, Misja Tronic, Misja, Miss Mind – Ania, Miss Mind – Sara, Missile Action, Missile Command, Missile_Bombers, Missile_Command_author_unknown, Missile_Command_Burl_Fisher, Missile_Math, Missing – One Droid, Missing, Mission Impossible , Mission On Thunderhead – Operation Tempest, Mission Shark, Mission X, Mission Zircon, Mission, Mission_Algebra, Mission_Homecomputer, Misty Caverns, Mixtrood, Modem Magic Pinball, Modern Art Pinball, Mogul Maniac, Mole, Mole_Attack, Molecule Man, Molecule_Arthur, Mona Lisa – Part I, Mona Lisa – Part II, Monarch, Monday Morning Manager, Moner, Monex, Money Hungry, Money Pouch, Money_Bags, Mongo, Mongoose, Monkey Magic, Monkey_See_Monkey_Spell, Monkey_Up_a_Tree, Monkeymath (1983)(Artworx)[Basic], Monkeys, Monopoly, Monopoly_V1.5, Monster Hunt, Monster Maze, Monster Smash!, Monster_Miner, Monstrum, Montana Test #7, Monte Carlo II, Monte Carlo, Montezuma Strikes Back, Montezuma’s Revenge, Moogles, Moon Beam Arcade, Moon Lord, Moon Lover Pinball, Moon Marauder, Moon Patrol (avalon Hill), Moon Patrol, Moon Shuttle, Moon_Lander, Moon_Lander_II, Moon_Patrol_5200, Moon_Probe, Moonbase (unfinished), Moonbase Io, Moonmist, MoonPatrol 1983, Moonshooter, Moptown_Hotel, Moptown_Parade, Mordon’s Quest, More_Less, Morky, Morse_Code_Tutor, Morse_Code_Tutor_John_Crawford, Morsecode_Master_APX, Motie, Motorcross 800, Motorcycle Maze, Mountain Bike, Mountain King, Mountain Shoot, Mountain_Skiing, Mouse Party, Mouse Trap, Mouskattack, Movie Musical Madness, Moving_Maze, Moving_Maze_Dynacomp, Mow_Down, Mozaico, Mozgprocesor v1.0C, Mozgprocesor v1.0D, Mr. Bear, Mr. Cool, Mr. Dig, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do’s Castle, Mr. M, Mr. Proper, Mr. Ray’s – Fusebox, Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory, Mr. Robot II, Mr. Splash, Mr. Tnt, Mr_Grumpy, Mrazik, Mrca Mach 2 Combat Flight Simulator, Ms. Bulimia, Msciciel, MsPacMan, Mt_Rock, Muff & Drutt, Mugwump, Mule Wars, Multi Race, Multi Worms, Multi-Dash, Multilinear_Regression, Multiplying_Fractions, Multris, Munchers, Munchkin_Attack, Munchy Madness – Quest For Hearts, Munchy Madness II, Munchy Madness III, Munchy Madness IV, Munchy Madness Screen Designer, Munchy, Munsiepede 2, Munsiepede, Munsterjagd!, Murder on the Zinderneuf, Murder_at_Awesome_Hall, Murderer, Mushroom_Invasion, Music_Flashcards, Music_II_Rhythm_and_Pitch, Music_III_Scales_and_Chords, Music_Major, Music_Painter, Music_Theory_Drills_Part_1, Music_Theory_Drills_Part_2, Music_Theory_Drills_Part_3, Musical Pilot, Musigame, Mustak Hunters, Mutant Bats, My First Alphabet (1981)(Atari)[Basic], My Jong, My_Second_Alphabet, My_Third_Alphabet, Mychess II, Myriapede, Myriapod, Myrtle_the_Turtle, Mysterious Adventure #02 – The Time Machine, Mysterious Adventure #03 – Arrow of Death Part 1, Mysterious Adventure #04 – Arrow of Death Part 2, Mysterious Adventure #05 – Escape From Pulsar 7, Mysterious Adventure #06 – Circus, Mysterious Adventure #07 – Feasibility Experiment, Mysterious Adventure #09 – Perseus & Andromeda, Mysterious Adventure #10 – Ten Little Indians, Mysterious Adventure #11 – Waxworks, Mystix II, Mythos, Na rozkaz krale, Nadral, Nadrazi, Najemnik – Powrot, Najemnik, Najezdzcy z kosmosu, Nalot, Nam, Name_the_States, Napoleon at Waterloo, Napoleon in Russia, Nasen_Jack, nastrahy_velkomesta, National Flags (1982)(Paul Nicholls)[cr ASA][k-file], National Hockey League Coach 96 – Part I, National Hockey League Coach 96 – Part II, National Hockey League Coach 96 – Part III, National Hockey League Coach 98, Nato Commander, Naturix, Nautilus, Naval Battle, Nebs, Necromancer, Negative_Number_Operations, Nelson_Football_League, Nemo’s Vault, Neptunes Daughter, Neron, Nerve_Game, Nessie, Nevada_21, New Life 1.1, New World Pinball, New York City – The Big Apple, New_Words, Nexus, Nexuss MCMLXXXVIII – Part I, NHL_Coach_96, NHL_Coach_98, Nibbler, Nibbly, Nibelungen, Night Mare II, Night Mare, Night Mission Pinball, Night Strike!, Nightflyer, Nightmare Manor, Nightmare Maze, Nightmare Reflections, Nightmares, Nightraiders, Nightshade, Nim, Nim_Atari_Explorer, Nineball, Ninja Commando, Ninja, Nominoes_Jigsaw_Dynacomp, Nordic Ski, North Atlantic Convoy Raider, North Shore AMIS Ball, Note Invaders, Note_Master, Nu, Pogodi!, Nuclear Adventure or the North Base, Nuclear Nick, Nuclear_Mountain, Nuclear_Power_Plant, Nuclear_Reactor, Nucleus, Nukewar, Number_Battle, Number_Blast, Number_Catch, Number_Expansion, Number_Line, Number_Master_Mind, Number_Maze, Number_Programs, Number_Series, Numblines, Numerki, Nuts Junior, Nuts_Junior, Nutty, Nypy, Oblitroid, Obronca_Ziemi, Observational_Astronomy_Program, Oci, Oczko, Odd_Man_Out_Plurals, Odieu’s Quest for the Magic