Liste des 1955 Jeux (Amstrad CPC6128)

Numérique (Amstrad)

2 Finger Death Now,3D Boxing, 3D Fight, 3D Grand Prix, 3D Invaders, 3D Monster Chase et enfin 3D Noughts and Crosses by Mike Wong. Ensuite, 3D Pool, 3D Snooker, 3D Star Fighter, 3D Starstrike, 3D Stunt Rider, 3D Time Trek, 3D Trailblazer et enfin 3DC. 4 Soccer Simulators. 4×4 Off-Road Racing, 5th Axis, The, 5th Quadrant et The 007 – The Living Daylights. 007 – The Spy Who Loved Me, 7 Card Stud, 10th Frame, 18th Century Invaders,180 Darts, 464 Crusader,500cc Grand Prix 2, 720 Degrees, 750cc Grand Prix, 1942, 1943, 2088 et enfin 2112 AD.

Lettre A (Amstrad)

AAARGH!, Absurdity ,Ac Returns,Academy – Tau Ceti 2, Ace, Ace 2, Ace of Aces, Acrojet, Action Fighter, Action Force, Activator, The, Actref, Addams Family. Ensuite, Adidas Championship Tie Break, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Advanced Tactical Fighter, African Trail Simulator (F,I), After The War, Afterburner, Aftermath, Agent 006,Agent Orange, Agent X II, Ahhh…, Airballs, Airwolf, Airwolf 2, Aladdin’s Cave, Alex Higgin’s World Pool.

Alex Higgin’s World Snooker, Alien, Alien 8, Alien Attack, Alien Break-In, Alien Highway – Highway Encounter 2, Alien Intervention, Alien Storm, Alien Syndrome, Alien Tank Attack, Aliens, Aliens US – Computer Game, Alinka, Alkahera, All In 3D ,AlphaJet, Alpine Games, Altered Beast, Amaurote, Amelie Minuit, American Football ,American Turbo King et enfin America’s Cup Challenge.

Amnesia (1998)

Amnesia ,AMS Golf ,Amsthrees,Anarchy, Ancient Battles, Android One – Operation Reactor Run, Android Two et enfin Anduril. Andy Capp, Angleball, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral ,Antiriad. Ensuite, Anubis,APB – All Points Bulletin, Apprentice, The, Arcade Flight Simulator, Arche du Captain Blood, L’ (UK,F,G,S,I), Archon – Light & Dark, Archon 2 – Adept, Arctic Fox, Area 51,Argo Navis, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2 – Revenge of Doh.

Arkanoid 3 – Doh Strikes Again,. De plus, Arkanoid 4, Arkanoid 5, Arkanoid Construction Set, Arkos et Armageddon Man. Puis, (The) Army Moves, Artura, Aspar Grand Prix Master, Assault Course, Assault Port Stanley, Astro Attack ,Astroball, Atahualpa, Athlete, Atlantis, Atom Smasher et Atomic. Ensuite, Atomic Battle, Atomic Fiction, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Attempts. ATV Simulator, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Australian Rules Football. Avenger – Way of the Tiger 2, AXYS – The Last Battle et enfin Ayo – The Game of Africa.

Lettre B (Amstrad)

Babas Palace, Baby Jo – Going Home, Baca (1998), Bachou, Back to Reality, Back to the Future, Backgammon et enfin Bacterik Dream. Bactron, Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja, Badlands et Ball Bearing. Puis, Ball Blazer, Ball Breaker, Ball Breaker 2, Ball Crazy, Balldozer ,Balldozer 2, Balloon Buster, Balls,Baloncesto, Banana, Barbarian 1, Barbarian 1 Part 2 et Barbarian 2.

Barry McGuigan’s Boxing, Barthel’s Dash ,BAS Unprotect, Base, The, Basil – The Great Mouse Detective, Basildon Bond, Basket Cases,Bat n’ Ball, Batman – The Movie, Batman, Batman Caped Crusader, Battle Valley, Batty, Beach Buggy Simulator, Beach Volley, Beachhead, Beachhead 2 et enfin Bedlam.

Beetle Mania, Bells, The, Berks 3, Best of the Best, Beverly Hills Cop, Beyond the Ice Palace, Biff, Big Foot, Big League Soccer, Big League Soccer 2, Big Screen Hero, Big Trouble In Little China – Jack Burton, Biggles, Bigtop Barney, Billy 2, Billy the Kid et Binky Basher.

Bio Spheres

Bio Spheres, Bionic Commando, Bionic Ninja, Birdie, Bitume,Black Beard, Black Land (1998) [T+Eng],Black Magic, Black Tiger, Blade Runner, Blade Warrior, Blagger, Blasted Squares, Blasteroids. Blazing Thunder, Blip, Block Invasion, Blockbusters, Blokker, Blood Brothers, Blood Valley, Bloodwych, Bloodwych Maps, Blowaway Bob (1995),Blue Tomb, Blue War et enfin BMX Kidz.

Ensuite, BMX Ninja, BMX Simulator, BMX Simulator 2, Bo! ,Bobby Bearing, Bobsleigh, Boeing 727, Boinggg!, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack 2, Bomb Scare, Bombfusion, Bombuz 3D, Bonanza Bros. Bonz, Booty et Bosconian 87.