Flingshot, Odieus_Quest_for_the_Magic_Flingshot_CTH_Enterprises, Odin, Odwracanka, Odysseus, Oekopoly, Oelbaron, Oelsuche, OF, Ogre, Oh Frankie, Ohm_s_Law, Oil Miner, Oil_Panic, Oilgame, Oil’s Well, OiX, Olde Gold, Ollie’s Follies, Olympia Lexicon, Olympia, Olympiad, Olympic Dual, Olympic Skier, Omar, Omaze, Omega, Omidor, On Cue – Pool 87, On Cue – Snooker, One for the Road, One Life, One Man and his Droid, One_Moon_and_Two_Suns, One-on-one, Onslaught, On-Track – Computer Model Car Racing, Onyx, Opera_House_Qa!, Operacja Pustynna Burza, Operation Blood, Operation Crossroads, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Market Garden, Operation Novatari, Operation Sabotage, Operation Whirlwind, Operation Wolf II, Operazione_Tuono, Oranges and Lemons, Orb of Zarramier, Orb pinball, Orb, Orbis Pictus – Anglictina, Orbis Pictus – Nemcina, Orbit – A Trip to the Moon, Orbit, Orbital_Simulation, Orc Attack, Ordralphabetix, Oregon_Trail, O’riley’s Mine, Orson, Orthocrack_1, Orthocrack_2, Orthocrack_3, Orthographe, Ortografia, Osadnicy, Osmosis, Ostrov piratu, Otello, Othello Blitz, Othello II, Othello, Othello_3_D, Othello_Friday_Fun_Software, Othello_TAB_Books, Other Ventures #1 – Saigon The Final Days, Other Ventures #2 – Crowley Manor, Other Ventures #3 – Escape From Traam, Outer_Space_Attack, Outland_Quest_Adventure_No_1_Dungeons_of_Oti, Outlaw, Outpost_Anthony_Ball, Outpost_Tim_Parker, Outris, Overblow, Overflow, Overheard!, Owari, Owari_anon, Oxygene, Ozzy’s Orchard, P.o.w., Pac Munch Jr, Pac_Boulder, Pac_Invaders, Pac_Man_Kemal_Ezcan, Paccie, Pacemaker, Pacific Coast Highway, Pack Man, PacMan, Pac-Man, Pad, Padajici Balvany, Paint_n_Sketch_I, Pairs, Pajaki II, Pak_Jana, Pakmans Brothers Revenge, Pamiec, Pandemonium, Pang, Panic Express, Panic, Panik Paul, Panik, Panther, Panzer Grenadier, Panzerschlacht, Paper Chase, Paper_Boy, Paradox, Paragon 1.0, Parallax, Paratroop_Attack, Paratrooper, Paris In Danger, Parodya – Part I, Parodya – Part II, Parodya – Part III, Parsec XL, Parsifal, Party Quiz, Pastfinder, Patent Pole Position, Pathfinder, Patience!, Patrol Nighthawk One, Patrol Xal Alpha, Patrol, Paul_Daniels_Magic_Adventure, Paver, Pay_Off_Atari_UK, PCB Paranoia, Peanut Butter Panic, Pebbles, Pegasus, Peggammon, Pele_Dor_Know_Math, Pellotte, Pengo, Pengon, Pensate, Pentominos, People, Percentage_Helper, Perfected_Pong, Periodensystem_der_Elemente, Periscope Up, Perly Orckyego, Perly Szeherezady, persoft_boulder_dash, Personal_Fitness_Program, Perxor, Pexeso War, Pexeso, Phantasie II, Phantasie, Phantastic Journey II, Phantastic Journey, Pharaoh_s_Curse_Adventure, Pharaoh’s Pyramid, Pharaoh’s Revenge, Pharoah’s Tomb, Phobos, Phoenix Lair, Phonix I, Photo Finish – Greyhound Racing, Physics_Elementary_Mechanics, Pic_Builder, Picnic Paranoia, Pie Hunter, Piec Gowien Eepcha, Pied_Piper, Piekielko, Pie-man, Pigs in Space, Pillbox, Pilot_Artworx, Pilots, Pin 1, Pin 3, Pin 6, Pin II, Pinball 3, Pinball Construction Set, Pinball Monster, Pinball_Game, Ping, Pingwinek idzie do szkoly, Pingwinek, Pinhead, Pipeline, Pipeliners XL, Piper, Piranha, Pirate_Pond, Pirates Cove, Pirates of the Barbary Coast, Piratsky Ostrov, Pitfall II – Lost Caverns, Pitfall, Pitstop II, Pitstop, Planet Attack, Planet Miners, Planet of Doom, Planet Panic, Planet_Lander_I, Planetary Defense, Planetfall, Planetfill, Plant_Panic, Plantblaster, Plaque Man, Plastron, Plate Arts, Platoon, Plattermania, Play_It_Again_English, Player_s_Dream_III, Playful Professor, Ples upiru, Plop, Plot, Plot’s, Plundered Hearts, Plus_Zero, PMG-ukazka, Pocitame_Zpameti, Podfuk II, Podraz III, Podraz IV, Podraz V, Podraz, Pogan, Pogo Joe, Pogo, Pogoman, Pogotron, Pohadkova Zeme, Poker Solitaire.atr, Poker Solitaire.xex, Poker Tourney, Poker_Party, Poker_Squares, Pokersam, Polar Explorer, Polar Pierre, Polar_Graph, Polaris, Pole 0, Pole Minove II Edytor, Pole Minove II, Pole Position Race Designer, Pole Position X, Pole Position, pole_minowe, pole_minowe_unknown, Polish_College_Entrance_Exam, Polycalc, Polygons!, Polynomial_Plotter, Pomsta bile diskety, Pomsta sileneho Ataristy, Pomsta Sinclairistum, Pong, Pongblast, Pongo, Pontoon!, Pontoon_Atari_User, Pooka Pinball, Pool & Snooker & Blliards, Pool 1.5, Pool 400, Pool, Pooyan, Pop_n_Rocker, Popcorn!, Popeye Pinball, Popeye, Porky’s, Pornopoly, Posthelper, Pothole Pete, Poussinet, Power Down, Powerpath, Powerstar, Poznaj_Swoj_Kraj, PQR I, PQR II, Praesident, Predator, Preppie! II, Preppie!, Preschool_Fun_THESIS, Preschool_IQ_Builder_1, Preschool_IQ_Builder_2, Presidents_of_the_United_States, Prestavba, Pribeh ze tmy – Part I, Pribeh ze tmy – Part II, Pribeh ze tmy – Part III, PrincessAndTheFrog, Prison Ball, Prisoner2, Prizrak nuly, Pro Golf – Pebble Beach, Pro Golf – Sunningdale, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Pro_Bowling, Probe One – The Transmitter, Problem Jasia II, Problem Jasia, Prochazka v C…, Profesional Killers, Professional Golf, Professional Killers II, Professional Roulette, Professional_Golf, Professor I.q., Programa_Tutor_BASIC, Project Fire Blast – The Battle of Zegadon, Project Xanthien (unfinished), Promoteur, Protector II, Protector, Proto_s_Favorite_Games, Prudent Dactyl II, Prudent Dactyl III, Prudent Dactyl, Pruters, Przemytnik, Puc-Muc!, Punctuation_Put_On, Pungo, Pungoland!, Punk_Ville, Push It!, Pushky, Pushy Pig, Pussy Galore, Puzmania Schame, Puzmania, Puzzle Construction Set, Puzzle Gates of the Incas, Puzzle Pleasure, Puzzle.atr, Puzzle.xex, Puzzle_1, Puzzle_Bill_Kendrick, Puzzlepanic, Puzzler (Thomas Tausend), Puzzler, Pyramid Run, Pyramid, Pyramid_Puzzler, Pyramida, Pyramidos, Pyromania, Pyromania_Atari_User, Qb, Q-Bert, Qix, QQ, QS Reversi, QT, Quader-Mania, Quadrato, Quadromania XL, Quadron, Quadrotron 4M, Quantitative_Comparisons, Quarxon, Quasimodo, Quatrainment, Quatro, Quattuor Vincent, Queen of Hearts, Quest For Power, Quest For Quintana Roo, Quest, Quest_1, Quest_for_Eternity, Quest_for_the_Ramones, Questions_Answers, Questions_et_Reponses, Questprobe #1 – The Incredible Hulk, Questprobe #2 – Spider-Man, Questprobe #3 – Fantastic Four, Questprobe_1_The_Hulk_UK, Questprobe_2_Spider_Man_UK, Questron, Quete_du_Graal, Quick Invaders, Quick Step, Quickness, Quintominoes, Quiwi, R.o.t.o., Ra, Rabbit, Rabbotz!, Race In Space, Race_Attack!, Race_Trap, Rachunek_Prawdopodobienstwa, Racing Destruction Set, Racing, Rack’em Up, Radical_Rupert, Radzone, RAF – Battle of Britain, Rafferty_Run, Raid On Gravitron, Raid over Libya, Raid over Moscow, Raid over Walsall, Raider_1997, Raiders Of Space, Raidus!, RailKing, Rails West!, raim, Rainbow Walker, Rainstorm, Rainy Day Games, Rajd, Rally Speedway, Ramblin Gamblin, Rambo 1, Rambug II, Rampage Pinball, Rampage, Rasen_Maeher, Raster Blaster, Raszyn 1809, Rat Race, Ratapede, Rats’ Revenge, Rats!!! Rats!!! Rats!!!, Reaction & Concentration Tester, Reactor Five, Reader Rabbit, Reading_Corner, Reading_Program, Realm Of Impossibility, RealSFootball, Realsports Football, Realsports Tennis, RealSports_Basketball, Rear Guard, Reardoor, Reaxion, Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, Rebel Fighter, Rebel Probe, Rebound Contest, Rebound Creation Kit, Rebound, Red Max, Red Moon, Red Sky, Red_Hot, Red_Squares, Red_White_and_Blue, Red_Zone, Redhead’s Revenge, Reefer Madness, Reflection, Reflection_Compute!, Reflex, Reforger ’88 , Reforger_88, Regression_I, Regression_II, Reguly, Relax, Rememory, Renaissance, Renegade, Replugged, Repton, Rescue Adventure, Rescue at 94k, Rescue Mission – Phase 2, Rescue Mission, Rescue of Blondell, Rescue on Fractalus!, Rescue, Rescue_at_Rigel, Resistor_Values, Resistors, Retrofire!, Return Of Heracles, Return To Eden, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Revenge of the Plutonian Flies, Revenge of V, Revenger, Reverse, Reverse_public_domain_English, Reverse_public_domain_German, Reversi II, Reversi, Reversi_Futurehouse, Richard Petty’s Talladega, Rick Hanson, Ricochet, Riddle, Ringmaster, Rings_of_the_Empire_Dynacomp, Riot, Rip Off! – The Plagiarism of 1984, Risk_author_unknown, Risky Rescue, River Raid, River Rally, River Rat, River Rescue, Road Block, Road Toad, Road, Road_Jump, Road_Race_author_unknown, Road_Race_Futurehouse, Road_Race_publisher_unknown, Robal, Robbies Mission, Robbo Konstruktor, Robbo, Robbo_96, Robbo_97A, Robbo_97B, Robbo_98A, Robin – Wojownik Czasu, Robinson, Robocop, Robomash, Robot Assault (19xx)(GMG)(Cz)[k-file], Robot Battle, Robot Dungeon, Robot Karel, Robot Knights, Robot_Attack, Robot_War, Robotron 2084, Robots of Nala, Robots, Rock ‘n’ Rhythm, Rocket Boy, Rocket Raiders, Rocket Repairman – The Further Adventures of Cavern Commander, Rocket_Hockey, Rocketball, Rockford, Rockman, Rockmania, Rocks!, Rockslide!, Rocky_Pinball, Rodent Revenge, Roderic, Rogue, Roll’em, Rollerball II -bas, Rollout, Roman_Checkers, Roman_Empire, Roman_Numeral_Translator, Rome And The Barbarians, Rommel – Battles for Tobruk, Roni_and_the_TV_Attack, Roots, Rose, Rosen’s Brigade, Rotate, Roto_Wrench, Rotwein, Rough Rider, Roulette Simulator, Roulette, Round About, Round Up, Roundup_Wayne_County_Intermediate_Schools, Rozbitek, RS_Baseball 5200, Rubber Ball, Rucu, Ruff and Reddy, Ruins, Ruleta, Rum Runner, Run For It, Run_for_the_Money_Keypunch_Software, Run_for_the_Money_Scarborough_Systems_Inc, Run+Jump Construction Set, Runner, Rush Hour, Rycerz, Rychle Sipy, Rzekotka, s.a.g.a._i_-_adventureland, s.a.g.a._ii_-_la_tulipe_noire, S.O.S. Mangan, Sabotage!, Sabotage, Sabotage_SoftSide_Publications, Saddleman, Safe_Cracker, Safryland, Saga