Boulder Dash

Boulder Crash, Boulder Dash ,Boulder Dash 2 ,Boulder Dash 3 ,Boulder Dash 6, Boulder Dash Construction Kit, Bounder, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bounty Hunter, Boy Racer, Brainache, Brainstorm.

Bravestarr, Braxx Bluff, Breakthru, Brian Bloodaxe, Brian Jack Superstar Challenge, Brick, The, Bride of Frankenstein, Bridge It ,Bronx, Bronx Street Cop, Bruce Lee ,Brutal Fighters,Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble 2, Bubble Bobble 4, Bubble Bobble 4,Bubble Dizzy.

Bubble Ghost, Bubbler, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Buggy 2, Buggy Boy, Buggy Ranger, Bugsy, Builderland, Bump Set Spike, Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy, Bunny Bricks, Burning Wheels, Bust Out, Butcher Hill et enfin By Fair Means Or Foul.

Lettre C (Amstrad)

Cabal, Caecilia Metella, Cannibalator,Canyons of Cannons, Captain America – Doom Tube, Captain Gordon, Captain Kidd, Captain Planet, Captain Starship’s Test, Car Massacre, Carrier Command, Castle Assault, Castle Master 1, Castle Master 2 – The Crypt, Cat Pang,Catch 23, Cauldron, Cauldron 2, Cauldron 3 – Super Cauldron ,Caverns of Mars, Caves of Doom, Centipods, Centre Court Tennis, Centurions, Cerberus, Cessna Over Moscow, Chain Reaction, Challenge of the Gobots, Chamonix Challenge – Bivouac, Championship Jet Ski Simulator, Championship Sprint, Chaos Rising,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Chaplin, Charly Diams et enfin Chase HQ.

Chuckie Egg

Cheril,Chessmaster 2000, The, Chevalier Blanc, Le, SlapShot, Spindizzy, Titus Classiques II, Chevy Chase, Chicago 90, Chickin Chase, Chiller, Chimera, Cholo, Chomper ,Chopper Squad, Chronos, Chubby Gristle, Chuck Yeager’s Simulator, Chuckie Egg, Chuckie Egg 2, Cid, El, Cisco Heat, City Slicker, Classic Axiens, Classic Invaders.

Classic Muncher, Climb It, Cluedo, Cobra, Cobra, Cobra Force, Cobra Pinball, Cobra’s Arc, Codename Mat, Codename Mat 2, Coliseum, Collapse, Colony, Color Flood,Colosseus, Colossus Backgammon, Colossus Bridge, Colossus Chess 4, Colossus Mahjong, Comando Quatro, Comando Tracer, Combat Lynx, Combat School, Combat Zone Mentor, Comet Encounter, Commando, Commonwealth Games et enfin Confuzion.

Con-Quest, Contamination, Continental Circus, Contraption, Convoy Raider, Cop Out, Core, Corridor Conflict, Corsarios – Corsaires, Cosa Nostra, Cosmic Shock Absorbers, Cosmic Snack Absurber, Cosmos, Costa Capers, Count Duckula, Count Duckula 2, Countdown, Covenant – Le Survivant, The, Cowboy Kidz, Crack Up, Crafton et Xunk – Get Dexter, Crazy Ball ,Crazy Cars, Crazy Cars 2, Crazy Cars 3, Crazy ErBert.

Crazy Fruit, Crazy Golf ,Crazy Shoot, Crazy Snake, Crazy Stamps, Crazy Worm, Cricket Captain, Crimson Knight Adventures,Cris,Critical Mass, Crocker,Croco Magneto, Crossfire, Crystal Castles, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Crystal Mission, Crystann, Cubemeleon, Cubewars, Cubic (1997) ,Cubit, Curse of Sherwood, The, Custard Pie Factory, Cyber Bricks, Cyber Power ,Cyber Tennis (1997),Cyberball, Cybernoid, Cybernoid 2, Cybor, Cycit, Cycles, The, Cylu, Cyrus II, Cyrus II et enfin Chess.

Lettre D (Amstrad)

Dakar Moto, Daleks ,Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge, Daley Thompson’s Supertest, Dam Busters, The, Dan Dare, Dan Dare 2, Dan Dare 3, Dandy, Danger Mouse – Makin’ Whopee, Danger Mouse In Double Trouble, Danger Street, Dark Century, Dark Fusion, Dark Power, Dark Sceptre, Dark Side, Dark Star, Darkman, Darts, Dash, Dawnssley, D-Day, Deactivators, Dead on Time,Dead or Alive.

Dead Warrior,Deadly Evil, Death or Glory, Death Pit, Death Stalker, Death Wake, Death Wish 3, Deathscape, Deathsville, Deep Strike, Deep, The, Deeper Warrens,Defcom, Defcom 1, Defend or Die, Defenders of the Earth, Deflektor, Deliverance – Stormlord 2, Demineur, Der Zeichner, Dervish, Desert Fox, Desolator – Hall of Kairo, Desperado 2, Despotik Design, Detective ,Dethroned,Devil Highway, Devil’s Crown, The et enfin Diamond Trap.