No. 01 – Adventureland, Saga No. 02 – Pirate Adventure, Saga No. 06 – Strange Odyssey, Saga No. 13 – The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle, Sagi 1., Saigon the Final Days -2 Disk, Salmon Run, Sam doma II, Sam doma, samobojcy, Samotnik, Samurai’s Game, Samuraj, Sanctified Quest for Power, Sandy New Version, Sandy, Santa_Paravia_en_Fiumaccio, Santa_s_Grotto, Santa’s BD Party, Santa’s Revenge, Saper Konstruktor, Saper X1, Saper, Saracen, Sarasota Sam, Saratoga, Sargon II, Sargon III, Satalite, Satalite_C, Satan’s Hollow, Satarn Saturn, Saucer Adventure, Saucer Launch, Saucer, Saucer_Formation, Saucerian, Savage Pond, Savage_Planet, Sawfish Software Public Domain #1, Scare Monger – The Special Edition, Scare Monger, Schatz-Hoehle, Schatzjaeger, Schiessen, Schloss des Grauens, Schooner, Schreckenstein, Science_Helper, Scooter, Scorch build 110, Score 4, Score_Improvement_System_for_the_SAT_Algebra, Score_Improvement_System_for_the_SAT_Geometry, Score_Improvement_System_for_the_SAT_Quantitative_Comp, Scorpions 2.0, Scorpions, Scrabble, Scram, Scramble Fighter, Scramble, Scrambled_Word, Screaming Wings, Screwlight, Scrids, Scrids_II, Scripture_Chase_A_Bible_Quiz, SDI I Adventure, Sea Bandit, Sea Chase, Sea Dragon, Sea Fighter, Sea Horse Hide’n Seek, Sea_Falcon_IV, Sea_Horse_Hide_n_Seek, Seafox, Search for the Jewel of Strenght, Seastalker, Seawolf II, Secret Agent Mission 1, Secret Nuclear Factory, Secret_Code, Secret_Formula_Advanced, Secret_Formula_Intermediate, Secret_of_Kyobu_Di, Sector 10, See-Saw Scramble, Seeschlacht, Selective Canfield, Semaphore, Senso, Sentinel One, Sentinel, Sereamis, Serpent, Serpentine, Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round (1984)(CBS)[k-file], Sesame_Street_Letter_Go_Round, Settlers 1.2, Settlers, Settore_Sigma, Seven Card Stud, Seven Cities of Gold, Sevens, Sexeso, Sexquix, SexVersi, Shadow Hawk One, Shadow of the Beast (unfinished), Shadow World, Shaft Raider -nopatch, Shaft Raider, Shamrock, Shamus – Case II, Shamus, Shanghai, Shaolin-Szu, Shape_and_Color_Recognition, Shape_Up!, Shark, Sharkie!, Sharp Shooter, Sharpie, Shatablast, Shavasan_Meditation, Sheep-Race, Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Elementary Rescue, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock!, Shift_It, Shiloh – Grant’s Trial in the West, Shiloh_1862, Ship, Ship_of_Stars, Shit Alpin 2005, Shit Head in the Space Temple, Shit, Shoot Em Up, Shoot II, Shoot, Shoot_em_Up_Math, Shoot_Out, Shooting Arcade, Shooting Gallery, Shootout at the OK Galaxy, Shootout, Shot’em All, Show Down, Showdown Hockey!, Showjumping, Shuffleboard, Shuffler_Stack_Computer_Services, Shuttle Intercept, Siberuv drahokam, Sidewinder II, Sidewinder, Siege, Siege_on_the_X_Men, Sigma Delta Gamma, Sign_Language_Fun, Significant_Figures_Drill, Silent Service, Sileny zlodej, Silicon Dreams Trilogy, Silicon Warrior, Silicon, Silly_Planter, Simon!, Simon_Sawfish_Software, Simon_unknown_version_1, Simon_unknown_version_2, Simple Minds, Simulated Computer II (1983)(Carousel), Sir Pacman, Sisyphos, Sixgun Shootout, Skarbnik, Skate Crazy, Skateboard, Skeet Shoot, Skeet, Ski Run, Ski_Weltcup, Skiabfahrt, Skier, Skiing Construction Set, Skiing, Skinhead Story, Skirmish, Skoczek, Skull Island, Skull_Chase, Skulls, Skunk, Sky Blazer, Sky Warrior, Skyscape, Skywriter, Slammer, Slave_II_Nimral_s_Grace, Sleazy Adventure, Sleepwalker, Sleuth, Slide, Slimaci, Slime, Slingshot – Construction Set, Slingshot, Slinky!, Slither, Slot Trivia, Slot_Machine_ROM, Slot-Machine, Slots_ACE_Newsletter, Slots_Page_6_Magazine, Sludge, Slurp_Sawfish_Software, Smack, Smackjack, Smarty, Smash, Smasher, Smok, Smokey, Smuffies’ World, Smurf Hunting, Smurf, Smus, Snafu, Snails, Snake Byte, Snake Panic, Snake, Snake_Attack, Snake_Pit, Snakes Alive, Snakes_and_Ladders, Snakey, Snap II, Snap, Snark_Hunt, Sneak Attack, Sneakers, sneek, Sniper, Snokie, Snooker 87, Snooker, Snooper Troops – Granite Point Ghost, Snooper Troops – The Disappearing Dolphin, Snow Ball Fight, Snowball, Snowbird, Snowplow, Soccer, Softball, Softporn Adventure, Softside Adventure No. 13 – Arrow One, SoftSide_Adventure_No_1, SoftSide_Adventure_No_4, SoftSide_Adventure_No_5, SoftSide_Adventure_No_10, SoftSide_Adventure_No_14, SoftSide_Adventure_No_15, SoftSide_Adventure_No_16, SoftSide_Adventure_No_17, SoftSide_Adventure_No_19, SoftSide_Adventure_No_20, Sogon, Soko-Ban, Solar_Star, Solar_System_Mount_Saint_Helens, Solar_System_Scaler, Solitaire APX, Solitaire, Solitario, Solltaire, Solo Flight – Second Edition, Solo Flight, Solo, Son_of_Rockford, Sonar_Search, Songwriter, Sonic_Death, Sons of Liberty, Sop, Sorcerer, Sorcerer_s_Apprentice, SOS Saturn, South_Seas_Trader_1906, Space 1999, Space Ace, Space Attack, Space Ball, Space Battle, Space Beagle – Hyper Drive, Space Blaster, Space Bombs, Space Bowl, Space Bumpers, Space Cadet, Space Combat, Space Conflict II, Space Conflict, Space Cowboy, Space Dodger, Space Dungeon, Space Eggs, Space Harrier, Space Hawk, Space Hawks of Avabana 4, Space Hunt, Space Invaders, Space Journey, Space Lobsters, Space Mission, Space Panic, Space Pussies, Space Rider, Space Shot, Space Shuttle – A Journey into Space, Space Shuttle, Space Station 2048, Space Station Zulu, Space Station, Space Trap, Space Trouble II, Space War, Space Wars, Space Waste Race, Space Zap, Space, Space_Assault, Space_Goon_Spelling, Space_Gunner, Space_Hero, Space_Invaders_5200, Space_Lander, Space_Limbo, Space_Maze, Space_Mines, Space_Pirates_3000, Space_Station_Multiplication, Space_Station_Quest, Space_Thief, Space_Trek, Space_Way, Spaceball, Spacebase, SpaceJourney, Spacerun, Spaceship_Captain, Spaceship_Excitement!, Spaceway, Spanish_Study_Guide, Spanish_Vocabulary_Builder, Spare Change, Spare Tire, SparkBugs, Special Delivery, Special Forces – Operation Blood II, Spectre_of_Castle_Doomrock, Speed – Puzzle, Speed Ace, Speed Ball, Speed Demon, Speed Fox, Speed Hawk, Speed King, Speed Matter, Speed Run, Speed Ski, Speed Up!! Gold Edition, Speed Up!, Speed Zone, Speed_Puzzle, Speed_Racer, Speedello, Speedway Blast, Spell Diver (19xx)(Scholastic Wizware), Spell_Me, Spell_Weaver, Spellbetter, Spellbound, Spellbreaker, Spellicopter, Spelling Genie, Spelling_Flashcards, Spelling_in_Context_8, Spelling_in_Context_Level_1, Spelunker, Sperm Invaders, Spider City, Spider Eater, Spider Invasion, Spider Quake, Spider, Spider_Antic_Publishing_The_Best_of_Antic_Volume_1, Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Spite_and_Malice, Spitfire 40, Spitfire Ace, Splat_a_Brat, Split_der_Taucher, Spooky Castle, Sport Goofy, Sport_Test, Sports_Spectacular, Spot_the_Difference, Sprawdzian_z_Historii_Polski, Springer, Sprong – The Quest For The Golden Pogostick, Spy Games, Spy Hotel, Spy Hunter, Spy Master, Spy vs Spy – Arctic Antics, Spy vs Spy – The Island Caper, Spy Vs Spy, Spy_Plane, Spy’s Demise, Sqoid, Square_Pairs, Squares, Squeeeeze!!!, Squish’em, SS Achilles, Sssnake!!!, Stack Up, Standoff, Star Crystals, Star Dust, Star Fleet I – The War Begins!, Star Intruder, Star Island, Star League Baseball, Star Lords, Star Maze, Star Merchant, Star Raiders II, Star Raiders, Star Rider, Star Sentry, Star Trek III, Star Trek The Game, Star Trek, Star Trux, Star Wars – The Arcade Game, Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, Star_Bomb, Star_Castle, Star_Death!, Star_Destroyer, Star_Flite, Star_Maze_Outland_Quest_Software, Star_Trek_Futurehouse, Star_Trek_strategy_game, Star_Venture, Star_Voyage_1_Star_Voyage_2, Star_Wars_Return_of_the_Jedi, Starball, Starbase Fighter, Starbase Hyperion, Starbase_Alpha, Starbase_Omega, Starblade, Starbowl Football, Starbrite BBS Pinball, Starcross, Stardate 4000, Stardate 4001, Stardust, Starfire Warrior, Starfire, Stargate Courier, Stargate, Stargunner, Starion, Starlanes, Starquake, Starquest – Star Warrior, Stars, Starsector_Defense, Starship Pinball, Starship_Duel, Starshot, Starsquare, Starware, States_and_Capitals, States_and_Capitals_Atari, States_and_Capitals_Softswap_1981, States_and_Capitals_Softswap_1983, Static, Stationfall, Statistics_I, Stealth, Steeple Jack, Stellar Arena, Stellar Shuttle, Stellar, Stellar_Defense, Steps_to_Comprehension, Sternhaufen II, Steve Davis Snooker, Stickybear Basket Bounce, Stickybear Bop, Stickybear_ABC, Stickybear_Numbers, Stickybear_Opposites, Stickybear_Shapes, Stock Market, Stock_Broker, Stone Mine II, Stone Mine, Stoneguard, Stonequest, Stoneville_Manor, Storm, Story_Builder_Word_Master, Story_Machine_cartridge, Story_Machine_disk, Storyline, STP, Straight Jacket, Stranded, Strange Land, Strasidelna skola, Strategi, Stratego, Strategy_Pack_I, Strategy_Pack_II, Stratoblaster_Outpost, Stratos, Stratosphere – Excelsor II, Strayball II, Strayball, Street Attack, Streets and Alleys, Streets, Strike Force, Strikes_n_Spares, Strip FunMaze, Strip Poker, Strip_Blackjack, Stroj casu, Stroq, Strzelanina, Strzyga, Stud_Poker_Dynacomp, Stun Trap, Stunt_Clown, Sub Attack, Sub, Sub_Search, Submarine Commander, Submarine Hunter, Submission, Success, Success_with_Math_Addition_and_Subtraction, Success_with_Math_Decimals_Multiplication_and_Division, Success_with_Math_Fractions_Addition_and_Subtraction, Success_with_Math_Fractions_Multiplication_and_Division, Sudden Death, Sudoku Sweep, Sudoku, Suicider, Sultan’s Palace, Sumer, Summer Games (1988)(Atari)(US), Summer Games, Sun Star, Sun, Suomi World Cup ’91, Super Ball (Irata Verlag), Super