Dick Tracy, Die Alien Slime, Digger Barnes, Dik Browne’s Hagar – The Horrible ,Dive-Dive-Dive, Dizzy – Down The Rapids, Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk, Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure, Dizzy Dice, Dodgy Geezers, Dogfight 2187, Dogs Body, Dominator, Domino, Dominoes, Donald Alphabet Chase (UK,F,G,S,I), Donkey Kong, Don’t Panic, Doodle Bug, Doomsday Blues, Doors of Doom, Doppleganger, Double Dragon, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2 – The Revenge, Double Dragon 3 – The Rosetta Stone, Dr. Dustbin, Dr. Jackle and Mr Wide, Dr. Scrime’s Spook School.

Dr. Who & The Mines of Terror, Dragon Attack,Dragon Breed, Dragon Ninja, Dragon Spirit, Dragon Torc, Dragon’s Gold (Amsoft Version),Dragon’s Gold (Romik Version),Dragon’s Lair, Dragon’s Lair 2, Dragons of Flames, Dream Warrior, Drigus Und Drolan ,Driller, Dripzone, Druid, Duckula, Duct, Duel 2000, Duet – Commando 86, Dun Darach, Dynamic Duo, Dynamite Dan, Dynamite Dan 2, Dynamite Dux, Dynasty Wars.

Lettre E (Amstrad)

Eagle’s Rider, Earth Defender,Echelon, Edd The Duck, Edge Grinder,Eidolon, The, Eiros Bridge, Electric Fencing, Electric Runner, Electric Wonderland, Electro Freddy ,Elektra Glide, Elevator Action, Elidon, Eliminator, Elite, Elliot,Elven Warrior, Emlyn Huges’ International Soccer, E-Motion, Endurance, Enduro Racer, Energic, Energy, Energy Warrior, Enlightment – Druid 2, Enterprise V1, Equinox, Er-Bert ,Escape From Planet of Robot Monsters, Escape From WACCI, Espionage, Estimator Racer, European 2, European Champions, European Superleague, Eva Strip Word, Evening Star, Everyone’s A Wally – Meet The Gang, Evil Donjon, Execution, Exolon, Exploding Wall, Explorer, Express Raider, Exterminator, Extreme, Eye.

Lettre F

F-1 Tornado Simulator, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Combat Pilot, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-16 Fighting Falcon 2, Fairlight – A Prelude, Fairlight 2, Fantastic Voyage, Fantasy World Dizzy, Fantomas, Fast Food Dizzy, Fear, The – Storm 2, Fernandez Must Die, Ferry Captain, Feud, Fighter Pilot, Fighting Soccer, Fighting Warrior, Final Matrix, The, Finders Keepers, Fire, Fire and Forget, Fire and Forget 2, Fire Ant ,Firefox 2, Firelord, Fireman Sam, Firetrap, Firewall Wars,First Steps With The Mr Men, Five a Side Footy, Five a Side Soccer, Flags Slideshow (1997) ,Flash, Flash Gordon, Fleche, Flight Path 737 ,Flimbo’s Quest, Flintstones, Flintstones, The – Yabba Dabba Doo et enfin Flip Flop.

Flippit, Fluff ,Flunky, Fly Spy, Flying Shark, Foosball F3,Foot, Football Manager ,Football Manager 2, Football Manager 3, Football Manager World Cup Edition, Footballer of the Year, Footballer of the Year 2, Forbidden Planet, Forgotten Worlds, Formula One, Formula One Simulator, Fourtris, Frank Bruno’s Boxing, Frank ‘N’ Stein, Frankenstein Junior, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Fred Flintstone, Freddy Hardest, Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan.

Freedom Fighter, Freestyle BMX Simulator, Fres Attack ,Fres Attack ,Fresman ,Frestris, Friday The 13th, Frissman, Froggit, Froggy, Front Line, Frontiers, Frost Byte, Fruit Bank Supernudge 2000, Fruit Machine, Fruit Machine Simulator, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, Fruity Frank ,Fu-Kung in Las Vegas, Fumiga, Fury, The, Fusion 2, Future Bike Simulator, Future Knight, Future Shock.

Lettre G

Gabrielle, Galactic Conqueror, Galactic Plague ,Galaxia ,Galaxian’s Revenge, Galaxy Force, Gallitron, Galvan, Game of Dragons, The, Game Over, Game Over II, gamelist.xml Garfield – Big Fat Hairy Deal, Garfield 2 – Winter’s Tail, Gary Lineker’s Hot-Shots, Gary Linekers Super Skills, Gatecrasher, Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, Gazza 2, Gazza’s Super Soccer, GBA – GFL Championship Football, GBA Championship Baseball, GBA Championship Basketball – 2 On 2, Gee Bee Air Rally, Gems of Stradus, GeNe,Genesis ,Genghis Khan, Ghost Hunters, Ghostbusters ,Ghostbusters 2 et enfin Ghosts.

Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins

Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, Ghouls, Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts, GI Hero, Gilbert Escape From Drill, Gilligan’s Gold ,Gladiator, Glass, Glen Hoddle Soccer, Glider-Rider, G-Loc, Gluecksrad, GOB, Gold Rush ,Golden Path, Goldhunter, Goldrun, Golf ,Goliath, Goonies, The, Gothik, Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket, Grand Prix Circuit, Grand Prix Driver ,Grand Prix Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Grange Hill.