Ball 2, Super Ball Editor, Super Ball, Super Boulder Dash 1, Super Breakout, Super Bunny, Super Clown, Super Cobra, Super Cubes, Super Fortuna Edytor, Super Fortuna, Super Huey, Super Husa, Super Miner 2, Super Miner, Super Pac-man, Super Puzzler, Super Rover, Super Snake, Super Stud Poker, Super Yahtsee, Super Zaxxon, Super_Car_III, Super_Pong, Super_Slot, Superballe, Superchase!, Supereversion, Superfly 1k, Superfly 1k+, Superfrogs, Superman – The Game, Superman 2600, Superman III, Supernova, Superquerg Chess, Super-Quiz, Super-Skat, Superski, Supertrons & VDH5, Superwurm, Supply_Blaster, Surface Zero, Surf’s Up, Surrender_at_Stalingrad, Surround, Survival of the Fittest (1982)(IDSI)(US), Survival Of The Fittest, Survival, Survival_Adventure, Survive!, Survivor, Suspect, Suspended, Suzi_Head_Goes_to_War_Tonguebath_Tommy, Swamp Chomp, Swapz, Swarm, Swede_1, Swiat Olkiego, Switchbox, swop, SWURY_2036, Symbolism, Syn Boga Wiatru, System_8, T.G.I.F., T34 – The Battle, Taam, Table Football, Tac – Tactical Armor Command, Tactic, Tactrek, Tactwar, Tag_Antic_Publishing, Tagalon, Taifun, Taipei XL 1.0, Tajemstvi Zlutych Skal, Tales of Dragons & Cavemen, Talisman, Talking_Toddle_Type, Tanium, Tank Battle, Tank Commander, Tank vs Tank, Tank, Tank_Arkade, Tank_Brent_Borghese, Tank_Math_sample_version, Tank_Trap, Tanks, Tanktics, Tapper, Targ, Target Practice, Target, Target_Ball, Tari_Trek, Tariteach_Geograquiz_3_Europe, Tarkus and the Crystal of Fear, Tarkus and the Orbs of Doom, Tarzan of the Apes, Tauz, Tawerna, Tax Dodge, Taxi, Taxicab Hill, Taxman, Teacher_Killer_demo_version, Teaser, Teasers_by_Tobbs_APX, Tech, Techno Ninja, Technoid, Technus – Technologic Soldier, Tee_Off, Telefon Terror, Telengard, Telespiel, Tell, Telly_Turtle, Temple of Apshai , Temple of Apshai Trilogy, Ten Pin Bowling, Ten_Pin_Bowling, Tenis ATP, Tennis_publisher_unknown, Terminal, Termite!, Terror House, Terry, Test Baby, Test Boy, Test Drive, Test Girl, Test_Your_Memory, Test_z_Prawa_Jazdy, TestBaby, Teste_Deinen_IQ, Tetrad, Tetris 3D, Tetris, Tetris_David_Mason, Tetris_Richard_Carter, Tetrix, Texas Holdem, The Adventure Trilogy, The Adventurer, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Adventures of Charlie Chicken – Part I – The Hatching, The Adventures of Dr. Jones, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Alphabet Factory, The Amulet, The Apple Tree, The Arcade Machine, The Archers, The Asylum, The Atari Jail, The Atari Olympics, The Atari Planetarium, The Atari Safari, The Atlantis Adventure, The Atomix Plus, The Battle of Chickamauga, The Battle of Shiloh, The Bean Machine, The Best Game, The Bewitch Castle, The Big Bump, The Big House, The Big Quest, The BiJets, The Black Hole, The Blade of Blackpoole, The Bow of Beura, The Breath of Life – Pt.1, The Brundles, The Bug and the Spider, The Car S.A., The Castle of Cire-Nampahc, The Castle, The Cave, The Cavern of Death, The Caves of Ctulhi, The Champion, The Chessmaster 2000, The Citadel, The Clash of Kings, The Colormatch Square, The Comet Game, The Convicts, The Crypt, The Curse, The Dallas Quest, The Dark Crystal , The Day After, The Devil’s Dungeon, The Digital Couch, The Domain of the Undead, The Door, The Dragonriders of Pern, The Dragon’s Eye, The Dreadnaught Factor, The Duck Tales 1, The Duck Tales 2, The Duck Tales 3, The Duelists, The E Factor, The Eidolon, The Electroids, The Emperor, The Eternal Dagger, The Exterminator, The Extirpator!, The Factory, The Fall of Rome, The Felton Project, The Final Fight, The Fish-Adventures of Mr. Fish, The Flintstones, The Folly of Ezrhar’d Kkhann!, The Forgotten Island, The Fountain of the Gods, The Game of Creation, The Game of Jericho, The Gauntlet, The Gladiator, The Glasnost Game, The Gold Run, The Golden Sword, The Goonies, The Greasy Spoon IQ Examination, The Great Adventure, The Great American Cross Country Road Race, The Great Maine to California Race, The Guild of Thieves, The Guns of Fort Defiance, The Haley Project, The Haunted Palace, The Hidden Fortress, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hyams Adventure, The Incredible Laboratory, The Institute, The Island, The Jet Action, The Jet, The Jewels of Darkness Trilogy, The Justice, The KGB Kill, The Kill Zone, The Labyrinth of Crete, The Laser Robot, The Last Chance, The Last Guardian, The Last V8, The Last Warrior, The Living Daylights, The Lone Raider, The Lurking Horror, The Mad Marble Maze, The Maniac Tales II, The Maniac Tales, The Maze of Death, The Molecule Man Maze Editor, The Mysterious Adventure #01 – Golden Baton, The Mysterious Adventure #08 – Wizard of Akyrz, The Name Rose, The Nephew, The Neverending Story, The NFL, The Nightmare, The Nine Treasures of Crystal