Great Barrier Reef, The, Great Courts, Great Escape, The, Great Giana Sisters, The, Great Gurianos, Green Beret, Gregory Loses His Clock, Grell and Falla, Greyfell, Grid Trap, Gridrider, Ground Zero, Gryzor, Guadalcanal, Guardians, Guerrilla War, Gun Fright, Gunboat, Gunslinger – Play Dead, Gunstar, Guzzler, Gyroscope.

Lettre H

H Myga, Haciendo Campanya,Hacker, Hacker II, Hagar, Hair-Boy,Halls of Gold, Halls of the Things, Hammerfist, Hangman, Hangman 2, Happy Numbers ,Hard Drivin’, Hard Hat Mack (1983),Hardball, Harrier Attack ,Harrier Revenge,Harvest Day,Harvey Headbanger, HATE – Hostile All Terrain Encounter, Haunted Hedges, Havoc, Hawk Storm, Head Over Heels, Heartland, Heavy Metal, Hedge Hog, Helichopper, Helicopter 2000, Helter Skelter, Herbert’s Dummy Run, Here & There With The Mr. Men, Hero Magic,Hero of the Golden Talisman, Hero Quest et enfin Hero Quest 2 – Return of the Witch Lord.

Herobotix, Hideous, High Epidemy, High Noon, High Steel, Highlander, Highway Encounter, Hijack, Hi-Q Quizz, Hirehare,HiRise, HIVE, Hollywood Or Bust, Homerunner, Hong Kong Phooey, Hopper Copper, Hoppin’ Mad, Horrible Halls ,Horse Racing, Hotshot, House of Usher ,How To Become A Complete Bastard, Howard The Duck, Hudson Hawk, Human Killing Machine, Hunchback, Hunchback II – Quasimodo’s Revenge, Hundra, Hunt for Red October, The – The Movie, Hunt for Red October, The ,Hunter Killer ,Hustler, Huxley Pig, Hybrid, Hydro Fool, Hyper Sports, HyperBowl, Hypsys.

Lettre I

Ian Botham’s Test Match, I-Ball, I-Ball 2 – Quest for the Past, Ice Slider,Ice Temple, The et enfin Icon Jon. Ikari Warriors. Impact, Impossaball, Impossamole, Impossible Mission 2. Incredible Shrinking Sphere, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indigo,Indoor Bowling, Indoor Race et Indoor Soccer. Indoor Sports, Infection, Infernal Runner, Infiltrator. Infodroid, Inside Outing.

Inspector Heli in Interchange, Interdictor Pilot, International 3D Tennis, International Karate, International Karate Plus et International Rugby. International Rugby Simulator, International Speedway, Into Oblivion, Into the Eagle’s Next, Invasion, Invasion,Invertix et Invitation. Iron Man, Ishido, Ishido,Island of Dr. Destructo, Isotopes, Italian Supercar, Italy 1990 – Winners Edition, Italy 1990 et enfin It’s a Knockout.

Lettre J

Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Nipper, Jack the Nipper in Coconut Capers, Jackal, Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (UK,F,S), Jail Break, Jammin, Jarlac,Jaws, Jet Bike Simulator, Jet Boot Jack ,Jet Set Willy – The Final Frontier, Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy II+ (2000) ,Jetpac,Jetsons, The, Jewels of Babylon, Jinks, Jocky Wilson’s Darts Challenge, Jocky Wilson’s Darts Compendium, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, Joe Blade 3, John Elway’s Quarterback, Johnny Reb ,Johnny Reb 2, Jolly Roger’s Dungeon Escape ,Jonah Barrington’s Squash, Jonny Quest, Joust, Juggernaut, Jump Mania ,Jumper, Jumpjet, Jungle Warfare.

Lettre K

Kane, Karateka, Karl’s Treasure Hunt ,Kat Trap, Keep Yourself Alive, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match, Kentucky Racing, Kettle, Key Factor, Kick Off (UK,F,G,S,I), Kick Off 2, Kikstart II, Killapede, Killer Ball, Killer Cobra, Killer Gorilla ,Killer Ring, Killfield,Killing Machine,Kiloroid, Kimo Hiyoko,Kinetic, Klax, Knaves and thou Prisoners, Knight Lore ,Knight Rider, Knight Tyme, Knightmare, Kokotoni Wilf, Konami’s Golf, Kong Strikes Back, Koronis Rift, Krakout, Kristal, Kristax, KTris by Richard Wilson ,Kung-Fu, kungfu Guns,Kung-Fu Master, Kwik Snax.

Lettre L (Amstrad)

LA SWAT, Lala Prologue,Las Vegas Casino, Laser Base, Laser Boy,Lasersquad, Lasersquad Expansion Kit, Laserwarp, Last Duel, Last Mission, The, Last V8, The, Lawn Tennis, Lazertag, Leaderboard Tournament, League Challenge, Led Storm, Legend of Kage, The, Legend of Steel,Leonard, Leviathan, Liberator, Licence To Kill, Life (1998) ,Life Expectancy Zero, Light Corridor, The, Light Force, Line of Fire, Link, Lion, Little Computer People, Little Game ,Little Puff In Dragonland, Live and Let Die, Liverpool, Livingstone Supongo 2, Locomotion, Lode Runner, Logistic ,Loopz, Lop Ears, Lorna, Lost Caves and The Doom Tomb, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

Lettre M (Amstrad)

Macadam Bumper, Macaraibo, Mace ,Mach 3, Machaon ,Machinegun,Mad Ball, Mad Mazes, Mad Miner, Madballs. Maddog, Mag Max, Maggot Splat, Magic Clock, Magicland Dizzy, Mambo, Manchester United Football Club, Manchester United In Europe (UK,F,G,S,I). Mandragore, Manhattan 95, Manic Miner ,Manic Miner 2, Map Rally ,Marauder, Marble Madness Construction Set, Marble Madness Deluxe Edition, Mariano,Mario Bros, Marsport, Martianoids – The Game, Mask, Mask 2, Mask 3 – Venom Strikes Back, Master Chess ,Master Chess 2, Master of the Lamps, Master, The, Masters of the Universe, Match, Match Point – Balle de Match.

Match, The, Matchday, Matchday 2, Max Headroom, Maze. Maze Adventure,Maze Mania, Maziacs,Mazie, Mega Apocalypse, Mega Bombers ,Mega Phoenix, Megablasters,Megaworm, Memotron, Mercenary – Escape From Targ, Mercenary 1 and 2, Mercs, Mermaid Madness, Metal Army, Metalyx, Metro Cross, Metropolis, Miami Cobra GT, Miami Vice, Mickey Mouse, Micro Mouse Goes De-Bugging, Micro Sapiens et enfin Microball.

Microprose Soccer

Microprose Soccer, Micro-Whist, Mig 29 Soviet Fighter, Mikie, Military School, Milk Race, Mind Trap et Mindstone. Minisenso, Mission Delta, Mission Elevator, Mission En Rafale, Mission Genocide, Mission Jupiter, Mojon Twins,Molecularr, Molecularr 2, Molecule, Molecule Man, Monopoly, Monte Carlo Casino, Monty On The Run, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Monument, Moon Blaster, Moon Buggy, Moon Cresta, Moonman,Moonwalker.

Moors Challenge, The ,Morpions, Morris Meets the Biker ,Moto Cross Simulator, Motor Massacre, Motos, Mountain Bike Simulator, Mountie Mick’s Death Ride, Movie, Moving Target, Mr. Freeze ,Mr. Heli, Mr. Pingo, Mr. Weems and the She-Vampires, Mr. Wong Loopy Laundry ,Muggins the Spaceman, Munch-It, Munsters, The, Muri, Mutant Fortress, Mutant Monty ,Mutants, My Galaxy,Myrddin Flight Simulation, Mystery of the Nile, Mystical, Myth, Mythos.

Lettre N (Amstrad)

Nakamoto, Nanako Descends,Narc, Narco Police, Navy Moves, Nebulus, Neil Android, Nemesis et Nemesis IV. Puis Nemesis the Warlock, Nether Earth, Netherworld, New York Warriors, New Zealand Story et Newmarket. Ensuite, Nexor, Nexor 2, Next Track,Nexus, Nibbler ,Nick Faldo Plays the Open et Nigel Mansells Grand Prix. Mais encore Night Breed, Night Gunner, Night Hunter, Night Raider, Night Shade, Night Shift et Nightmare Fortress. Puis, Nightmaze, Ninja, Ninja Commando, Ninja Hamster, Ninja Massacre, Ninja Master et The, Ninja Scooter Simulator. Et, Ninja Spirit, Ninja Warriors, The, No Exit, Nodes of Yesod, Nomad, Nonterraqueous. Pour finir, North Star, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Nuclear Defense, Nuclear Heist et enfin Number One.

Lettre O (Amstrad)

Obliterator, Obsidian, Ocean Conqueror, Octoplex, Off Shore Warrior, Official Father Christmas, Oh Mummy et Oilmania. Puis, Oink! The Game, Old Sam’s Saloon Gamble Machine, Ole et Olli and Lissa – Ghost of Shilmoore. De plus, Olli and Lissa 3 – The Candlelight Adventure, Olympiad, On Cue, On the Oche  et On The Run. Puis, One, One Man and His Droid, Operation Alexandra, Operation Gunship et Operation Hanoi. Ensuite, Operation Hormuz, Operation Nemo, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf et Oriental Games. Enfin Orion, Osprey! ,Out of this World, Out Run (Europe),Outlaw, Outlaws,Overlander et Oxyda.

Lettre P (Amstrad)

P-47 Freedom Fighter, Pac-Ball 2, Pac-Boy, Pacific, Pack-Man, Packy, Pac-Land, Pac-Man, Pac-Man 2, Pac-Mania et Pac-Punk. Ensuite, Paladin, Palitron, Pang, Panic Dizzy, Panza Kick Boxing, Panzadrome, Paperboy et Paperboy 2. Puis, Para Assault Course, Parabola, Paranoia ,Paranoia Complex, The, Paris Dakar, Park Patrol, Party Machine et  Passing Shot.