Cluster, The Ninja Master, The Paradise Threat, The Pawn, The Pharaoh’s Curse, The Phoenix Game, The Pirate!!, The Podz, The Pond, The Price of Magik, The Puzzler, The Quest for the Maltese Chicken, The Quest of the Space Beagle, The Quest, The ROBOX Incident, The Runic Cross, The Sands of Egypt, The Sands of Mars, The Scrolls of Abadon, The Search, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The Serpent’s Star, The Seven Keys, The Seven Skulls, The Shattered Alliance, The Slave Cellars of Golgoloth, The Slave, The Snapper, The Softtoy, The Space Factory, The Spy Strikes Back, The Star Trek Adventure, The Stone of Sisyphus, The Stonetime People, The Survivors, The System, The Tail of Beta Lyrae, The Terminator, The Thinking Man’s Video Game, The Tomb of Death, The Train Game, The Treasures of Barboz, The Trivia Arcade, The Troglodyte, The Tylenol Factory, The Underworld II, The Underworld, The Universe Fighting Contest, The Voyager Program, The Wall, The War of the Worlds, The Warsaw Robbo, The Warsaw Tetris, The Way = Jesus, The Web, The Whipping Top, The Witness, The Wizard’s Sword, The World of Dune, The Zeta Bomb, The_Curse_of_Crowley_Manor, The_Trigonometry_Machine, Theatre Europe, Thief, Things_in_the_Dark, Think+Work, Thinker, Thinx, Thought_Recorder, Thrax Lair, Three_Card_Brag, Three_Pile_Nim, Threshold, Through_the_Looking_Glass, Thrust, Thunder Ball, Thunder Bombs, Thunder Island, Thunderbird, Thunderfox, TIAK_Taking_in_Accurate_Knowledge, Tic Tac 3D, Tic_Tac_Snack_Hi_Res, Tic_Tac_Snack_Lindasoft, Tic_Tac_Toe, Tick_Tock, Tie_Fighter_Antic_Publishing, Tiger Attack, Tiger Hunters, Tiger, Tigers in the Snow, Tight-Lines, Tightrope, Tigris, Tile Trouble, Tiles, Tilt, Tilter, Timber, Time and Magik Trilogy, Time Bandit, Time Bomb, Time Runner, Time Trial, Time Warp, Time_Bomb_author_unknown, Time_Bomb_PDI, Time_Typist, Timebound, Times_Tables, Timeslip, Timezone, Time-Zone, Tin_Can_Alley_Cats, Tinory Quest – Boot Disk, Tinory Quest – Frageneditor, Tiny Mite.atr, Tiny Mite.xex, Tiny Pong, Tipp_Trainer_Atari_Germany, Titan, Titan_SoftSide_Publications, Titanic II, TKKG – Das Leere Grab im Moor, TKKG 2 – In den Klauen des Tigers, TNT Terror!, TNT, To_the_Rescue, Toboggan Run, Tobot – Part II, Tobot Part I, Toledem’s Revenge – The Riddle II, Tomahawk, Tombstone_City, Tommingi, Tonguebath Tommy Meets the Killer Bees, Tonk_in_the_Land_of_Buddy_Bots, Top Gun Pinball, Top Secret, Top_Gunner_Collection, Topkapi, Topless Tina, Topographie Deutschland, Topographie Europa, Topographie Welt, Topper, Toque y Fama, Torpedo, Toskanec, Total Maniac, Totocalcio, Touch_Typing, Touchdown Football, Tournament Checkers, Tower Blocks, Tower Toppler, Tower, Towers_of_Hanoi_ACE_Program_Exchange, Towers_of_Hanoi_ANALOG_Computing, Towns_of_Oz, Toyshop, Tracer, Track & Field, Track Attack, Track_Fever, Track_Star, Trackstar, Tractor_Beam, Trailblazer, Trailer, Train Crazy, Train_Dispatcher, Trains, Transformers, Transition, Transmuter, Transylvania, Trap Door II, Trap, Trapped, Travelers, Treasure, Treasure_Hunt_ACE_Newsletter, Treasure_Quest_Adventure_International, Treasure_Storm, Tree Surgeon, Trefoil, Trekkie, Trench_Computer_and_Video_Games, Trencheon, Tretis, Triad, Trial by Fire!, Tricky Tracks, Tricky_Tic, Trig_Plot, Trilogy, Trion – In 3 Dimensions, Trip_to_Jupiter, TriPeaksXE, Triple Crown, Triple_Threat_Dice, Trisz Divinis, Triumph, Trivia Quest, Trivia Quiz, Trivia_Time, Trivia_Trek, Trivial Pursuit – Atari Genus-Edition, Trix, Troll War II, Troll War, Trolls And Tribulations, Troll’s Tale, Trolls, Tron – The Light Cycles, Tron – The Race, Tron II, Tron, Tron_Mirage_Software, Trong, Trouble with the Bubble, Troublesome Words, Trucker_H_P_Kuesters, Trucker_Streets_of_the_City, Trull, Trust, TT Racer, Tube Baddies, Tug_a_War, Tumble Bugs, tuning your atari, Tunnel Trekker, Tuptus, Turbican, Turbo Worm, Turboflex_New_Atari_User, Turf-Form, Turmoil, Turn_the_Tables, Turret, Turtle_Tracks, Tusker, Tutankham, Tutti Frutti, TV Jaji, Twenty One, Twerps, Twilight World, Twirlybird, TwoGun, TwoMaze, Tycoon, Typeattack, Typing_Evaluator, Typing_Tutor, Typo, TypoAttack, Tyrants of Torment, U.S.A.A.F., Uczen czarnoksieznika, UFO_Atari_UK, Ultima I , Ultima II – Revenge of the Enchantress, Ultima III – Exodus, Ultima III, Ultima_IV, Ultra Tetris, Ultrazocker I, Ultrazocker II, Uncle Henry’s Nuclear Waste Dump, Uncle Jim’s Autocrostics, Uncle Milton’s Million Dollar Mystery Mansion, Unicorn Horn, Unicum 2, Unicum, United States Adventure (1984)(First Star Software)[Basic], Universal Hero, Universe, Unriagh – Maker, Unriagh II – der Zeitbandit, Unscramble – A Word Game, Unscramble_Compute!, Unscramble_II, Up Up and Away, UpForGrabs, Upior, Up’n Down, Uptown_Manager, Upward, uridium, Usurp, UXB, V.c. – Vietcong, Valecne kladivo, Valgus 2, Valiant, Valka Gangu!, Valley_of_the_Kings, Vanadium, Vanguard, Vaults_of_Zurich, VDH5, Vectron, Vegas Jackpot, Vegas Poker, Vegas, Vegas_Slots, Velke smouleni, Venus Express, Venus Voyager 2, Verzauberte_Schloss, Vesmirna Odysea 1, Vesmirna Odysea 2, Vesmirna Odysea 3, Vesmirna Odysea 4, Vesmirna Odysea 5, Vesmirna Odysea 6a, Vesmirna Odysea 6b, Vesmirna Odysea 7a, Vesmirna Odysea 7b, Vicky, Video Easel, Video Poker, Video Vegas, Video_Easel, Video_Math_Flash_Cards, Video_Poker_Sambec_Software, Video_Yahtze, Videoclassics, Videogame – Part I, Videogame – Part II, Videopoly 1, Videostop, videostop_(fanny), Vier_gegen_Willi, Vigilant, Vioris, Viper, Viro_Mania, Visualizer Jigsaw Game, Vlaggenspel, Vocabulary_Practice, Vokabel_Trainer, Volcano, Volleyball, Vorrak, Voyage in Time, Voyage Through Time – 1 Million B.C., Voyage Through Time – Medieval Era, Voyage to Home, Voyager_I, Vrazda 2, Vrazda 3, Vrazda 4, Vrazda, VU 5259, Vulcano, Vultures_III_ACE_Newsletter, Wa_Tor, Wace, Walburge Whist and Black Maria, Wall Ball, Wall_Street_Challenge, Wallwar, Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Wanderer, Wandering, War in Russia, War, War-Copter, Wargame Construction Set, Wargames, Wargle!, Warhawk, Wari, Warlok, Warlords, Warlords_Sawfish_Software, Warp Zone, Warp_Attack, Warren’s World Lost Colony, Warrior Of Ras Vol 1 – Dunzhin, Warrior Of Ras Vol 2 – Kaiv, Warrior Of Ras Vol 3 – The Wylde, Warrior Of Ras Vol 4 – Ziggurat, Warrior_3000, Warsaw Robbo II, Warship, Warships, Water Ski School 2, Water Ski School, Water_Eat_01, Waterloo II, Wavy Navy, Wayout, WC Quarter, Weakon, Web Master, Webster – The Word Game, Weganoid, weihnachtsspiel, Well, Weltraumkolonie, Werewolf Adventure, Werner Flaschbier, What_Is_It, What’s Different, Wheel of Fortune, Where_Dinosaurs_Rule, Whirlinurd, Whirlwind!, Whistler’s Brother, White_Barrows, WhizKid, Who Dares Wins II, Who Dares Wins, Whomper Stomper, Whoops 2, Whoops, Wild_Strawberries, Wild_West_ACE_Newsletter, Wild_West_Page_6_Magazine, Wildcatter, Wilde 15, Wilderness_Warriors, Wille, Wimbledon ’88, Wing Wars, Winged Samurai, Wingman, Winter Challenge, Winter Events, Winter Olympiad 88, Winter Olympics, Winter Wally, Wireball, Wiro-Puzzle, Wishbringer, Wisielec, Wizard of Id’s Wiztype (1984)(Sierra On-Line), Wizard Of Wor, Wizard, Wizard_s_Revenge, Wizards And Dragons, Wizard’s Crown, Wizard’s Gold, Wizard’s Revenge, Wladca, Wladcy Ciemnosci, Wloczykij, Wombats I, Wombel, Word Invaders (1984)(Academy Software), Word Maker, Word Spinner, Word_Adventure, Word_Flyer, Word_Hanger, Word_Jumble, Word_Olympics, Word_Scramble_ANALOG_Computing, Word_Search_James_Wind, Word_Search_Puzzle_Generator, Wordmaker, Wordmate_Compu_Net, Wordmate_THESIS, Wordmaze, Wordrace, Words are Fun, World Cup Manager, World History, World Karate Championship, World of Pleasure, World Soccer, World Trouble, World War III, World_Capitals, World_Cup_1986, World_Soccer_CS, World_Trouble, Worm, Worm_Squirm, Worms, WormWar1, Wrap Trap, Wuchu, Wuerfel_Kniffel, Wumpus Hunter, Wurm, Wustoy’s, Wyprawy Kupca, Wyspa, Wyzle, X_Mas_House, X_Y_Zap, Xagon, Xari Arena, Xenon Raid, Xevious, X-Mas Horror, XPoker, Xtal – Adventure in Space, Yahtman, Yahtzee, Yahtzee_Friday_Fun_Software, Yahtzee_Mark_Belczyk, Yankee 21 Blackjack, Yargos Dilemma Pt 1, Yat_C_II, Yat-C, Ye Olde House, Yie Ar Kung Fu, YIEKUNG, Yoga_Breathing, Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster, Yogi’s Great Escape, Yokyu I – Karriere, Yokyu II – Globetrotter, Yoomp!, Z_Force, Za duzo za malo, Zabara Chuda, Zack, Zador II, Zador, Zahada napajedelskeho zamku, Zahada Tajemneho Domu, Zahlen Raten, Zahrcon , Zamek Londyn, Zand’s Labyrinth, Zardon, Zarka, Zauberball, Zauberschloss_Lars_Langhans, Zauberschloss_Martin_Krischik, Zaxxon, Zaxxon’s Station, Zbir, Zebuland Construction Set, Zebu-Land, Zemepis_CSSR, Zenji, Zeppelin, Zero War, Zeta Affair, Zeus, Z-force, Zing, Zinsen Und Tilgung (19xx)(Atari)(de), Zip!, Zip_Zap_Zonked, Zipper, Zizkovska galerka, Zjadacz, Zlodej 1, Zlodej 2, Zlodej 3, Znajdz i Zabij 1, Znajdz i Zabij 2, Znicte Saddama Husajna, Zodiac, Zoltan Escape, Zombies, Zone Patrol, Zone Ranger, Zone X, Zork I – The Great Underground Empire, Zork II – The Wizard of Frobozz, Zork III – The Dungeon Master, Zorro, zulu_warpath, Zumbaja, Zurk, Zuruck in die Gegenwart, Zuzel, Zybex 2, Zybex 3, Zybex, Zyclop – Giant Oak, Zyclop II – Space Craft, Zyclop, ZZZ(notgame)Addition And Subtraction Machine, ZZZ(notgame)Addition Practice Program, ZZZ(notgame)Adventure Creation Kit, ZZZ(notgame)Algebra Quiz 2, ZZZ(notgame)Algebra Quiz I, ZZZ(notgame)Algicalc, ZZZ(notgame)Atari Music I I, ZZZ(notgame)I Value Pack 2, A.