Pasteman Pat, Pathways ,Patience ,Paws, Peasant’s Tale, A, Pegasus Bridge, Penggy, Penguins ,Perestroika et Periscope Up. Ensuite, Peter Beardsley’s Soccer, Peter Pack-Rat, Peter Shilton’s Handball Maradona et Phantis Legacy. Puis, Phantom Club, PHM Pegasus, Pick ‘n’ Pile, Piclos, Pilltris, Pilots ,Pinball Power et Pinball Wizard. Ensuite, Ping-Pong, Pingu Soccer,Pink Panther et Pipe Mania. Pipeline Plumber, Pirate, Pit Fighter, Pixel Brawl, Plasmatron et enfin Platoon.

Plman Survival,Plot, The, Pneumatic Hammers, Pogostick Olympics, Pool, Popeye, Popeye 2, Popeye 3 et Pop-Up. Ensuite, Porky ,Postman Pat, Postman Pat 2, Postman Pat 3. Postman’s Destiny et Power Boat Simulator. Puis, Power Drift, Power Tetris, Powerplay – Game of the Gods, Predator et Predator 2. Et, Prehistorik, Prehistorik 2 ,Prince de Perse, Prison Riot. Pour finir, Prize, The, Pro BMX Simulator – Standard and Expert et enfin Pro Boxing Simulator.

Pro Golf Simulator, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Pro Skateboard Simulator, Pro Ski Simulator, Pro Snooker Simulator et Pro Tennis Simulator. Ensuite, Pro Tennis Tour, Prodigy, Profanation, Profanation 2,Prohibition (UK,F,G,S) et Project Future. Puis, Project Genesis, Project X, Prokyon, Protector, Proton Smoke,Psyborg, Psycho City et Psycho Hopper. Mais encore, Psycho Pig UXB. Psycho Soldier, Pub Games, Pub Trivia, Pulsator et Pulsoid. Pour finir, Punch and Judy, Punchy, Purple Saturn Day, Push ,Puzznic, Puzznix, Pyjamarama, Pyramydya et enfin Python.

Lettre Q (Amstrad)

Q10 Tank Buster, Qabbalah, Quack a Jack ,Quadrel, Quarters, Quartet, Questor et enfin Quick Draw McGraw.

Lettre R (Amstrad)

Race Against Time – Sport Aid 88, Race, The [T+Pol],Rad Ramp Racer, Rad Zone, Radius, Raffles, Raffles, Raid Over Moscow, Raimbo,Rainbow Islands, Rally 2, Rally Cross, Rally Driver, Rally Simulator, Rambo – First Blood Part 2, Rambo 3, Rampage, Ramparts, Ranarama, Rasputin, Rastan Saga (1998),Raster Runner, Rasterscan, RBI Baseball 2, RC Quest ,Realm, Rebelstar, Reckless Rufus, Red Arrows, Red Coats ,Red Hawk, Red Heat – Double Detente, Red Led, Red Scorpion, Redsea,Reflex, Reino,Renegade – Kuma, Renegade, Renegade 3 – The Final Chapter, Rescue on Fractalus, Retroboom,Return of the Exploding Fist et enfin Return of the Jedi.

Reveal, Revenge on the C5, Revolution, Revolver, Rex, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Ricochet, Ricochet 2, Riding The Rapids, Rig Attack, Rik The Roadie, Ring Ring Warrior,Risk, River Race, Road Runner and Wyle Coyote, Road Toad, Robbbot, Robbie,Robin Hood – Legend Quest ,Robobit,RoboCop, Robot Ron, Robozone, Rocco, Rock and Wrestle, Rock Raid, Rock Run ,Rockford.

Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Rocky Horror Show, The, Rod Land, Roessel, Rogue, Rogue Trooper, Roland Ahoy! ,Roland Goes Digging ,Roland Goes Square Bashing ,Roland in Space ,Roland in the Caves ,Roland in the Haunted House, Roland in Time ,Roland on the Ropes, Roland on the Run ,Roland Takes A Running Jump ,RollaBlaze,Rollaround, Rolling Thunder, Romba, Room Ten, Rooster Run, Roulette, Roy if the Rovers, R-Type, Ruff and Reddy, Rugby League Manager, Run for Gold, Run the Gauntlet et enfin Rygar.

Lettre S (Amstrad)


S.O.S. Ovoides, Sabotage, Saboteur, Saboteur 2, Sabre Wulf, Sabrina, Sagitarian Pinball, Sai Combat et enfin Saigon Combat Unit. Ensuite, Sailing, Saint and Greavsie, Saint Dragon, Saint Valentin, Salamander – Nemesis 2 et Samantha Fox Strip Poker. Puis, Samurai, Saracen, SAS Assault Cource, SAS Combat Simulator et SAS Strike Force. Satan, Scalextric et Scooby Doo. Mais encore Scotland Yard, Scout Steps Out, The, Scramble ,Scramble Spirits, Screwball et Scuba Kidz. SDI – Strategic Defence Initiative, Seablood, Sentinel, Sepulcri et Sergeant Seymour Robotcop. Puis, Seymour – Take One, Seymour at the Movies, Shackled, Shadow Dancer, Shadow Fire, Shadow Skimmer, Shadow Warriors et enfin Shanghai.

Shanghai Karate

Shanghai Karate, Shao Lin’s Road Kung Fu, Shark, Sharkey’s Moll, Shinobi, Shockway Rider, Shoe People et enfin The, Shogun. Puis, Shoot-Out, Short Circuit, Short’s Fuse ,Shoulder Dash ’99 (1999) ,Shove a Sledge, Side Arms, Sidegun,Sidewalk – Renaud et enfin Sigma 7. Encore, Silent Service – The Submarine Simulation, Silkworm, Simon ,Simple 3D et Sir Lancelot. Sir Wood, Skate Crazy et Skateboard Joust. Sans oublier Skateboard Kidz, Skatin’ USA, Skoda Simulator et Skull and Crossbones. Ensuite, Skweek, Skyfox, Slap Fight, Slapshot, Sliders, Slightly Magic, Smash TV et Snake and Hazards. Enfin, Snake Bubble,Snoball in Hell, Snodgits, Snooker ,Snooker Management et Snoopy and Peanuts. Snow Strike, Soccer, Soccer 1.1, Soccer 86, Soccer Director, Soccer Star, Software Star et enfin Soko-Ban.

Solomon’s Key 3

Solar Coaster, Solar Empire – Synergy, Solo (Light Gun), Solomon’s Key 3 ,Sonic Boom, Sooty and Sweep et enfin Sorcerer Lord. Puis, Sorcery, Sorcery Plus, Soul of a Robot – Nonterraqueous 2, Southern Belle, Soviet et enfin Space Ace. Ensuite, Space Ace (Peter Williamson Version), Space Crusade (E) et Space Duel. Enfin, Space Froggy, Space Froggy 2, Space Harrier et Space Hawks.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders, Space Mania, Space Maze, Space Racer, Space Rider, Space Shuttle – A Journey Into Space, Amstrad, Space Taxi et Space Thief. Sans oublier Space War, Spaced Out, Spaghetti Western Simulator et Spannerman. Puis, Special Operations, Speed King. Speed Zone et Spellbound – A True Graphic Adventure. Pour finir, Spellbound Dizzy, Spheric, Spiky Harold et enfin Spindizzy.

Spy Hunter

Spindrome, Spirit Halloween,Spirits, Spitfire 40, Spitting Image, Splat, Splatch!, Split Personalities, Spooky Castle et enfin Sport of Kings. Ensuite, Spots (Version 2.0) ,Spots 94 ,Spy Hunter, Spy vs Spy, Spy vs Spy 2 – Island Caper et enfin Spy vs Spy 3 – Arctic Antics. Square-Run, STACK ‘n’ SMILE by Nicholas Campbell ,Stainless Steel, Stairway To Hell, Star Avenger et enfin Star Bowls.

Star Byte, Star Commando ,Star Control, Star Driver  et Star Firebirds. Mais encore Star Glider, Star Raiders 2, Star Ranger, Star Trooper et enfin Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back. Sans oublier Star Wars, Star Wars Droids, Starcross (1982),Stardust, Starfox, Starion, Starquake, Starstrike 2 et Steel Eagle. Puis, Stellar Outpost ,Steve Davis Snooker, Stifflip and Co, Stomp, Stop-Ball, Storm, Storm Warrior, Stormlord, Strangeloop et enfin Strangeloop Plus.


Streaker, Street Cred Boxing, Street Cred Football, Street Fighter et Street Gang. Puis, Street Gang Football, Street Hawk, Street Machine et enfin Street Sports Basketball. Sans oublier, Stress ,Stretcher 2 – Mr. Line’s Revenge, Strider, Strider 2, Strike, Strike Force Cobra et enfin Strike Force Harrier. Puis, Striker – In The Crypt of Trogan, Strip Poker II, Strip Poker II Plus, Strolch et enfin Strongman – Geoff Capes. De plus, Stryfe – The Everlasting Battle, Stun Runner, Stunt Bike Simulator et Stunt Car Racer – Extended Version. Pour finir, Stunt Car Racer, Stunt Man Seymour, Sub Sunk, Subbuteo, Subterranean Stryker et enfin Subway Vigilante.

Sultan’s Maze

Sultan’s Maze, Sun Star, Super Ali, Super Cars, Super Chess et Super Cycle. De plus, Super Gran, Super Hang On. Ensuite, Super Hero et Super League. Puis, Super League v2.0, Super Monaco GP et enfin Super Pac. Puis, Super Pac, Super Pipeline 2 et Super Robin Hood. Sans oublier Super Sam, Super Scramble Simulator, Super Seymour, Super Ski, Super Skweek et Super Sleuth – Grumpy Gumphrey.

Super Space Invaders

Super Snakes ,Super Soccer, Super Space Invaders, Super Sports – The Olympic Challenge, Super Sprint et Super Stock Car. Puis, Super Stunt Man, Super Tank Simulator. Sans oublier, Super Ted, Super Tetris (1997) et Super Trolley. Super Trux, Superkid, Superman – The Game. Sans oublier, Superman – The Man of Steel, Superstory, Survivor et The ,Survivors. Sweevo’s World, Switchblade, Swivel, Sword of the Samurai et enfin Syntax.

Lettre T (Amstrad)

Table Football, Tag Team Wrestling, Tai-Pan, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tanium, Tank, Tank Busters, Tank Command. Ensuite, Tank,Tapper, Target Ball, Target Plus, Target Renegade, Tarot, Tarzan, Task Force, Tau Ceti, Tau Ceti Special Edition, Taulellets,Tbird, Technician Ted – Chip Factory ,Techno Cop, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2, Tempest, TempleScape, Tennis 3D. Ensuite, Tennis Cup, Ten-Pin Challenge, Tensions, Teodoro,Terminator 2, Terminus, Terra Cognita, Terramex, Terror of the Deep, Terror Pods, Test Drive 2 Duel, Tetris, Tetris 2, Tetris 95 (1995) ,Tetris 95,Tetrix et enfin Tetrix.

Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing, Thanatos, The Adventures of Timothy Gunn,The Crypt,The Great Battles Of Magistar,The Grenades Conquest. Ensuite, The Last Debt,The Last Fighter,The Rookie Thief,Theatre Europe, Thing Bounces Back, Thing on a Spring, Thingy and the Doodahs, Think, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thorn Sea, Three Bears, The, Three Weeks in Paradise, Throne of Fire, Through the Trapdoor, Thrust, Thrust 2, Thunder Blade, Thunder Burner, Thunder Jaws, Thunder Zone, Thundercats, Tiddly Drinks, Tie Break, Tiger Road, Time, Time Scanner, Timelord, Timeman One ,Timetrax, Tintin on The Moon, Tiny Skweeks, Tir Na Nog, Titan, Titus the Fox, Toad Runner, Tom and Jerry, Tomahawk, Tombstowne, Tomcat, Toobin’, Top Cat et enfin Top Gun.

Tornado Low Level, Total Eclipse, Total Eclipse 2 – Sphinx Jinx, Total Recall, Totems,Touch Down USA, Tour 91, Town in Fear and Panic, Toyota Celica GT Rally, Track and Field, Tracker II ,Traffic, Trailblazer, Trakers, Trance, Trans, Trans Muter, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Trantor, Trap, Trapdoor, The, Trashman, Treasure, Treasure Island Dizzy, Triaxos, Tribble Trouble, Trigger (Light Gun),Triple Comando, Trivia, Trivial Pursuit – A New Beginning, Troll, Trollie Wallie, Tron, TT-Racer, Tubaruba, Tujad, Tuma 7, Tunnel Effect,Turbo Boat Simulator, Turbo Chopper, Turbo Cup, Turbo Esprit, Turbo Girl, Turbo Kart Racer, Turbo Pac-Man, Turbo the Tortoise, Turris, Turtle Slam,Tusker, Twin Turbo V8, Twins, Typhoon.

Lettre U (Asmtrad)

Uchi-Mata Judo, UFO,Ulises, Ultima Ratio, Ultimate Fight, The, Ultimate Tetris ,Unarmed, Unitrax, Up For Grabs, Uridium, Usagi Yojimbo, Uwol 2.

Lettre V (Amstrad)

V – The Visitors, Vagan Attack, Vampire, Vampire Killer ,Vector Ball, Vendetta, Vera Cruz Affair, The, Victory Road, Video Poker, View to a Kill, A, Vigilante, Vikings, The, Vindicator, The, Vindicators, Virgin Atlantic Challenge, Vixen, Volleyball Simulator, The, Voodoo Rage, Vulcan.

Lettre W (Amstrad)

Wacky Darts, Wacky Orchard, Wacky Races, War, War Cars Construction Set, War Hawk, War In The Middle Earth, War Machine et Warlock. Ensuite, Warzone ,Way of the Exploding Fist, The, Way of the Tiger, The, WEC le Mans, Weetabix vs the Titchies et Welltris. Wembley Greyhounds, Werewolves of London, Westphaser RSX, Who Dares Win 2, Wibstars, Wild Streets, Wild West Seymour, Willow Pattern Adventure, The, Willy Wino’s Stag Night.

Wings of Fury, Winter Games, Winter Olympics, Winter Sports, Wizard’s Lair, Wizball, Wombles, Wonderboy, Wooky and Moty, World Class Rugby, World Cup, World Cup Carnival Mexico 86 ,World Cup Challenge. Ensuite, World Cup Soccer 90 – Italy 90, World of Barbarian, The, World Series Baseball, World Soccer, Worm Slickers, Wreckless Roger, Wrestling Superstars, Wulfpack, WWF Wrestlemania.

Lettre X (Amstrad)

Xanagrams, Xarq, X-Cape,Xcel, Xcontra, Xemo, Xenon, Xenophobe, Xevious, Xor, X-Out, Xybots.

Lettre Y (Amstrad)

Yie Ar Kung Fu, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, Yogi Bear, Yogi Bear and Friends in Greed Monster, Yogi’s Great Escape, Young Ones

Lettre Z (Amstrad)

Zap’t’balls, Zarkon, Ziggurat, Zoids, Zolyx, Zombi (64K), Zone, Zone 2, Zorro, Zub, Zyclons, Zynaps .

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